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Settlements - Whistleblower

  • Rural/Metro Corp. Federal False Claims Act violations result in a $2.5 million settlement. (Jun-12-07)
  • The Scooter Store Inc. $4 million payout in federal false claims lawsuit. (May-15-07)
  • Monroe County, NY Deputy gets $200,000 in corruption whistleblower lawsuit. (May-3-07)
  • Loma Linda Behavioral Medicine Center Over $2 million settlement in Medicare, False Claims Act violations, whistleblower lawsuit. (Apr-30-07)
  • Atlantic City, NJ Mayor gets $125,000 compensation for facing retaliation. (Apr-24-07)
  • Sandia National Laboratories $4.7 million in damages in wrongful termination suit over shared information. (Apr-23-07)
  • Pittsburgh, PA $85,000 settlement in police commander's federal whistleblower lawsuit. (Apr-9-07)
  • Harris County Hospital District $15.5 million whistleblower settlement for Medicare false claims. (Mar-30-07)
  • Robert Eberhart, Jonathan Holzaepfel, and Thomas King Three local doctors and heath facility pay a $1 million settlement in whistleblower medical fraud lawsuit. (Mar-12-07)
  • Brocade Communications $7 million settlement after employee blows the whistle on backdated stock options. (Mar-5-07)
  • Madison County, AL Whistleblower lawsuit ends in out of court settlement of $110,000. (Feb-25-07)
  • Millennium Bank Non-monetary whistleblower settlement. (Feb-7-07)
  • Electrolizing Corp. Whistleblower costs company $1.5 million in civil claims lawsuit. (Feb-2-07)
  • Cell Therapeutics Former employee blows the whistle on pharmaceutical company. (Jan-25-07)
  • Electronic Data Systems Inc. and Travelers Casualty and Surety Co. $2.85 million whistleblower settlement for defrauding the federal flood program. (Jan-22-07)
  • Bowie County, TX $175,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to Juvenile Detention Center employee. (Jan-8-07)
  • Carson, CA $430,000 whistleblower and wrongful termination settlement. (Dec-4-06)
  • Force Protection Inc. $1.8 million whistleblower settlement for failing to advance payments to expedite armored vehicles. (Aug-31-06)
  • University Hospitals of Cleveland $14 million whistleblower settlement for referral financial inducements. (Aug-22-06)
  • CGI-AMS $800,000 fraud settlement (approximately) awarded to the US government and $232,000 awarded to four whistleblowers. (Jul-25-06)
  • Iron Workers Union Local 771 $200,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to Linda Merk. (Jul-25-06)
  • Marion County Medical Center $3,750,000 fraud settlement awarded to the U.S. government and whistleblower Dr. Kenneth Orbeck. (Jul-24-06)
  • Odyssey Healthcare Inc. $13 million settlement awarded to the U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (Jul-17-06)
  • Catholic Healthcare West $1.3 million will be received by plaintiffs as part of a settlement of one class action lawsuit. (Jun-15-06)
  • Utilities Commissioners $250,000 whistleblower and wrongful termination settlement. (Jun-7-06)
  • Tempe Union High School District $140,000 settlement awarded to a former vice principal for blowing the whistle on student athlete grade fixing. (May-15-06)
  • Pinellas County $350,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to a former assistant administrator who was fired after probing into mismanagement. (Mar-17-06)
  • Amir Hussein $2.6 million whistleblower settlement for over billing Medicare. (Feb-27-06)
  • Wayne County $75,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to an employee who was fired after reporting billing alterations. (Feb-9-06)
  • Minnesota Pollution Control Agency $325,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to an employee who was harassed and fired after exposing evidence regarding the damaging effects of PFCs. (Feb-6-06)
  • Pennsylvania Department of Transportation $500,000 settlement awarded to a whistleblower claiming consultants over billed the department in exchange for expensive sports outings. (Jan-24-06)
  • King Pharmaceuticals Inc. $124 million whistleblower settlement for incorrectly reporting prices to the U.S. government. (Nov-7-05)
  • Balfour Beatty Construction et al. $24.75 million whistleblower settlement for inflating claims on Amtrak projects and overcharging for the installation of an overhead system used to deliver electricity to locomotives. (Oct-22-05)
  • Allegheny County $154,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to a caseworker who claimed she was terminated after resisting a demand to whitewash a state report. (Sep-20-05)
  • Office Depot, Inc. $4.75 million whistleblower settlement for selling products from China and Taiwan to U.S. government agencies that do not have reciprocal trade agreements. (Sep-19-05)
  • Breeze-Eastern $1.1 million whistleblower settlement for falsifying certifications about work quality. (Sep-11-05)
  • Eisenhower Medical Center $8 million settlement for fraudulently over billing Medicare during the 1990s and manipulating costs to gain greater reimbursement. (Sep-1-05)
  • University of Illinois $2.5 million settlement awarded to former chief of transplant surgery Dr. Raymond Pollak after he blew the whistle on improper diagnoses. (Aug-23-05)
  • TXU Corp. Undisclosed whistleblower settlement. (Jun-21-05)
  • OfficeMax, Inc. A $9.8 million recovery for selling unauthorized products to U.S. government agencies. (May-26-05)
  • Resurgens Surgery Center A $3.8 million refund for overbilling Medicare and Medicaid. (May-26-05)
  • Oracle Corp. An $8 million whistleblower settlement. (May-16-05)
  • City of Durham A $258,000 wrongful termination settlement. (May-10-05)
  • Beth Israel Medicare Billing Settlement (Mar-26-05)
  • HealthSouth Corp. A $325 million awarded to US government for over billed physical therapy and patient rehabilitation. (Jan-19-05)
  • Coca-Cola Company. A $540,000 settlement has been reached in the whistleblower.. (Oct-15-03)
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. A $990,000 settlement has been reached.. (Sep-18-03)
  • Northrop Grumman Corp. A $111 million dollar settlement has been reached in th.. (Jun-12-03)
  • Healthcare Company has agreed to play guilty to defrauding government health-c.. (Jun-3-03)
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