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  • Liberty National Life Insurance Co. allegedly discriminated against Haitians by offering low quality policies and canceling without reason. (Jan-28-08)
  • Lazoff Discrimination alleging the Colorado Springs Police Department refused to promote an officer in retaliation for his allegiance to his wife who was lead plaintiff in a successful class action against the Department. (Dec-11-07)
  • New York City Education Department alleging a program created to increase the number of black and Hispanic students in the city's elite specialized high schools violates the Constitution by excluding whites and Asians. (Nov-21-07)
  • Iowa, USA alleging racial discrimination in its hiring practices. (Nov-1-07)
  • Black & Decker Corp. allegedly violated the ADA by denying job applicants employment after failing a carpal tunnel syndrome prediction test. (Oct-19-07)
  • Capital Area Transit System allegedly provided an unreliable paratransit system. (Sep-24-07)
  • Lower Merion School District alleging racial discrimination against African American students. (Sep-5-07)
  • University of California, Davis allegedly failed to provide equal athletic opportunities and athletic scholarships for women students. (Jul-27-07)
  • Philip Morris USA, Lorillard Tobacco, RJ Reynolds, and Liggett Group allegedly engaged in cynical and exploitative marketing targeting African American communities. (Jun-12-07)
  • alleging discrimination against people with disabilities by refusing to guarantee reservation for wheelchair accessible room. (May-24-07)
  • Pepsi Bottling Group Inc. and the Atlanta Retailers Association alleging racial discrimination by offering discounts only to foreigners. (Apr-10-07)
  • Napa County, CA alleging sidewalks and walkways are inaccessible to disabled people. (Jan-30-07)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University et al. allegedly excluded white students from journalism workshops based solely on race. (Oct-3-06)
  • U.S. Navy Allegedly discriminated against current or former chaplains. (Aug-2-06)
  • City of St. Paul alleged racial discrimination toward minority business owners. (Jul-17-06)
  • Morgan Stanley DW, Inc. alleged gender and age discrimination. (Jun-26-06)
  • Air Line Pilots Association allegedly discriminated against nonunion pilots and breached its duty of fair representation. (Jun-20-06)
  • Farmers Insurance Exchange, American Family Mutual Insurance Co. and Shelter General Insurance Co. alleged unlawful race discrimination due to pricing policies and practices. (Jun-20-06)
  • Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim alleged gender discrimination for handing out Mother's Day tote bags to women only. (May-16-06)
  • Dell Financial Services and CIT allegedly discriminated against credit applicants based on ethnic background. (May-12-06)
  • Super Steel allegedly discriminated against and harassed former African American employees. (Apr-18-06)
  • GEICO Corp. alleging racial discrimination by charging higher premiums for those with less education and low qualification occupations. (Apr-11-06)
  • Boston Fire Department allegedly discriminated against some employees for promotions and raises in favor of politically connected employees. (Apr-10-06)
  • Denver Police Department allege civil rights violation and discrimination by denying promotions to Latino officers. (Mar-9-06)
  • San Diego Regional Center for the Developmentally Disabled allegedly terminated disabled employees and employees over 40 without cause. (Feb-27-06)
  • Les Schwab allegedly denied female employees promotions, training and other employment opportunities due to their gender. (Jan-17-06)
  • Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein alleging female employee gender discrimination. (Jan-10-06)
  • Best Buy allegedly violating federal and state laws against employee gender and racial discrimination. (Dec-13-05)
  • New York Police Department alleging continued racial discrimination towards African American and Latino police officers. (Nov-22-05)
  • UBS Financial Services, Inc. alleging racial discrimination in hiring, promotion, and other employment practices towards African Americans. (Oct-18-05)
  • Commerce Department alleging employee racial discrimination in hiring and advancement practices. (Oct-12-05)
  • Citizens Gas & Coke Utility alleging a screening test was bias against African Americans. (Aug-2-05)
  • Dillard's Inc. allegedly charged black women a higher price than white women for beauty salon services. (May-24-05)
  • Department of Social and Health Services alleging ethnicity discrimination and violations of constitutional rights. (Apr-12-05)
  • Smith Barney alleging gender discrimination through sales support and account distribution. (Apr-5-05)
  • Federal Aviation Administration alleging age discrimination by contracting out jobs thereby reducing pension benefits. (Apr-5-05)
  • Metro Government alleging racial discrimination in the form of pay, promotions and accommodations (Mar-21-05)
  • Novartis Corp. alleging female employee gender discrimination. (Feb-21-05)
  • School District 46, IL alleging discrimination against Hispanic minority students. (Feb-15-05)
  • Hair Cuttery alleging racial discrimination towards African American customers. (Feb-8-05)
  • Boeing Co alleging racial discrimination towards African American employees since June, 1994. (Jan-25-05)
  • Carle Foundation Hospital allegedly charging uninsured patients more than anyone else. (Jan-25-05)
  • US Mint allegedly female sexual discrimination and harassment. (Jan-11-05)
  • St. Paul, MN alleging racial discrimination and that city officials purposely ignored laws intended to help minorities win pieces of publicly subsidized real-estate projects. (Jan-11-05)
  • 3M Co. alleging age discrimination in training, performance reviews, pay, promotions and layoffs. (Jan-4-05)
  • Morgan Stanley allegedly subjecting female employees to unequal treatment compared to male employees. (Dec-7-04)
  • S.C. Department of Transportation allegedly denying promotions and salary increases based on race. (Nov-16-04)
  • United Parcel Service, Inc. alleging systematic violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Sep-13-04)
  • Berkeley Unified School District allegedly illegally expelling students from school for racially motivated reasons. (Aug-24-04)
  • Costco alleging gender discrimination against female employees. (Aug-24-04)
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