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Abuse at a Teen Rehab 'Camp' in Baja "FET"

Abuse at a Teen Rehab 'Camp' in Baja "FET"

by MommaBear » Sep-16-08 6:51 pm

Hi, I don't know what topic this belongs under. Sorry if it is in the wrong place.

I sent my daughter to a camp for 'unmanagable teens' in 2002, Baja, Mexico. She was there for 6 months and I paid about $15,000. They were supposed to provide school credits, and didn't. They were supposed to do a lot of things, but didn't. The 30 year old director (owner's son) ended up marrying one of the teens who had lived there for 3 years. There was a lot of abuse that went on but the kids weren't allowed to tell their parents because they would be punished severly. Mine was called a liar when she told me and I confronted them. Then they told her I was co-ependent and not to believe a word I told her. I found out about this after my daughter came home and she was able to tell me a couple of years later. Now, she wants to make a documentary about it but can't find any of the 'players' from her time. She just truned 23.

Anyway, I just want to find out if any of the other parents have ever filed suit against them. They were called "Future Expectations Today" or "FET" and I don't think they are still in business (although there is still a website -- the same exact info from 2002 when I found them for my daughter.

Thanks for your time.


Re: Abuse at a Teen Rehab 'Camp' in Baja "FET"

by lucky » Dec-11-10 11:48 am

if you still need the info on it let me know I used to be a counselor at FET and I believe they have a new center open in Ensenada,Mx and one in Texas !

Re: Abuse at a Teen Rehab 'Camp' in Baja "FET"

by Kelceesmama2003 » Jan-17-11 8:21 pm

I don't know if I am way too late, but I want to talk to you, Janet, about my stay at FET. I was there for four months before my mom finally took me out. Like you, she was unaware of what was going on as she lives in Montana. When she came to visit me for Halloween, I told her everything, and she went home and bought plane tickets for my flight home Christmas. I was sent to Campo right before I left, and she made them let her speak to me, when she told me she would be taking me out. I left four days later, with bruises on my arms. I am so happy to see they have closed down, although I have faked a person and tried applying on their website. The owner, Terri, immediately responded. It scares me to think that place could have reopened... I would love to get in contact with you. I was in FET in 2002 when your daughter was, and I think I may know exactly who she is...

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