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Loosing Credit Card Company Trying to Get Back Their Lost Money

I was a part of a Class Action Suit against some of the Credit Card Companies that charged for "Credit Increases", "Higher Interest Rates" for no reason, "Decreased Credit Limits" etc. If you were one of these people, you know exactly what they did to you and a lot more!

Well, I am one of those people who always "Paid" the day the statement came in along with always paying more than the minimum amount due. My credit rateing was excellent at the time & all of a sudden for no reason they started increasing my inerest rates and decreasing my credit limit as well as charging horendous fees to increase my credit limit.

I didn't think too much about it,suddenly,when we soldour home and wanted to buy a smaller one, (kids grown & moved out), the bank where I applied for my mortgage, mentioned to me that my "Credit Rating/Scoring" was kind of low and that there must be something in my "Credit History" that was making these "Credit Card Companies" "Decrease" my limits & "Increase" my interest.

I couldn't imagine what or why. But, since I had done business with this bank for years (small town type), they knew me & knew I always paid any & all loans borrowed through them and went ahead and approved my mortgage note.

Then I was made aware of the "Class Action Suit" brought by against all these different "Credit Card Companies" through my being sigened up to receive "E-mail Alerts" from "Lawyers and Settlements" and submitted my "Case Scenerio" to them online.

Sure enough, I was dealing with a few of these "Creditors" (or should I say "Predetors) all along and that was where my credit problems lay!
Ok, now that this is more or less done with and "They" lost, and here we are a few years later now and 2 weeks ago I was served papers that I am being "Sued" by one of the "Creditors" (Providian Financial), for over $9300.00!!

It is not "Filed" directly "By" them, but they "Sold Off", after "Charging Off" the account to a "Group of Attorneys" that are a "Collections Group". Now, explain to me if you can, how on this Earth can they (the Creditor) "Charge Off" your account first, for no reason, my payments were still being made & I was NOT charging anything since the Class Action Suit against them was brought or since, then they "Sell Off" the note (the amount Way more than I ever had in a "Credit Limit", plus it had been paid way down from my original amount/balance)to this "Group" for "Them" to file a "Civil Suit" against me for an "Unpaid balance" on this account! Now then, this gets better!

I am 71 years old and Disabled, my wife and I are raising our first grandson since he was born 10 years ago and he has Cerebral Palsy, and we live off my Social Security every month, needless to say, we are not extravagant people, we have a small house in the country, no acreage, no new vehicles, 1 12 year old truck and live from month to month literally, we do not receive any child support from our gr. sons "Absent Mother" (Father unknown)no assitance from State sources other than for his Medical and now these "Predetors" are trying to take our home, our truck and put a "Garnishment" on my bank account to get my Social Security every month until "Paid in Full"!

Ok, now then, I call a friend who knows a friend that is an attorney here & ask him "What do I do"? He said, "Well, they can't touch your house as long as it is under the "Homested" exemption or your truck and file a paper with the bank in regards to this to NOT ALLOW any "Attachment" of your Social Security deposits.

But, the "Downside" of this is, "If and or When" you die, they can take it all away from your wife and or survivors!" "That is "IF" they get the "Judgement" against you."

HE also told me that these "Attorneys" are trying to get back any or all monies or Interest rate adjustments, as well as any refunding of "Credit Limit Fees" being reimbursed to me on my account. That they are trying to "Re-Coop" their losses from their "Own" lost "Class Action Suit" and to file a "Response" in the form of an "Affidavit" that this "Suit was wrongfully filed and the "Original Creditor" is "Subject to Binding Arbitration".

Well, this I have done now. Now all I have to do, is see what actually comes of this Civil Suit.
We were hard working people, raised 6 children of our own and now have taken on a "7th" with medical problems because we love him and he is just like our own child, we ARE Mom & Dad to him, my wife had to start working part-time when we first got our grandson, there were still a couple of the older children at home to help care for him, then as they grew, graduated and moved on their own, my wife had to stop working totally, because my disabilities have become worse and also to care full-time for our grandson.

She is not eligiable to receive any "Care takers" compensation from Social Security for me and our grandson does not get any S.S. so she gets no compensation for caring for him either. She is not old enough to draw any retirement from her own earnings or mine yet, that will be in about 10 more years.

So, here we sit, living month to month and now worrying about wheather or not some "Loosing Creditor" will be able to actually "Win" this suit and continue to "Suck our lifes Blood" out of us or my family if something happens to me!

We are not "Whineing" just want to let others to be aware of what some of these "Predetors" are capable of doing to especially those who have nothing to begin with!

Thank you for your time and if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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