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Another evil Dentist

I have had a horrendous experience with a dentist in my city.

He has done so many things wrong I can NOT begin to list them But here are some

This complaint involved a multitude of allegations all of which I can prove with documentation

It is about over billing, incorrect billing, billing for procedures not performed and not performing procedures billed for, which I believe is Medicare fraud, because I used a medicare HMO associated Dental Plan, never filing claims for copay reimbursement with the HMO dental plan, keeping inaccurate, incomplete files and records and xrays, failing to send records in a timely manner, patient abandonment during an emergency visit, and putting a patient at risk during an emergency visit

I have since found, right from the start, I was overcharged as shown in my exhibits, He charged me $40.00 for facial images, which my copay list show should have been $19.00

The xrays are so hard to follow even though Dr O himself numbered them, there are still too many and the numbers do not match as one tooth seem to be numbered twice as tooth #12 and tooth #13 . No other dentist can give me an explanation for that or the reason for the discrepancy in the dates and times on those xrays

Look at his xrays dated OCT 8th 2004 10:04 am, they show teeth 4&5 which were pulled on Sept 22nd 2004 - another copy of the xrays which was sent directly to the FDOH and which they mistakenly sent to me when they returned my exhibits has OCT 8th 2004 9:04 am as the time stamp -- which baffles me. Why are those two teeth there, why the date OCT 8TH and why 1 hour apart. There is a note in his files for OCT 8th but the ledger shows no visit ?????????????????????

I had 18 teeth extracted in total ( all surgical extraction by a general dentist ) two of the teeth extracted, #32 and #1 which are shown clearly and indisputably in xrays which have been numbered by Dr himself were NOT impacted and two other dentists concur, yet the dentist in question extracted them and charged me for complete bony "surgical extractions" $175.00 each tooth and my co pay could have been as low as $125.00 for both of them, my first visit I was charged $40.00 for facial images and my co pay says they were supposed to be only $19.00, he says he did an "alveoplasty" ( shaping of bones in the mouth and jaw line" and has this in his file but there are no charges on any invoice and the procedure is NOT noted anywhere else.

I don't remember us discussing any type of procedure like that and I would remember, as My brother is a doctor and has taught me to ask questions I f I hear something I don't understand from anyone who is going to work on me.

The list of provable infractions is long BUT some can be considered simple mistakes but the number and obviousness of them is overwhelming and points to more going on than I as a lay person can imagine

I have filed complaint with the Safge Guard Dental Plan ( ) and I don't think they did a thorough investigation because they never contacted me for any of the exhibits I offered them and they told me to file with the FDOH or With United Health Care of Florida, I did file with the FDOH.

Florida’s Department of Health, has found no probable cause but we have had some issues between us which I believe affected their decision, I have proof one of their administrators passed on false information for which she was told she was wrong which by a United States Postal Service supervisor, I have a letter from him confirming this, and I have emails from the same administrator saying she can not and will not help me any longer, I have offered to take a lie detector test ( and am still willing to do so with regards to anything I allege) and they just brushed that aside telling me that it would prove nothing. It would prove who is telling the truth and who is lying.

The FDOH health never contacted the other dentist I saw who wrote me the letters confirming my suspicions the two teeth were not impacted, no statements or information was ever requested from either the FDOH or Safe Guard, my dental plan.

The FDOH ignored the inconsistencies in the xrays and the dentists chart and files - the number of teeth in my mouth is still not clear to me, or to THE FDOH, their “expert” says there were 17 on the xrays, when there are clearly 19 numbered ( though I think one is misnumnered )

Dr O files and invoices are inconsistent too, one page lists 19 teeth and in another place in his written files he lists 16 as being extracted Dec 9 2004 ( there were two extracted on Sept 22nd, and he billed me for 16 but there are 19 on his xrays. and two of the teeth listed on his xrays dated OCT 8th 2004 10:04 am were pulled on Sept 22nd 2004 - another copy of the xrays which was sent directly to the FDOH has OCT 8th 2004 9:04 am as the time stamp -- which baffles me

One treatment plan has tooth #27 and another does not – but it is seen on the xrays.This is just one of the many examples of ‘mistakes’ in his files and records.

Keeping Incomplete and inaccurate files are files are both against FDOH regulations but the FDOH just ignored the evidence. There is no stipulation as to the degree of inaccuracy – it just states A dentist must keep complete and accurate files. Dr O Files are clearly neither of those.

There is even more to this case and includes possible failure to treat a patient during an emergency visit, keeping incomplete and inaccurate files, failure to provide complete and accurate records and files in a timely manner, lying and falsifying records to protect his practice

The day AFTER I saw this dentist the first time, I had to call him for an emergency visit, I maintain Dr O put me at risk by his actions or lack there of.

I had developed some type of infection, AGAIN THIS WAS THE DAY AFTER I SAW HIM FOR THE FIRST TIME, which required the "surgical extraction" of two teeth ( $4 & 5 ) , I was on blood thinners because I had a stent implanted 10 months earlier and made him aware of this and told him to check with my heart doctor to see if there any special precautions to take, or pre medication, Dr O called me back and told me to stop and pick up some premeds and to take them so I thought he had talked with my heart Dr. S Priest

I found out now, he faxed a document to my HEART DR ( DID NOT CALL HIM ) and there is NO Indication of any urgency or mention of the emergency visit found in the fax, after two months I was scheduled for more extractions and again told the Dr O to call my heart Dr, I then found out that I was supposed to be off the blood thinners for three days prior to any extraction procedure, I have these faxes and they are clear as to what happened and some notes from Heart Doctor,

Then the dentures did not fit and I have never worn them to eat one complete meal they have always come loose because of something I have found out is called a malocclusion ot as bite that does meet or mesh correctly, the dentures are useless except for cosmetic reasons, which leads us to a law suit. I refuse to pay for them, but offered to pay him for the extractions, then found out about his falsifying and padding his bills by charginf me for a procedure he did perform, ( the “complete bony impacted surgical extraction of the teeth” and can not see paying him the total he wants and is seeking in a suit

I could go on but will cut this short as I think there are enough red flags to raise some suspicions. BUT there are more instances of suspected wrong doing.

Is there no one who can see this dentist is giving the finger to the system and thumbing his nose at laws and regulations ?