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Cipro a Strong Antibiotic with a Nasty Dark Side

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Washington, DC: The list of Cipro side effects for the Cipro antibiotic prompted the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ask for a black box warning for Cipro. Even so, while useful at treating a variety of hard-to-treat infections, the Cipro drug has been found to be more problematic than helpful for a lot of people.

Cipro Side EffectsCipro, or ciprofloxacin, belongs to the quinolone family of drugs and is pressed into service to treat a wide variety of infections of the lung, urinary tract, skin, bones and joints.

However, side effects can be nasty and range from restlessness and insomnia to lightheadedness and even tendon rupture. The drug affects the liver and could even allow caffeine and theophylline to build up to toxic levels within the body.

Cipro patients have lots to say about this drug. Carole writes, "This a dangerous medication and only used in emergency. There are lawsuits on it for ruptures of tendons; usually starts in feet and legs but can injure any tendons. It can cause your liver to shut down. Take with care. Any side effects should be reported. This medicine made me very sickā€¦"

Another Cipro patient holds similar views: "This medication is terrible. Within a day and a half (3 doses of 500 mg) I broke out in terrible hives. Huge painful itching welts all over my body. Everywhere from behind my knees, under my arms, my back, thighs, neck, scalp, I am completely covered. This is day 2 after stopping the Cipro and I am in even worse pain.

"The welts are hot to the touch and feel like a sunburn. They just started itching again and I am about to lose my mind. They didn't warn me of any side effects before giving this to me. I have never been allergic to any medication before. I am miserable and will never let anyone in my family take this medication! Benadryl sort of helped and allows me to sleep at night, but I have children to care for during the day and am stuck in misery."

Another unhappy Cipro customer writes, "Just before she was released from the hospital, my 90 year old mother was given Cipro when a catheter resulted in a urinary tract infection. Within days she developed a rash, which quickly turned into Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Her entire body was "blood red" and she was returned to the hospital and placed in the burn unit. Over the next month her skin flaked and peeled. Her eyes were affected and she could no longer watch TV, read the paper, etc.

"She was originally in the hospital for colon cancer."

And then there's Marie, who says: "My mom was given Cipro for a urinary tract infection. It ended up not being a urinary tract infection but gallbladder problems while in the hospital she was given more Cipro. Her gallbladder was removed and she was still taking Cipro. To make the story short she developed C-Difficile a bacteria infection caused by the Cipro killing all her good microorganism and bad."

Tendon rupture is another side effect of Cipro, an issue that served as the catalyst for the black box warning that was mandated by the FDA for Cipro in July of last year. Public Citizen, the consumer advocacy group that is always up for a good fight when patient safety is at issue, lobbied strongly for the black box warning in an effort to protect patients from the nasty side of a drug still available on the market.

As the safety pendulum swings from benefit to risk, the black box warning is the strongest weapon in the FDA's artillery save from removing a product from the market altogether.

The key therefore is to be aware of these various known side effects, and be prepared for them just in case they come to roost on you. You may wish to have the number of a Cipro drug lawyer close by if you have been harmed, or affected negatively in any way from Cipro side effects from the Cipro antibiotic. Many of the side effects noted above have caused patients to lose time off work, which can affect an individual's job and finances.

If you have been adversely affected by Cipro and you were not aware of the risks, you should speak to a Cipro attorney to look into compensation.

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Posted by
I don't have any infections. But my friend was looking up pills that they had received earlier that day. They looked it up and were reading it. Disgusted with the results of reading it and obviously any man would be too. So as a female I read what it was used for. It was pretty intense. Then I thought bout it. I said if u think bout it, its a cleanser for women and I should take one, though I didn't have n e infections for what it is originally used for. I took the pill thinking it will surely cleanse my system. I hopped in shower. N sure enough , an hour and half later. I started cramping. I felt nauseated, weak,shaky. Embarrassed, I told my guy friend I wasnt feeling good. Basically, it made me constipated, yet have diarrhea, dizzy, weak, shaky, can't walk, its been almost 24hours since I took it. I still feel like show shit. So I learned a lesson. DONT TAKE ANYTHING UNLESS U KNOW WHAT SIDE EFFECTS ARE!!! I can't walk, every time I wake up and my alertness comes around I deep sick again. I have been sleeping almost whole time. Nothing helps. Took so pepto tablets. They are helping. I regret this. I wanna die. This is sucky feeling.don't take this pill unless your supposed to.

Posted by
Crystal Allen
Martin. Yeah right. You have tendons rupture, and get on disability like myself... Cipro disables some people, and for that reason- people SHOULD be held responsible for serious complications from Cipro and other medications. How old are you? Obviously young, and not having ever faced serious troubles in your life. You need to learn COMPASSION, young man.

Posted by
I agree with Martin. Every drug has a laundry list of side effects. You except those effects when you go to the doctor or when you pick up the prescription. If you blindly take a medication, then you deserve what happens to you. People should weigh the two possible outcomes: develping some mild-moderate side effect or dying when they become septic.

Posted by
Keep taking your Cipro like a good sheep, Martin! Make sure you fill out your disability papers and get yourself a wheelchair beforehand! You'll be needing it.

Posted by
EVERY medication has stuff like this happen to some people. BAN ALL MEDICATIONS! SUE EVERYONE!

...what a crock


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