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Class Action filed by Bon-Macy's Credit Card Holders alleging deceptive billing practices


A class action was filed today in the Spokane County Superior Court against Bon-Macy's, alleging that Bon-Macy's is routinely charging Bon-Macy's credit card account holders for credit card insurance which customers had never approved or ordered. According to the Complaint, most Bon-Macy card holders are unaware that they are being charged for such insurance.

The Class Complaint seeks reimbursement from Bon-Macy's for any payments made by class members for credit card insurance they did not approve and an injunction prohibiting Bon-Macy's from making future charges to customer accounts for credit card insurance they had not approved. The suit also seeks litigation costs and attorney's fees based on allegations that Bon-Macy's committed deceptive business practices.

Bryce J. Wilcox, one of the attorneys for the plaintiff, stated, "When you enter into a credit card relationship with a company, it is reasonable for the cardholder to expect that the "balance due" on a monthly statement is just that - an amount that is actually due and owing because of authorized transactions. We anticipate establishing that the Bon's inclusion of unauthorized charges as part of the "balance due" is deceptive and in violation of consumer protection laws."

  • Plaintiff: The Plaintiff in the class action is Elizabeth Olson.
  • Defendant: Defendants in the class action are The Bon, Inc. and FACS Group, Inc.
  • Court: The suit was filed July 27, 2004, in the Spokane Superior Court, Spokane, Washington. Case Number: 04-203418-8. Assigned Judge: Jerome J. Leveque.
  • Contact Attorneys: Bryce J. Wilcox and Darrell W. Scott of Lukins & Annis, P.S., in Spokane, Washington; (509) 455-9555.
  • Consumer Contact Information for affected consumers who wish additional information:
    • Phone Number: (509) 455-9555
    • Toll-Free Number: 1-866-272-4834
    • Website:
    • Fax: (509) 363-5203
    • Email:
    • Mailing Address: 717 West Sprague Avenue, Suite 1600, Spokane, WA, USA, 99201-0466

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