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Concern for men using testosterone gel, lawsuits triggered


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As testosterone therapy becomes more popular in the U.S., a new study has found that men who use the medicine are at a greater risk of a catastrophic event when compared with men who took a placebo.

According to research conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, more than one in four healthy men age 65 and older taking testosterone had a heart attack, stroke or died over a three-year period.

And testosterone gel safety concerns have prompted label changes from the Food and Drug Administration. The move by the agency underscores the potential danger for people who may come in contact with testosterone gel.

The newest labels also include warnings for women and children who are exposed to the gel, stating that they could potentially develop male characteristics, such as chest hair and enlarged genitalia.
Dr. Ann Cappola, who authored the University of Pennsylvania study, said that patients and prescribers of testosterone therapy should be wary due to the risks.

Meanwhile, ongoing studies on testosterone gels currently being conducted by Repro Therapeutics will focus on the impact of the product on red blood cells, which is an important cardiovascular marker for safety.

Other risks associated with testosterone supplements include infertility, blood clots and liver problems.

People who have been affected by exposure to testosterone gel may want to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney to determine if they have grounds to file a lawsuit.

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