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Michigan Settlements

  • Palazzolo and Lombardo LLC $50,000 penalty for violating the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Jul-11-07)
  • District 149 Over $165,000 cash buyout settles employment lawsuit allegations. (Jul-10-07)
  • Flint, MI $10.8 million settlement in sewer backups, property damage lawsuits. (Jul-6-07)
  • Lansing, MI $170,000 settlement in racial discrimination and retaliation lawsuit. (Jul-6-07)
  • Michigan Seamless Tube $500,000 settlement in employment racial discrimination lawsuit. (Jun-13-07)
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools $600,000 settlement for bus driver privatization. (May-31-07)
  • Cadillac, MI $27,000 settlement in police pepper spray suit. (May-23-07)
  • Traverse City, MI Woods Development settlement to cost an upward of $160,000. (Apr-30-07)
  • Hamburg Township, MI Man awarded $250,000 settlement in firefighter negligence lawsuit. (Apr-26-07)
  • Log Cabin Partners LLC $47,500 payout for illegally cutting trees and overlay district ordinance violations. (Apr-25-07)
  • Charlevoix, MI $275,000 settlement for canceled employee health benefits. (Apr-3-07)
  • Traverse City, MI $107,000 settlement for construction and zoning appeals. (Mar-27-07)
  • Flint, MI $37,500 settlement for violation of civil rights. (Mar-16-07)
  • D&S Builders Inc. Employer held accountable for driver accident. (Feb-7-07)
  • Michigan State Police Lawsuit resulting from freak accident sees state paying $650,000 as compensation. (Feb-2-07)
  • Berrien County, MI $5 million settlement approved for the wrongful death of a doctor. (Jan-15-07)
  • Western Michigan University $810,000 wrongful termination settlement awarded to the former school president. (Oct-29-06)
  • Walgreen Co. $550,000 payment for violating Michigan item pricing laws. (Oct-24-06)
  • Wayne County, MI $675,000 settlement after three family members died in a minivan accident. (Sep-18-06)
  • Wal-Mart $1.5 million fine for violating Michigan item pricing laws. (Apr-25-06)
  • Wayne County $225,000 settlement awarded to a man who spent 17 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. (Mar-29-06)
  • Wayne County $75,000 whistleblower settlement awarded to an employee who was fired after reporting billing alterations. (Feb-9-06)
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