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  • $9 Million Settlement Agreed For Alleged Medical Malpractice (Feb-25-10)
  • $60 Million Verdict Awarded by Jury in Medical Malpractice Suit (Feb-16-10)
  • Failure to Timely Diagnose Results in $10,200,000 Settlement (Feb-11-10)
  • $17.5 Million Settlement for Breast Cancer Lawsuit (Oct-30-09)
  • Malpractice Suit Settled for $77 Million (Oct-26-09)
  • Zyprexa Overdose Nursing Home to Pay $125K (Sep-22-09)
  • Patient Awarded $10 Million In Medical Malpractice Lawsuit (Jul-2-09)
  • $17.5 Million Awarded in Medical Malpractice by Dallas Jury (Mar-6-09)
  • Malpractice Suit Settles for $11.4 Million (Oct-27-08)
  • Medical Malpractice Suit $1.9 Million Settlement (Aug-22-08)
  • Metro Heart Group Settles Medical Malpractice for $2.58 Million (Jul-31-08)
  • King Medical Malpractice Five More Suits Settled for $3 Million (Jul-31-08)
  • University of Illinois Medical Center Potential $14 Million in Malpractice Settlements (Jul-25-08)
  • Amherst Doctor To Pay $9 Million in Medical Malpractice Suit (Jul-15-08)
  • Fairview Red Wing Health Services Undisclosed settlement in medical malpractice lawsuit. (Jun-19-08)
  • San Joaquin County, CA $500,000 settlement reached in medical malpractice lawsuit. (Jun-1-08)
  • The Cleveland Clinic $10 million settlement reached in medical malpractice suit. (May-28-08)
  • Medical Malpractice DeKalb County to pay $15.35 million settlement in birthing lawsuit. (May-23-08)
  • Botched Surgeries Dr. King to pay $2.5 million settlement in malpractice lawsuit. (May-9-08)
  • Doctor Negligence VA Medical Center to pay $1.3 million settlement in malpractice lawsuit. (May-5-08)
  • Doctor Paralyzes Patient Hospital agrees to $3.7 million settlement in malpractice lawsuit. (Apr-10-08)
  • Complications at Birth Hospital, Doctor to pay undisclosed settlement in malpractice lawsuit. (Apr-10-08)
  • Critical Alarm Goes Unheard Nurse and agency to pay undisclosed settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (Apr-9-08)
  • Labor and Delivery Judge awards mother $6 million medical malpractice settlement after baby was born with brain injuries. (Mar-3-08)
  • Hospital Malpractice Corning Hospital agrees to $2.4 million medical negligence settlement after a baby was born with brain damage. (Feb-26-08)
  • Serial Killer Hospitals agree to confidential wrongful death settlement for employing former registered nurse Charles Cullen. (Feb-20-08)
  • Wrong Medication Walgreens agrees to confidential settlement after woman suffers miscarriage. (Feb-17-08)
  • Inmate Medical Negligence Olmsted County awards former inmate $337,000 settlement after failing to get him to a hospital after showing signs of a heart attack. (Feb-6-08)
  • Firm Associate Attorney Jay Wingate ordered to pay widow $2.5 million settlement for collected legal fees. (Jan-31-08)
  • Birthing Malpractice Kaiser Permanente pays $3.2 million medical malpractice settlement. (Jan-30-08)
  • Intentional Contamination Northwestern Medical Center pays former orthopedic surgery $4 million medical malpractice settlement. (Jan-29-08)
  • Medical Malpractice US Government awards family $750,000 settlement after woman dies after undergoing eight surgeries in 35 days. (Jan-21-08)
  • Hospital Staph Chelsea and Westminster Hospital pays British actress Leslie Ash $10 million settlement after contracting the dangerous infection. (Jan-21-08)
  • False Claims Attorney Robert Arledge ordered to pay $5.8 million after making false Fen Phen settlement claims. (Jan-21-08)
  • Negligent Death Family of New York Times reporter awarded undisclosed settlement for medical malpractice. (Jan-14-08)
  • Medical Negligence Jury orders obstetrician Paul Hergott to pay $8.6 million settlement after mother gives birth to disabled twins. (Jan-8-08)
  • E-Mail Records City of Kingman pays $40,000 unfair bill. (Jan-3-08)
  • Hospital Delivery Family awarded $11.5 million medical malpractice settlement after their child was born with Cerebral Palsy. (Dec-8-07)
  • Doctor Malpractice Two doctors pay $25,000 fine for prescribing unnecessary drug and performing an unnecessary treatment. (Dec-6-07)
  • Surgery Malpractice Jury awards woman $10 million medical malpractice settlement after a sponge left in her abdomen led to kidney failure. (Dec-3-07)
  • Sinus Infection Pittsburgh woman wins $3 million medical malpractice verdict. (Nov-27-07)
  • Misdiagnosed Appendicitis Family awarded $400,000 medical malpractice settlement. (Nov-26-07)
  • Psychiatrist Malpractice Constance Reynolds ordered to pay $800,000 malpractice and fraud settlement. (Nov-20-07)
  • Plastic Surgeon Malpractice Kanye West's mother's doctor previously paid over $450,000 in two malpractice settlements. (Nov-14-07)
  • Twin Delivery Advocate Christ Hospital awards estate of brain damaged girl $6.25 million medical malpractice settlement. (Nov-9-07)
  • Ovarian Cyst Dr. Kerri Williams and Integris Grove General Hospital pays $2 million medical negligence settlement after patient died following discharge. (Nov-1-07)
  • Psychiatric Suicide Kalamazoo Psychiatric Hospital pays $725,000 wrongful death settlement. (Oct-31-07)
  • Knee Surgery Death Football player's family receives $1.7 million settlement after the 22-year-old died during post-op care. (Oct-18-07)
  • Organ Recovery Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center pays $250,000 wrongful death settlement after a disabled man is taken off life support before surgery. (Oct-16-07)
  • Medical Malpractice Man awarded $2.9 million after wrongful diagnosis and negligence. (Oct-15-07)
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