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Settlements - Environment

  • Construction Storm Water R.S. Audley, Inc. pays $60,000 EPA fine for violating the Clean Water Act. (Nov-6-07)
  • Asbestos Joint Compounds Man awarded $3.6 million after forty years of asbestos exposure lead to mesothelioma. (Nov-6-07)
  • Fill Material Six companies agree to $100,000 EPA fine for discharging dredged materials into Chesapeake waters. (Nov-5-07)
  • Allegany Ballistics Laboratory Hercules, Inc. pays $12.95 million settlement for facility environmental damages. (Nov-2-07)
  • Storm Water Waste Coulter Forge Technologies pays $36,000 EPA fine for pollution at its Emeryville forging and metal processing site. (Nov-1-07)
  • El Monte Superfund Forty individuals and businesses agree to $12.5 million settlement for groundwater contamination. (Nov-1-07)
  • Clean Air Violations Spectro Alloys Corp. pays EPA fine for producing excessive dioxin and furan emissions at its aluminum recovery plant. (Oct-30-07)
  • Asbestos Mesothelioma Dana Corp. pays $2 million in asbestos personal injury claims. (Oct-30-07)
  • Sewer System Improvements Metropolitan Government of Nashville pays over $3 million for sewer maintenance and overflow violations. (Oct-29-07)
  • Ice Storm Damage Missouri State Emergency Management Agency pays Pulaski County for clean up costs. (Oct-29-07)
  • Storm Water Violations Sagewood pays $20,000 EPA fine. (Oct-28-07)
  • Apartment Closure Injunction Juanita Apartments pay city of Burien $200,000 fine for health and safety code violations. (Oct-24-07)
  • Logging Forest Fire Babbitt Logging Inc. and Stimson Lumber Co. pays state of Idaho $1.5 million for wildfire damage. (Oct-24-07)
  • Water Contamination Quaker Chemical Corp. pays Orange County Water District $2 million for environmental damages. (Oct-24-07)
  • Wastewater Overflow City of Holyoke pays $500,000 settlement for property damage. (Oct-21-07)
  • Sandblasting Pollution Fairweather Marine pays $77,500 fine. (Oct-21-07)
  • Quarry Sinkholes Hanson Aggregates Southeast Inc. and Oldcastle Materials Inc. to pay city of Opelika $1.1 million settlement. (Oct-19-07)
  • Clean Up Delays Landowner James Pflueger pays $135,000 EPA fine for delayed construction. (Oct-18-07)
  • Contaminated Soil Residents of Buffalo subdivision awarded $7.2 million for hazardous land. (Oct-18-07)
  • Waste Site Explosion Environmental Quality pays $550,000 fine to the North Carolina Division of Waste Management. (Oct-16-07)
  • Dry Cleaning Solvents Vulcan Materials Co. pays city of Modesto $20 million settlement for groundwater contamination. (Oct-15-07)
  • Oil Field Pollution Frontier Oil Corp. and Wainoco Oil & Gas Co. pay $10 million settlement for environmentally damaging emissions. (Oct-15-07)
  • Smoke Emission Violations Brinks Inc. pays fine for environmental pollution. (Oct-11-07)
  • Wastewater Spills Dannon Co. pays $71,000 in penalties for environmental damages. (Oct-10-07)
  • Power Generator Pollution American Electric Power agrees to spend over $4.6 billion on environmental improvements. (Oct-9-07)
  • Demolition Pollution Warren Fabricating Corp. pays EPA fine. (Oct-8-07)
  • Texaco Oil Refinery Company pays $2.25 million settlement for pollution violations. (Oct-7-07)
  • Restricted Substance Carrier Guam fined by EPA for importing an ozone-depleting substance. (Oct-5-07)
  • Sewage Spill Escondido to pay $1.8 million fine for sewage spills and discharging improperly treated sewage. (Oct-4-07)
  • Mud Slide Family awarded $85,000 after a mud slide damaged their home. (Oct-4-07)
  • Asphalt Spill Eagle Systems Inc. pays $200,000 settlement after 26,000 gallons of asphalt spilled into a river. (Oct-4-07)
  • Power Plant Pollution We Energies pays $3.1 million fine and $600 million on improvements. (Oct-3-07)
  • Knicks Marketing Senior Vice President awarded $11.6 million settlement for gender discrimination and retaliation. (Oct-3-07)
  • Pulp Mill Pollution Evergreen Pulp pays $5 million EPA settlement. (Oct-3-07)
  • Hazardous Waste Handling Romic Environmental Technologies pays EPA fine. (Oct-3-07)
  • Military Munitions Textron Systems Corp. pays $8.75 million for groundwater contamination and clean up. (Oct-2-07)
  • Airport Sludge Laurinburg-Maxton Airport Commission pays $75,000 fine for dumping sludge into a swamp. (Oct-1-07)
  • Hunt Refineries $48 million to be spent on pollution controls. (Oct-1-07)
  • Target Pesticides Retail chain pays EPA fine for unregistered products. (Sep-30-07)
  • Dry Cleaning Contamination Couple pays EPA fine for groundwater contaminaiton. (Sep-26-07)
  • Construction Dust Richmond American Homes pays $155,000 EPA fine. (Sep-25-07)
  • Zenergy Inc. $123,300 settlement in saltwater spill environmental damage lawsuit. (Sep-24-07)
  • Fisherman Fraud Individual fishing quotas permit holder pays fine for violations. (Sep-22-07)
  • Acid Rain and Smog East Kentucky Power Cooperative pays $11.4 million fine. (Sep-21-07)
  • PPL Corp. $500,000 settlement in excessive water usage lawsuit. (Sep-19-07)
  • L'Henri, Inc. Over $45,000 settlement in hazardous waste related environmental lawsuit. (Sep-19-07)
  • ConocoPhillips $10 million settlement in environmental protection lawsuit. (Sep-16-07)
  • Meridian Resource Exploration LLC and Louisiana Onshore Properties LLC $504,000 settlement in oil spill, Clean Water Act violation lawsuit pending court approval. (Sep-14-07)
  • Honey Lake Motocross Park $170,400 proposed settlement in noise monitoring fee related lawsuit. (Sep-5-07)
  • Armstrong Wood Products $150,000 fine in environmental protection lawsuit. (Sep-3-07)
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