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Settlements - Environment

  • Mining Pit Bankruptcy judge orders Asarco to pay $8.6 million contaminated water settlement. (Jan-8-08)
  • Sprayground Chlorine Cedardale Inc. pays $20,000 fine for wastewater violations at children's park. (Jan-7-08)
  • College Lab New Jersey Institute of Technology pays $150,000 settlement in hazardous waste violations lawsuit. (Jan-7-08)
  • Paper Mill Pollution Katahdin Paper pays $106,000 environmental fine for wastewater discharges that triggered a massive algae bloom. (Jan-7-08)
  • Wastewater Bacteria City of Ashton pays $10,000 settlement for violating the federal Clean Water Act. (Jan-5-08)
  • Heating Oil Spill Quaker Farms Elementary School pays $13,000 DEP fine after leaking tank was found. (Jan-4-08)
  • ATV Air Pollution Pep Boys pay $154,000 fine for violating environmental air quality laws. (Jan-2-08)
  • Perma-Fix of Dayton Inc. $360,000 civil penalty in Clean Air Act violations suit. (Dec-24-07)
  • Kerosene Leak Rivermead, Inc., et al. pays $50,000 fine for mobile home park environmental clean up. (Dec-24-07)
  • Superfund Cleanup W.R. Grace & Co. agrees to pay $34 million settlement towards cleanup costs. (Dec-22-07)
  • Wastewater Violations Cyril-Scott agrees to pay $80,000 EPA fine for plant violations. (Dec-22-07)
  • Ammonia Spill Cabot Creamery pays $100,000 fine for environmental violations. (Dec-21-07)
  • Asbestos Violations Community Development Corporation of Kansas City pays $450,000 settlement involving construction site asbestos. (Dec-20-07)
  • Solid Waste Waste Management of Hawaii Inc. spends $1.5 million after violating landfill regulations. (Dec-17-07)
  • Oil Spill Crab Fishermen will get $700,000 compensation for an oil spill from the Cosco Busan that affected the crab fishing in San Francisco, Half Moon Bay and Bodega Bay. (Dec-13-07)
  • Political Termination Mother daughter duo awarded $325,000 settlement in wrongful termination and political discrimination lawsuit. (Dec-6-07)
  • Drainage Culvert Altus City pays homeowners $19,000 settlement after using hazardous material as fill for a drainage project. (Dec-5-07)
  • Sewage Treatment Plant King County agrees to pay Snohomish County $70 million to deal with the impact of wastewater pipelines. (Dec-4-07)
  • School Dirt Dirtman Enterprises pays school district $600,000 for dumping contaminated soil in athletic fields. (Dec-4-07)
  • Energy Environment Granite Falls Energy agrees to $300,000 MPCA fine. (Dec-2-07)
  • Prohibited Waste North Country Environmental Services pays $100,000 fine for landfill asbestos violations. (Dec-1-07)
  • Farm Manure Jacobus Tielen pays $21,000 environmental fine for manure spills. (Dec-1-07)
  • Corroded Pipeline BP Exploration Alaska Inc. agrees to $20 million fine related to an oil spill. (Nov-30-07)
  • Collapsed Reservoir Ameren Corp. pays $180 million settlement after 1.3 billion gallons of water ruined a state park. (Nov-29-07)
  • Diesel Truck Emissions Waste Management agrees to $1 million fine for air quality violations. (Nov-28-07)
  • Dust and Air Pollution Lake Havasu, AZ and ERS Constructors pay woman $40,000 personal injury settlement. (Nov-28-07)
  • Pesticide Production Pioneer Chemical Company pays $15,500 EPA fine. (Nov-28-07)
  • Genetically Engineered Grass Scotts Miracle-Gro Co. pays $500,000 fine for failing to follow buffer zone and cleaning regulations. (Nov-27-07)
  • Corn Byproduct Permit Tate & Lyle agree to $188,000 EPA fine. (Nov-26-07)
  • Separation Employment Agreement Mantis Mineral Corp. pays former company director $400,000 settlement. (Nov-24-07)
  • Waste Oil Timken Aerospace pays $154,000 settlement for air pollution and emission violations. (Nov-24-07)
  • Fertilizer Spill ConAgra agrees to $80,000 fine after liquid nitrogen was accidentally released. (Nov-23-07)
  • Landfill Leachate US Department of Energy and Washington Closure Hanford, LLC pay $285,000 superfund settlement. (Nov-21-07)
  • Petroleum Storage US Oil Company, Inc. agrees to pay $450,000 settlement for emission violations. (Nov-20-07)
  • Light-Rail Pollution Sound Transit agrees to pay $120,000 fine for water pollution from a construction project. (Nov-20-07)
  • Apartment Mold Landlord Roosevelt Owyang agrees to pay 12 families $1.3 million settlement. (Nov-19-07)
  • Ferry Mold City of Portland to pay settlement for terminal mold. (Nov-19-07)
  • Illegal Tree Cutting Newton city pays property owner $40,000 for cutting down trees. (Nov-18-07)
  • Lye Spill Norfolk Southern Railway Company and Norfolk Southern Corp. pay $7.35 million settlement for environmental damages. (Nov-17-07)
  • Salmon River US Government to pay $170 million to restore the San Joaquin River. (Nov-16-07)
  • River Overflow Royal BAM NV agrees to €55 million property damage settlement. (Nov-16-07)
  • Fertilizer Plant Helena Chemical Co. pays $230,000 for air quality and emissions violations. (Nov-15-07)
  • Risk Management Plans Twenty-six Californian facilities pay $18,800 EPA fine for violating the Clean Air Act. (Nov-14-07)
  • Construction Mud Dixon Builders pays $80,000 EPA fine. (Nov-14-07)
  • Copper Mine Pollution Judge approves $158 million settlement. (Nov-14-07)
  • Recycling Pollution Perma-Fix Environmental Services Inc. pays $1.3 million settlement for Clean Air Act violations. (Nov-12-07)
  • Groundwater Contamination San Bernardino pays $11 million EPA fine for landfill waste. (Nov-12-07)
  • Wetland Tract Land owner and property manager pay $100,000 penalty for environmental damages. (Nov-11-07)
  • Gold Mine Alpheus Kaplan and Nehemiah Development Company pay $721,000 fine for arsenic clean up costs. (Nov-8-07)
  • Capsized Boat TS Hong Kong agrees to pay $1.4 million EPA settlement after releasing 3,100 tonnes of benzene, 85 tonnes of fuel, and 16 tonnes of diesel into the ocean. (Nov-7-07)
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