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Settlements - Financial

  • Cigarette Weight Premier Manufacturing, Inc. pays $3.1 million civil fine for deliberately understated the weights of imported cigarettes. (Dec-5-07)
  • Investment Manager David Knall ordered to pay $123,000 settlement for insider trading. (Dec-5-07)
  • Casino Property Tax Foxwoods Casino pays $1.75 million to the city of Philadelphia. (Dec-4-07)
  • Traffic Construction Caltrans agrees to pay auto dealership $2 million for construction delays that led to decreased customers and sales. (Dec-3-07)
  • Unregistered Investments Edward Digges Jr. agrees to $5.1 million SEC settlement for credit card terminal business fraud. (Dec-3-07)
  • PG&E Property Tax Yuba County, CA et al. agree to decrease the overall property tax bill by $10 million over the next 10 years. (Dec-2-07)
  • Insurer Investments Medical Mutual Insurance Co. pays $75,000 settlement for investing in real estate partnerships meant to compensate top executives. (Nov-30-07)
  • Loan Application Bill Heard Chevrolet pays $15,000 fine for falsifying a car application that was later repossessed. (Nov-28-07)
  • Debt Settlement AADCO Automotive Inc. agrees to $5 million debt settlement with five creditors. (Nov-28-07)
  • Bond Scheme Attorney Robert Kasirer ordered to pay $5 million for business investment fraud. (Nov-26-07)
  • Overpriced Drugs GlaxoSmithKline pays $1.4 million settlement for over charging Medicaid for three of its drugs. (Nov-22-07)
  • Vehicle Fees ASK Powersports pays $70,000 fine for charging customers freight, assembly, and dealer service fees. (Nov-21-07)
  • Alltel Acquisition Alltel Corp. pays $1.5 million charge regarding its acquisition of Midwest Wireless. (Nov-19-07)
  • Mortgage Kickbacks First American Title Insurance Co. agrees to $5 million fine and to close 84 partnerships. (Nov-19-07)
  • Oil for Food Chevron Corp. pays $30 million SEC settlement for violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. (Nov-15-07)
  • Property Tax Revenue City of Columbia pays Richland County $5.5 million settlement for mismanaged funds. (Nov-14-07)
  • Stock Mismanagement Elderly couple awarded $685,000 settlement after a stock broker lost 95% of their savings on risky investments. (Nov-14-07)
  • Medi-Cal Fraud Stars Behavioral Health Group pays $1 million settlement after wrongfully charging for treatments it did not perform. (Nov-8-07)
  • Freddie Mac Accounting Scandal Freddie Mac former CEO Leland Brendsel agrees to pay $16.4 million settlement. (Nov-7-07)
  • Medicare Reimbursement Arizona Heart Hospital pays $5.8 million settlement for violating the False Claims Act regarding medical procedures. (Nov-6-07)
  • Trump Property Assessment Atlantic City pays Trump Entertainment Resorts $34 million settlement for overassessing property values at three casinos. (Nov-5-07)
  • Mercantile Taxes Wilkins Township pays ProCare Pharmacy Direct $950,000 settlement for excessive tax charges. (Nov-4-07)
  • Court Parking Nassau County pays $50,000 settlement for a parking dispute. (Nov-3-07)
  • Orthopedic Consultants Five orthopedic device companies pay $311 million settlement for failing to disclose payments to consultants. (Nov-1-07)
  • Corporate Fraud Leader of Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities Co. pays $151,000 fine for a massive accounting scandal. (Oct-31-07)
  • Beazer Home Loans Homebuilder agrees to spend $18 million for loan recollections. (Oct-30-07)
  • Tax Overpayments Town of Attleboro pays $200,000 to Emerald Square mall for overcharged taxes. (Oct-29-07)
  • Visitors Bureau McGladrey & Pullen pays $710,000 accounting embezzlement settlement. (Oct-29-07)
  • Unauthorized Searches GunnAllen Financial pays $50,000 fine to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. (Oct-26-07)
  • Accounting IRS Payment McGill, Power, Bell & Associates pays Lawrence Park Golf Club settlement for accounting errors. (Oct-25-07)
  • Cash Commissions MedicalCV pays J Giordano Securities Group a $750,000 cash settlement over an agreement dispute. (Oct-23-07)
  • Pittsburgh Penguins Hockey player Mario Lemiueux set to receive $21 million bankruptcy settlement. (Oct-22-07)
  • Inland Port Taxes CaroLinks pays state and federal government over $500,000 in back taxes. (Oct-20-07)
  • Debt Settlement Inc. pays over $1 million settlement. (Oct-17-07)
  • Purchased Land Company Sale Royal Group Technologies Inc. pays shareholders $9.2 million settlement for business fraud. (Oct-17-07)
  • Iconix Brand Group Acquisition Clothing company ordered to pay US Government $550,000 settlement for violating filing requirements. (Oct-16-07)
  • Construction Loan Developer must pay $150,000 settlement to city of Oshkosh. (Oct-14-07)
  • School Property Tax Education Foundation Osceola County pays $250,000 settlement in property tax. (Oct-11-07)
  • Collection Fraud United Pacific Collection Agency pays Guam Memorial Hospital Authority $225,000 for keeping money it collected for delinquent bills. (Oct-10-07)
  • Bank Loan Fraud Law firm partner ordered to pay $250,000 fine for fraud. (Oct-10-07)
  • Brokerage Forgery Ameriprise Financial Services Inc. pays $275,000 in fines to the state of Georgia. (Oct-9-07)
  • Wastewater Facility Venice, FL and Boyle Engineering Corp. pay $700,000 settlement for overrun costs. (Oct-8-07)
  • Tuition Billing Dispute Midland Borough School District pays Western Beaver County School District $450,000 settlement. (Oct-2-07)
  • Dynegy CFO Robert Doty pays $376,650 fine to SEC. (Oct-2-07)
  • Unethical Business Zimmer Holdings Inc. pays $169.5 million settlement for its financial relationships with consulting orthopedic surgeons. (Sep-28-07)
  • Artificial Joint Kickbacks Smith & Nephew pays $28.9 million settlement. (Sep-28-07)
  • Asbestos Bankruptcy Honeywell International Inc. to pay $40 million settlement. (Sep-28-07)
  • Shelby Oil Back Taxes Company pays $1.8 million settlement to US government. (Sep-27-07)
  • Lingerie Insider Trading Consultant pays fine for insider trading regarding merger. (Sep-27-07)
  • San Diego Chargers City pays football team for lost revenue. (Sep-26-07)
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