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Legal Forms

Legal forms are document templates that can be used as legally binding contracts and/or administrative filings. They can help you understand your rights and get a feel for the legal process. Many people use a legal form as a first draft of a document, which they then take to an attorney to work on revisions of that document.

Benefits of Using Legal Forms

Legal forms are a cost-effective way for you to either deal with your legal affairs or familiarize yourself with your circumstances before seeking the advice of an attorney. They can be timely because you can simply print them off the Internet and fill them out prior to an initial appointment with an attorney—reading and filling out a legal form in advance can help you determine what information you will need to provide to your attorney. The legal form can serve as an outline of what to expect, and what you’ll need, to best assist your attorney in providing you with legal counsel.

If you are deeply private or are uncomfortable discussing your affairs with a stranger, legal forms can be a way to deal with your affairs without having to talk with someone you might not know.

Legal forms are often written in plain English, meaning they are usually clear, concise and easy to understand—although there may be exceptions—so it is relatively easy for you to fill them out. And the forms can usually be customized to meet your individual needs.

Finally, on relatively uncomplicated matters it may be more appropriate to fill out a legal form than to bring an attorney into the situation.

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Legal Forms vs. Legal Help

Legal forms are a handy and cost-effective way to put your affairs in order, but there are a few points to remember. First, legal forms are not a replacement for legal advice and should not be considered a replacement for an attorney. They can help facilitate your involvement in the legal process but if you need legal advice, it is best to talk to a lawyer.

It is also vital that if you use a legal form, you understand exactly what you are signing. If anything is unclear, there is unnecessary wording or there is something included that does not apply to you it is a good idea to speak with an attorney to review the document. An attorney can make sure the document fully represents your needs and wishes.

Furthermore, although online forms provide some privacy, attorneys are required to keep their clients' information confidential.

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Categories of Legal Forms

Real Estate
Real Estate legal forms cover a wide range of real estate transactions, including residential and commercial transactions such as offers to purchase, sellers' disclosure, and contracts.

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Landlord-tenant legal forms can be used in both residential and commercial situations and include lease applications, agreements and notices.

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Family Law
Family forms include the forms you need to cover a variety of situations that families face, such as marriage, divorce and adoption.

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Business legal forms cover many aspects of running a business, including starting a business, hiring and firing employees, establishing company policies and maintaining proper corporate records.

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Personal Financial Forms
Personal financial forms involve legal issues related to your individual finances. Forms include power of attorney, bankruptcy, residential real estate, wills and trusts, and other personal financial legal issues.

Estate forms allow you to state how your want your property and assets distributed to your loved ones.

Power of Attorney
Power of attorney legal forms set out who you want representing you in financial, health and property matters when you are not able to represent yourself, due to illness, incapacitation or absence.

Other legal forms include affidavits, letters of intent to sue and forms that cover a range of legal situations.

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