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Settlements - Real Estate

  • Land Underpriced Developer to pay Seaside $1.1 million settlement to agency fund. (Mar-10-08)
  • Rent Controlled Apartments Landlord to pay $10 million settlement after forcing out low income tenants and then selling the buildings for a profit. (Mar-5-08)
  • Condemned Redevelopment City of Baltimore agrees to $7.8 million property use dispute settlement with Warner Street Inc. (Mar-3-08)
  • Tax Jurisdictions Midland County et al. agree to $137 million settlement in property tax dispute. (Feb-27-08)
  • Landfill Eminent Domain Surry County pays $800,000 settlement to purchase farm land for town dump. (Feb-26-08)
  • Property Tax City of Midland agrees to refund Midland Cogeneration Venture $36.2 million for over assessing land. (Feb-22-08)
  • Stadium Eminent Domain City of Arlington agrees to $2 million Dallas Cowboys stadium settlement. (Feb-12-08)
  • Eminent Domain University of Akron pays property owner $443,000 settlement. (Feb-10-08)
  • Juniper Ridge Bend City agrees to pay Juniper Ridge Partners a $2.56 million settlement regarding city development. (Feb-10-08)
  • Condo Eminent Domain Maui pays $4.1 million settlement to property owner. (Feb-6-08)
  • Burst Drain Pipe Town of Smithtown agrees to pay homeowners $260,000 property damage settlement. (Feb-6-08)
  • Eminent Domain Glassboro borough pays building owner $250,000 settlement. (Feb-5-08)
  • Faulty Homes Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. pays HUD $75,000 civil penalty for defective construction. (Jan-31-08)
  • Connector Road City of Provo pays family $1.16 million property use settlement. (Jan-30-08)
  • Donated Property Stamford Health System Inc. pays $19.6 million settlement after using donated property for something other than its original purpose. (Jan-21-08)
  • Building Development Mamaroneck pays Westchester Day School $4.75 million settlement after denying permission to erect a new building on its campus. (Jan-17-08)
  • Sewer Easements Fayetteville pays landowner $100,000 for construction and sewer easements. (Jan-11-08)
  • Pristine Land Developer George Johnson to pay $12 million settlement for building on state trust lands without permits. (Dec-27-07)
  • Development Rights Half Moon Bay may have to pay $36.8 million regarding a land dispute. (Dec-6-07)
  • Affordable Housing Sale Carmel Partners pays $71 million for 12 acres of a housing complex. (Nov-22-07)
  • Property Tax Delphi Corp. agrees to pay over $6 million to Howard County for unpaid property taxes. (Nov-21-07)
  • First Nation Land Province of British Columbia pays band $20.3 million and gives them 22 hectares of land to save the university golf course. (Nov-12-07)
  • House Lien Town pays $50,000 settlement to homeowner who couldn't sell house do to alleged code violations. (Nov-11-07)
  • Superblock Land Owner Lexington Square Partners LLC pays $2.7 million to the city of Baltimore for property reconstruction. (Nov-9-07)
  • Airport Property Sale City of Fresno pays Federal Aviation Administration $5.8 million settlement for selling land to Gap Inc. below market value. (Oct-31-07)
  • Real Estate Investors Trillium Corp. pays $125,000 settlement. (Oct-30-07)
  • Hydroelectric Dam Land Avista Corp. pays state of Montana $4 million per year for renting land. (Oct-25-07)
  • Niagara Falls Parking Lot Urban Renewal Agency and Empire State Development pay $1.65 million eminent domain settlement. (Oct-25-07)
  • Paving Rights Pinal County pays Gila River Indian Community $259,200 settlement for the right of way to pave a road. (Oct-19-07)
  • Ballpark Land Hennepin County pays $28.5 million for Minnesota Twins baseball park. (Oct-16-07)
  • Mequon Property Tax City pays $510,000 to land owners. (Oct-1-07)
  • Condemned School Land Lakeland School District pays $2.5 million settlement to build new school. (Sep-27-07)
  • Campus Point Permits Company owner pays $2 million fine for building permits and zoning. (Sep-27-07)
  • Hennepin County, MN Over $19.3 million settlement proposed in eminent domain lawsuit. (Sep-16-07)
  • Wareham, MA $1.1 million settlement in eminent domain lawsuit. (Sep-4-07)
  • Sonoma, CA $325,000 settlement in Fair Employment and Housing Act violation suit. (Aug-21-07)
  • Delta County, MI $100,000 settlement in real estate development lawsuit. (Aug-20-07)
  • Roseville, MN $827,650 settlement in land use lawsuit. (Aug-15-07)
  • Tony Masilotti Over $175,000 settlement in real estate fraud lawsuit. (Aug-15-07)
  • Macon County, IL $10 million settlement in railroad real estate lawsuit. (Jul-30-07)
  • America First Communities $1 million settlement in building laws violation lawsuit. (Jul-23-07)
  • Gloria Argueta More than $400,000 in fines in housing code violations lawsuit. (Jul-21-07)
  • Waterview Estates $1 million cash settlement in land development dispute. (Jul-15-07)
  • Mooresville, NC $38,000 settlement in property damage lawsuit. (Jul-8-07)
  • Mary Rose and Earl Wilcox $10,000 payout for demolishing historical site. (Jul-5-07)
  • Madeira Beach, FL $500,000 settlement in lawsuit over historical land use. (Jul-4-07)
  • Bartow, FL $150,000 settlement in real estate dispute. (Jul-3-07)
  • Ben and Julie Silverman and Redlands Financial Group $15,000 settlement in housing rules violation lawsuit. (Jun-28-07)
  • JAMM Realty Corp. $1 million fund created to end zoning dispute. (Jun-21-07)
  • SugarHouse Casino $50 million settlement ends property tax assessment dispute. (Jun-14-07)
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