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  • Cardinal Health Inc. $11 million settlement for improper secondary market trading. (Dec-28-06)
  • Super Steel $1.25 million class action settlement for discriminating and harassing African American employees. (Dec-28-06)
  • Middletown, NY $400,000 excessive police force settlement. (Nov-21-06)
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority et al. $10 million settlement after a woman's legs were severed following a bus crash. (Nov-21-06)
  • Cablevision Systems Corp. $18.5 million breach of contract settlement paid to the former New York Knicks coach. (Nov-10-06)
  • Lehigh Valley Apartments and Samuel Geltman and Co. $900,000 settlement after a young woman drowned to death. (Nov-9-06)
  • Wine and Liquor Suppliers $2.3 million settlement for illegal incentives. (Oct-31-06)
  • Source Magazine Jury awards $14.5 million to the former Editor-in-Chief for gender discrimination. (Oct-25-06)
  • CBS Radio Inc. $2 million payment for accepting gifts and payola for air time. (Oct-23-06)
  • CVS Corp. $152,000 in civil penalties for violating a previous settlement related to a sweepstakes offer. (Oct-17-06)
  • Royal GM Inc. $350,000 awarded to a car accident victim. (Oct-10-06)
  • ING Group $30 million for allegedly accepting payments from companies to promote their funds in retirement plans. (Oct-10-06)
  • New York $14.5 million settlement awarded to a police officer injured while on duty. (Sep-8-06)
  • Hunter College $65,000 settlement for expelling a student from residence after attempting suicide. (Sep-6-06)
  • Montgomery County $2 million class action settlement for unconstitutional strip searches. (Aug-23-06)
  • Starbucks $310,000 personal injury settlement awarded for a coffee burn. (Aug-20-06)
  • New York State $200,000 settlement awarded after a lifeguard umbrella hit a woman in the head. (May-18-06)
  • Formaggio Cheese $258,000 class action settlement awarded to current and former employees for unpaid overtime. (May-17-06)
  • Ciminelli Services Corp. and RBS Excavating $2.3 million wrongful death settlement after a demolition laborer was killed on site. (Apr-24-06)
  • Cheminova Inc. Preliminary $12.5 million class action settlement awarded to lobstermen after pesticides killed 90% of the lobster in Long Island Sound. (Apr-19-06)
  • New York City $2.2 million class action settlement and the installation of hundreds of cameras in the city's jails. (Apr-4-06)
  • New York City $8.9 million settlement awarded to a young man who lost both of his legs in the Staten Island ferry crash. (Mar-27-06)
  • Federated Department Stores Inc. $725,000 settlement for printing misleading advertising and sales promotions. (Mar-15-06)
  • Datran Media Corp. $1.1 million e-mail acquisition and spamming settlement. (Mar-13-06)
  • New York City $7 million class action settlement awarded to city cab drivers for unlawful penalizations. (Mar-8-06)
  • New York City $2.2 million class action settlement awarded to abused inmates; also requires the installment of hundreds of surveillance cameras throughout city jails. (Mar-2-06)
  • Service Corp. International $4.45 million class action settlement awarded to employees for unpaid overtime and premium payments. (Feb-22-06)
  • University of Rochester $9 million class action settlement awarded to employees for unpaid overtime. (Feb-20-06)
  • City of Oneonta Lawsuit dismissed claiming racial profiling against African American students. (Feb-20-06)
  • Clear Channel Communications Inc. Potential class action dismissed alleging violations of unsolicited prerecorded telephone calls. (Jan-10-06)
  • Warner Music Group Corp. $5 million settlement alleging payoffs for radio airplay of artists awarded to the state of New York. (Nov-29-05)
  • New York Police Department $17 million class action settlement awarded to nearly 600 New York police officers for racial discrimination. (Nov-28-05)
  • Praxis Housing Initiative $790,000 settlement for setting up profitable housing units using not-for-profit start up and operating expenses. (Nov-28-05)
  • Bank of New York $38 million in fines for fraud and money laundering. (Nov-15-05)
  • Mount Vernon Hospital $2.65 million settlement for illegal kickback and an unlicensed alcohol treatment operation. (Aug-8-05)
  • New York City Class action settlement requires Rikers administration to inform female inmates about their right to refuse gynecological exams. (Jul-18-05)
  • Honda, NY Refund on lease agreements. (Jun-20-05)
  • Plaza Hotel, NY $525,000 racial discrimination settlement. (Jun-13-05)
  • Town of Babylon Class Action Denied (Jun-13-05)
  • Mayor Rudolph Giuliani Administration $4.8 million settlement to Housing Works. (May-30-05)
  • New York Department of Transportation $5.5 million payment to halt train project. (May-30-05)
  • Pfizer Inc. $4 million settlement over misleading statements (May-2-05)
  • American Pioneer Title Insurance Co. et al. $31.5 million settlement for overcharging customers. (Apr-25-05)
  • New York Police Department $103,000 back pay settlement plus $12,000 a year for severance pay. (Apr-25-05)
  • Philips Metal and Telesector Resources Group $3.75 million settlement with the state of New York over improper lead disposal (Apr-24-05)
  • New York City A $231,000 settlement awarded to protesters for their arrest. (Apr-18-05)
  • Willis North America Inc. $51 million payout to insurnace clients. (Apr-12-05)
  • MLB Advanced Media and Steiner Sports Memorabilia, Inc. A $232,000 settlement for false email promotions. (Apr-11-05)
  • New York Times Co. An $18 million settlement awarded to freelance writers for copyright infringement. (Apr-4-05)
  • New York Police Department An $8.75 million settlement for police brutality. (Mar-28-05)
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