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Consumer Beware of Defective Products


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You may think that the prescriptions your doctor gives you are fool proof, but you may want to think again. Just because a drug is FDA approved, doesn’t mean it is 100 percent safe. In fact, some long-term drug side effects can be difficult to determine when a new drug is launched, even if the benefits initially outweigh the risks for those intended to use it.

What many patients - and doctors - often ignore, are the possible drug side effects.

And it’s not just dangerous drugs you need to be aware of. Defective medical devices can also cause serious injuries, disability and hospitalization, and are the result of inadequate testing and a rush by manufacturers to get their product on the market.

Over 1,000 defective drugs and devices are recalled every year. For a detailed list - or if you’re concerned about any current medications you’re taking - you can visit the FDA’s website.

Despite putting warning labels and instructions on their medications or products, drug and medical device companies will often choose profit over safety in an attempt to bring about the next “big thing” in medicine - but they’re ultimately putting in jeopardy the very people their products were initially designed to help.

If you have suffered from a dangerous drug and/or defective medical device, you may want to seek legal services because you could be entitled to compensation and should file complaint with a product liability attorney to request a free evaluation of your complaint. 

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