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Settlement Money

Are you entitled to receive money from a class action settlement? Billions of dollars go unclaimed.

Hundreds of companies are involved in class action litigation each year. Class action lawsuits are a large and growing source of unclaimed funds. Settlements can exceed $10 billion, yet more than half of those entitled to payment fail to file a claim.

Current and former customers and stockholders in thousands of companies are entitled to receive unclaimed class action settlement payments. Legal notice of class action claims eligibility is often buried in newspaper classifieds, and if you've moved, physically hold stock certificates, or have switched brokers, you may not have been notified that you are eligible for a claim.

Even if you have sold your stock or used a product long ago, class members may be eligible to receive cash, credits, shares or distributions.

Because class actions are filed in federal court, settlement payments to class members will not show up in a state unclaimed property search. If you are a current or former customer or stockholder in a company named in a class action lawsuit, you must file a claim to receive your share. There is usually a time limit, so prompt action must be taken.

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