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Settlements - Financial

  • Creditor Debt Trophy Resources agrees to $600,000 debt settlement. (Feb-27-08)
  • Consumer Funding BlueHippo Funding agrees to set up $5 million restitution fund after modifying its computer sales program. (Feb-26-08)
  • Developer Investment Raffaello Follieri agrees to $12 million joint venture settlement. (Feb-26-08)
  • Jail Contract City of Port Arthur agrees to pay Jefferson County a $250,000 settlement for housing inmates. (Feb-25-08)
  • Financing Violations Arizona Honda pays $19,500 settlement for deceptive customer financing. (Feb-25-08)
  • Commodity Options Executive Commodity Corp. agrees to $24 million fraud settlement. (Feb-25-08)
  • Treasurer Embezzlement Mary Lou Puccio repays Warren Cheer and Pom Program $26,000 after stealing money. (Feb-23-08)
  • Loan Agreement Vernalis to pay Endo Pharmaceuticals $7 million settlement. (Feb-21-08)
  • Jail Funds Santa Clara must pay $1.5 million settlement for improper fiscal management. (Feb-21-08)
  • Probation User Fees Clark County Council pays $1.1 million settlement after misappropriating funds. (Feb-19-08)
  • Contract Extortion County Executive Robert Janiszewski ordered to pay Hudson County a $650,000 racketeering settlement. (Feb-19-08)
  • Drug Manufacturer Rebates Caremark Corp. agrees to pay $38.5 million settlement after convincing doctors to switch drug brands. (Feb-17-08)
  • Personal Property Taxes Village of Romeo pays Ford Motor Company a $1.2 million settlement for double charging. (Feb-16-08)
  • Employee Theft Mother and daughter ordered to pay $1 million settlement for writing false paychecks. (Feb-13-08)
  • Overtaxed Internal Revenue Service pays Alliance Semiconductor Corp. $6.6 million settlement. (Feb-12-08)
  • Loan Write Off Magellan Petroleum Australia Limited agrees to pay the Australian Taxation Office a $13.1 million tax dispute settlement. (Feb-8-08)
  • Drug Pricing Merck & Co. agrees to $650 million settlement for fraudulent drug pricing and improper kickbacks of Zocor and Vioxx. (Feb-8-08)
  • Predatory Practices Blue Hippo agrees to $3 million settlement after selling expensive products to people with poor credit. (Feb-7-08)
  • Financial Fraud Charleston Southern University agrees to $3.9 million settlement after an economist swindled investors from his university office. (Feb-6-08)
  • TouchPlay Revenue Iowa pays $1.05 million settlement to company owner for lost lottery game income. (Feb-5-08)
  • Golf Course Liquidation Golf Trust of America set to receive $3.8 million settlement in legacy issues lawsuit. (Feb-4-08)
  • Golf Course Taxes Silver Spring Township pays Lettermen Inc. $925,000 financial settlement. (Feb-2-08)
  • Hedge Fund Scandal Man Financial agrees to pay UBS Fund Services a $19 million financial fraud settlement. (Feb-2-08)
  • Money Transfers Sigue Corp. forfeits $15 million for failing to prohibit money laundering. (Jan-29-08)
  • Merger Dispute J.C. Flowers & Company, JPMorgan Chase, and Bank of America agree to pay Sallie Mae a $30 billion dept settlement. (Jan-28-08)
  • Broker Fraud Ferris Baker Watts Inc. to pay $16 million settlement for brokers role in a Ponzi scheme. (Jan-28-08)
  • Debt Settlement MedMira Inc. agrees to pay debt holder $500,000 settlement. (Jan-26-08)
  • Deceptive Marketing EDP Technologies Corporation et al. agree to $2.2 million settlement to subprime customers. (Jan-26-08)
  • Delinquent Loans DealMaker Auto Group pays $2 million settlement after delaying vehicle payoffs. (Jan-25-08)
  • Bondholder Interest Solutia Inc. agrees to $220 million settlement. (Jan-23-08)
  • Foreclosure Rescue Scam Businessman Vincent Abell pays five homeowners $120,000 settlement. (Jan-23-08)
  • Credit Counseling Credit Solutions of America Inc. agrees to $588,000 settlement for unlicensed debt settlement services. (Jan-20-08)
  • Payday Lending Check n' Go agrees to $100,000 settlement after violating state laws. (Jan-19-08)
  • Credit and Debit Visa USA Inc. and MasterCard International Inc. agreed to pay $12.1 million settlement for forcing merchants to to accept both credit and debit cards. (Jan-17-08)
  • Job Training Central Iowa Employment and Training Consortium pays $1.3 million settlement after improperly spending government grants. (Jan-16-08)
  • City Taxes Butte-Silver Bow County, MT agrees to pay IRS $228,760 in back taxes. (Jan-9-08)
  • Tunnel Fares A&M Limousine Service agrees to pay $65,000 settlement for failure to pay commercial turnpike tolls in Boston. (Jan-3-08)
  • Get Rich Scheme J.W. McLain and family ordered to pay $26.5 million investment consumer fraud settlement. (Jan-2-08)
  • Advertised Price Walgreens pays $767,000 settlement for overcharging customers. (Dec-28-07)
  • Hedge Fund Fraud MF Global agrees to pay $2 million civil penalty for unsupervised offshore accounts. (Dec-27-07)
  • Indian Health Care US Federal Government agrees to pay Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corp. a $48 million settlement to improve services. (Dec-24-07)
  • Record Keeping City of Jacksonville pays IRS $140,000 fine for accounting flaws. (Dec-21-07)
  • Property Tax Assessment Exelon Generation Company agrees to pay $105 million property tax dispute settlement. (Dec-20-07)
  • SafeHouse Center $483,856 settlement in fiscal mismanagement lawsuit. (Dec-20-07)
  • Deloitte Audit Deloitte & Touche have agreed to pay $1 million to resolve allegations that they botched an audit of Legand Pharmaceuticals by entrusting it to a partner it new to be a poor auditor. (Dec-12-07)
  • Illegal Payday Loans Nine companies agree to pay $1 million to settle charges that they offered illegal payday loans disguised as instant cash rebates for Internet services. (Dec-12-07)
  • Tribes Settle Logging Dispute The Hoopa Valley Indian Tribe has agreed to pay $92 million to settle a long standing reservation sharing dispute over money from logging activities five decades ago. (Dec-11-07)
  • Holocaust Survivors must pay Legal Fees Holocaust survivors who were awarded a $1.5 billion settlement regarding banks that looted Jewish assets, are forced to pay $3.1 million in legal fees. (Dec-10-07)
  • Contractor Fraud $750,000 payment resolves litigation alleging contractor overcharged millions of dollars. (Dec-7-07)
  • Credit Report Equifax ordered to pay $2.7 million settlement after failing to correct errors in a woman's credit score. (Dec-6-07)
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