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  • UnitedHealth Reaches $925 Million Settlement (Aug-11-09)
  • Sprint Settles ETF Class Action for $17.5 Million (Aug-11-09)
  • 82 Year Old Awarded $6 Million in SJS Lawsuit (Aug-6-09)
  • Merck, Schering Settle Vytorin Zetia Class Action (Aug-5-09)
  • Walgreens Settles Wal-born Class Action (Aug-4-09)
  • Insurers Reach $80 Million Settlement with Merck over Vioxx (Aug-3-09)
  • International Rectifier to Settle Class Action Lawsuit> (Jul-31-09)
  • Continental Carbon Settles with Landowners in Pollution Suit (Jul-30-09)
  • $43 Million Settlement Preliminarily Approved in Suits Against Conrad Black (Jul-30-09)
  • Morton's Settles Wages and Hour Class Action (Jul-29-09)
  • Nationwide Mutual 305,000 Potential Plaintiffs in Class Action (Jul-28-09)
  • Dell Reaches Settlement in Discrimination Class Action (Jul-27-09)
  • Apex Plant Explosion Preliminary Settlement Reached (Jul-23-09)
  • Wal-Mart Reaches $35 Million Settlement in Employment Class Action (Jul-22-09)
  • Engle and Schuster Settlement Reached (Jul-21-09)
  • Michigan Settles Female Prisoner Sexual Abuse Lawsuit for $100 Million (Jul-17-09)
  • Zumiez Reaches Tentative Settlement in California Overtime Class Action (Jul-16-09)
  • Kodak Settles Race Discrimination Class Action for $21 Million (Jul-15-09)
  • $3.2 Million Settlement Approved for Santa Cruz Strip Search Class Action (Jul-14-09)
  • Wal-Mart Proposed Settlement Reached in Wage Class Action (Jul-14-09)
  • Atlas Mining Settles Class Action for $1.25 Million (Jul-10-09)
  • Cold MD Dietary Supplement Settlement Proposed (Jul-8-09)
  • AT&T Reaches Preliminary $65 Million Settlement with Missouri Cities (Jun-29-09)
  • Microsoft Settles with Arizona for $4.4 Million (Jun-24-09)
  • Autism Class Action Reaches Settlement with Insurer (Jun-24-09)
  • Sonus, Vonage Settle their Class Actions (Jun-22-09)
  • BMW Settles E46 3-Series Subframe Lawsuit (Jun-19-09)
  • Farmers Insurance Settles Bad Faith Class Action (Jun-18-09)
  • Ernst & Young Settles with State of Michigan Over HealthSouth Finanical Fraud (Jun-16-09)
  • Kitec Majestic Plumbing to Pay Homeowners $475,000 (Jun-15-09)
  • McAfee, Symantec Settle Investigation into Automatic Antivirus Subscription Practices (Jun-12-09)
  • Mississippi Antitrust Costs Microsoft $100 Million (Jun-12-09)
  • Money Mart Canada Settles Class Action for $100 Million (Jun-11-09)
  • Marvell Settles Shareholder Class Action for $72 Million (Jun-10-09)
  • Defective Automotive Paint Class Action Settlement Proposed (Jun-8-09)
  • Evergreen Wachovia, Settle Securities Allegations over Ultra Short Opportunities Fund (Jun-8-09)
  • ReNu Lens Cleaner 600 Lawuits Settled and Counting (Jun-1-09)
  • Expedia $184 Million Breach of Contract Settlement Reached (Jun-1-09)
  • Tyson Foods Donates Chickens as Part of Class Action Settlement (May-28-09)
  • Google AdWords Class Action $20 Million Settlement Proposed in (May-22-09)
  • NaviSite Settles Class Action for $1.67 Million (May-20-09)
  • Tyco Settles with Michigan State for $24.5 Million (May-20-09)
  • Jackson National Life Insurance Settles Class Action for $22 Million (May-15-09)
  • Goldman Sachs Agrees $60 Million Subprime Settlement in Massachusetts (May-15-09)
  • Wachovia to Pay $39 Million in Proposed Settlement of Stock Broker Overtime Class Action (May-14-09)
  • Nationwide Settles Arkansas Class Action (May-14-09)
  • T-Mobile Could Pay $11.5 Million as Potential ETF Settlement (May-14-09)
  • Beazer Homes USA Settles Securties Class Action for $30.5 Million (May-13-09)
  • Illegal Strip Search Lawsuit Reaches $2.1 Million Settlement (May-13-09)
  • Casey's Wage and Hour Class Actions Proposed $11.7 Million Settlement (May-13-09)
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