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Settlements - Internet/Technology

  • Internet Gambling Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo pay $31.5 million settlement for advertising and promoting illegal gambling sites online. (Dec-23-07)
  • Security Breach University of California pays National Nuclear Security Administration $2.8 million settlement. (Dec-19-07)
  • Technology Contract Herley Industries Inc. agrees to pay $6 million settlement for breaching a technology agreement. (Dec-7-07)
  • Architect Software Michael Gaertner pays $40,000 fine for using unlicensed software at his architectural firm. (Nov-27-07)
  • Illegal Spy Ware ERG Ventures LLC pays FTC $330,000 fine for installing Media Motor onto 15 million computers. (Oct-2-07)
  • AOL $3 million payout resolves Internet dial-up service related case. (Jul-12-07)
  • Ezra Dweck $400,000 to settle civil fraud "shill bidding" complaint. (Jun-11-07)
  • The Anti-spam law violation costs company $2.55 million. (Jun-1-07)
  • Google Out-of-court settlement in $17.5 million copyright infringement lawsuit. (May-22-07)
  • Netvertise Inc., Elliot Krasnow $160,000 settlement with the FTC for fraudulent business practices. (May-18-07)
  • Cardiac Science Corp. One time royalty payment of $1 million gets cardiology device maker perpetual patent license. (May-2-07)
  • Danisco $15.3 million settlement in enzyme patent infringement lawsuit. (Apr-22-07)
  • Assurant Inc. $255,000 paid in restitution and interest on previously denied health insurance claims. (Apr-3-07)
  • $950,000 fine for fraudulent business practices and deceptive advertising. (Feb-28-07)
  • Nationwide Building Society $2 million fine for security breach. (Feb-26-07)
  • GlaxoSmithKline $35 million patent infringement settlement awarded to Andrx Corporation. (Feb-18-07)
  • Priceline, Travelocity, and Cingular $100,000 pay out in penalties and costs for unsolicited adware installations. (Feb-2-07)
  • YP Corp. $2 million settlement for tricking businesses into paying monthly charges. (Dec-15-06)
  • Secure Computer $1 million anti-spyware settlement. (Dec-4-06)
  • Zango, Inc. $3 million settlement for unfair adware downloading. (Nov-7-06)
  • PayPal $1.7 million settlement paid to 28 states for consumer rights. (Sep-29-06)
  • Cleverlink Trading $400,000 fine for violating provisions of the 2003 CAN SPAM Act. (Sep-19-06)
  • Sean Combs £110,000 settlement awarded to Richard "Diddy" Dearlove for using the "Diddy" trade name. (Sep-11-06)
  • Enternet Media Inc. and Conspy & Co. $2.05 million settlement for creating spyware programs that reached 18 million computers worldwide. (Sep-8-06)
  • Popular Leasing USA $15.3 million debt relief and refunds provided to matrix box leasers. (Aug-28-06)
  • Zhijian Chen Settlement reached in fraudulent internet business case. (May-1-06)
  •, Inc. $190,000 settlement for misrepresenting the necessity of its security software. (Apr-12-06)
  • Jumpstart Technologies $900,000 fine for violating anti spam laws. (Mar-27-06)
  • Datran Media Corp. $1.1 million e-mail acquisition and spamming settlement. (Mar-13-06)
  • Stereotaxis Inc. $3.65 million patent infringement settlement awarded to the University of Virginia for selling a magnetic field that guides catheters through blood vessels. (Jul-22-05)
  • $400,000 settlement for overcharging customers on loans and operating without a license. (Jun-27-05)
  • Dallas Cowboys A $275,000 photo copyright infringement settlement. (Jun-7-05)
  • AMD $10 million patent infringement settlement with Intergraph (May-5-05)
  • City Electric Co. A $58,744 settlment for unlicensed use of software. (Apr-29-05)
  • Quest Software Inc. $16 million infringement settlement (Apr-22-05)
  • Microsoft A $60 million settlement for patent infringement. (Mar-14-05)
  • Donaldson Co. Inc. A $15.8 million verdict has been reached in the patent inf.. (Sep-2-04)
  • Microsoft Corp. A $20 million settlement has been reached in the dispute with .. (Aug-10-04)
  • NEC Business Network Solutions. A $20 million settlement has been reached in t.. (Jun-20-04)
  • Microsoft Corp. A $613 million fine had been levied on Microsoft by the Europe.. (May-19-04)
  • Microsoft Patent Infringement (Oct-2-03)
  • AOL Time Warner Inc Under a proposed settlement with the Federal Trade Commiss.. (Sep-24-03)
  • Microsoft Corp. A $520.6 million award has been found in the lawsuit filed aga.. (Sep-5-03)
  • eBay. A $29.5 million verdict has been found against eBay in the patent-infrin.. (Sep-5-03)
  • Microsoft Corp. A $750 million dollar settlement has been reached in the lawsu.. (Jun-12-03)
  • Ebay Inc. has been ordered by a jury to pay $35 million dollars to MercExchang.. (Jun-12-03)
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