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New York Settlements

  • Inmate Suicide Oneida County, CNY Services to pay $225,000 settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (May-22-08)
  • Promissory Notes FinancialContent agrees to $1.1 million settlement in creditor lawsuit. (May-21-08)
  • Barberi Ferry Crash New York to pay $1.375 million settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (May-16-08)
  • Gender Identity NYC restaurant agrees to $35,000 settlement in discrimination lawsuit. (May-14-08)
  • Officer Beats Straphanger Brooklyn to pay $1 million settlement in police brutality lawsuit. (May-8-08)
  • Securities Fraud Marketing company to pay $12 million settlement in SEC lawsuit. (May-3-08)
  • Public Safety Radio M/A-COM Inc. to pay $4 million settlement in overcharging lawsuit. (Apr-30-08)
  • Reverse Mortgage Blues Mortgage company to pay $20,000 settlement in false advertising lawsuit. (Apr-27-08)
  • Black Outs Power company to pay $17 million settlement in electricity lawsuit. (Apr-25-08)
  • Fast Ferry Terminal Rochester to pay $400,000 settlement in operation agreement. (Apr-24-08)
  • Tax Overassessment Dynegy to pay $4.3 million settlement in energy lawsuit. (Apr-24-08)
  • Going, Going, Gone eBay consignor to pay $165,000 settlement in merchandise lawsuit. (Apr-22-08)
  • Illegal Driver Rewarded Niagara County to pay $305,000 settlement in ATV accident lawsuit. (Apr-17-08)
  • Non Compete Breach Former executive to pay $10 million settlement in contract lawsuit. (Apr-16-08)
  • Ferry Captain Black Out Staten Island to pay $1.5 million settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (Apr-11-08)
  • Restored Food Stamp Program New York to pay $7.2 million settlement in social services lawsuit. (Apr-10-08)
  • Police Pursuit Causes Death Brooklyn to pay $305,000 settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (Apr-9-08)
  • Hotel Demolition Halted City of Malone to pay $$37,500 settlement in building lawsuit. (Apr-1-08)
  • Defrauding the Government National Air Cargo to pay $28 million settlement in cargo contract lawsuit. (Mar-28-08)
  • Sean Combs Assault Superstar Rapper pays $25,000 settlement in personal injury lawsuit. (Mar-27-08)
  • Municipal Water Filtration Engineering Company will pay $750,000 settlement in design lawsuit. (Mar-27-08)
  • Boss Rapes Employee Blackwood to pay $500,000 settlement in assault lawsuit. (Mar-25-08)
  • Library Architecture Goshen to pay $170,000 settlement in building project lawsuit. (Mar-24-08)
  • African American Discrimination WGI to pay $1.5 million settlement in harassment lawsuit. (Mar-24-08)
  • Energy Buyout Fails Northeast Utilities to pay $50 million settlement in merger lawsuit. (Mar-22-08)
  • Futures Trading Energy company to pay $10 million settlement in commodities lawsuit. (Mar-20-08)
  • Hispanic Racism School district pays $311,000 settlement in discrimination lawsuit. (Mar-20-08)
  • Employee Retaliation UPS pays $254,000 settlement in whistleblower lawsuit. (Mar-20-08)
  • New York Art Gallery Salander to pay $994,375 settlement in landlord, tenant lawsuit. (Mar-18-08)
  • Police Chief Buyout City of Alexandria Bay pays $51,311 to buyout chief. (Mar-9-08)
  • Natural Gas Explosion Questar settles 7-figure natural gas explosion lawsuit. (Mar-6-08)
  • Lenders Fined Ryland Group Inc. settles $370,000 questionable lending suit. (Mar-5-08)
  • Bus Service Shut Down On Trac Services, Inc. agrees to $39,000 safety violations settlement. (Mar-4-08)
  • Petroleum Storage Hess Corp. to pay $1.1 million fine. (Mar-2-08)
  • Police Officer City of Tonawanda awards former employee $47,000 wrongful termination settlement. (Feb-21-08)
  • Apparel Overtime Yellow Rat Bastard agrees to $1.4 million wage and hour violations settlement. (Feb-12-08)
  • Burst Drain Pipe Town of Smithtown agrees to pay homeowners $260,000 property damage settlement. (Feb-6-08)
  • Back Wages Amersino Marketing Group agrees to pay employees $70,000 settlement. (Jan-27-08)
  • Delinquent Loans DealMaker Auto Group pays $2 million settlement after delaying vehicle payoffs. (Jan-25-08)
  • Building Development Mamaroneck pays Westchester Day School $4.75 million settlement after denying permission to erect a new building on its campus. (Jan-17-08)
  • Activist Protest New York City pays two activist groups $50,000 settlement for free speech violations. (Jan-10-08)
  • Police Van Family awarded $500,000 settlement after father died while in police custody. (Jan-3-08)
  • Pigeon Poop Jury awards doorman $6 million settlement after falling down a flight of subway stairs. (Dec-27-07)
  • Property Funding University Heights Association pays $6 million settlement regarding a land dispute. (Dec-23-07)
  • Sexual Harassment Settlement A claim that Knicks coach Isaiah Thomas sexually harassed and wrongfully terminated Anuch Sanders, has been settled for $11.5 million in punitive damages. (Dec-12-07)
  • Holocaust Survivors must pay Legal Fees Holocaust survivors who were awarded a $1.5 billion settlement regarding banks that looted Jewish assets, are forced to pay $3.1 million in legal fees. (Dec-10-07)
  • Galaxy Communications $1 million settlement reached in burned woman's emotional distress suit. (Dec-7-07)
  • City Hall Employee City of Utica pays former employee $75,000 settlement after firing and arresting him on harassment and theft charges. (Dec-4-07)
  • School Dirt Dirtman Enterprises pays school district $600,000 for dumping contaminated soil in athletic fields. (Dec-4-07)
  • Racial Discrimination New York city pays former Deputy Warden $125,000 racial bias settlement. (Nov-28-07)
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