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Settlements - Environment

  • Chemicals and Glue Contamination Pharmacia and Bayer CropScience agree to spend $26 million on the superfund cleanup. (Feb-28-08)
  • Organic Air Emissions Bridgeport United Recycling and United Oil Recovery Inc. agree to $325,000 hazardous waste violations settlement. (Feb-27-08)
  • Lead Paint Disclosure Apartment owner pays EPA fine for failing to inform tenants about exposure. (Feb-27-08)
  • Construction Sites Home Depot Inc. agrees to $1.3 million EPA Clean Water Act violations settlement. (Feb-27-08)
  • Sewage permit Copley CVS Inc. pays $38,950 clean water violation settlement. (Feb-26-08)
  • Smelter Contamination Asarco LLC agrees to $38 million copper mine pollution settlement. (Feb-25-08)
  • CEO Severance Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc. agrees to pay former employee $7.15 million settlement. (Feb-25-08)
  • Apartment Windows Three housing corporations agree to $182,000 EPA settlement for lead paint violations. (Feb-25-08)
  • Lead Paint Windows Chestnut Hill Realty must pay $320,000 settlement after tenants were exposed to the toxic substance. (Feb-25-08)
  • Dioxin Contamination Simpson Timber Co. pays $500,000 wetland pollution settlement. (Feb-24-08)
  • Biodefense Program Texas A&M University agrees to $1 million lab safety and sanitation settlement. (Feb-23-08)
  • Power Station Rochester Gas and Electric agrees to pay $700,000 environmental pollution settlement. (Feb-22-08)
  • Used Tire Storage Sheridan Sand and Gravel Co. pays $10,000 fine for improper storage. (Feb-20-08)
  • Clean Water Act Lexington-Fayette County agrees to spend $250 million to fix its sanitary and storm sewer systems. (Feb-20-08)
  • Access Roads Developer Bob Honts agrees to $250,000 property development settlement. (Feb-20-08)
  • PCB Cleanup CBS Corp. agrees to $31 million environmental settlement. (Feb-20-08)
  • Undetected Sewage Spill Prichard Water Works and Sewer Board spends $17 million on upgrades and testing. (Feb-20-08)
  • Water Samples Govert Well & Pump agrees to $100,000 settlement after failing to test for coliform bacteria. (Feb-19-08)
  • Industrial Toxins Solutia Inc. agrees to pay $3.6 million EPA settlement. (Feb-12-08)
  • Radioactive Dust Atlantic Richfield Co. agrees to $27.5 million health and illness settlement. (Feb-11-08)
  • River Basin Atlantic Richfield Co. agrees to $187 million settlement towards superfund cleanup site. (Feb-9-08)
  • Transuranic Waste Department of Energy pays $110,000 penalty for improper shipment screening. (Feb-8-08)
  • Dredging Permit South Island Dredging Association and Safe Harbor Sediment Recovery of Savannah pay $494,000 fine for pollution and zone management violations. (Feb-8-08)
  • Sewage Spill Vista and Carlsbad pay $700,000 environmental settlement after 7.3 million gallons of raw sewage spilled into Buena Vista Lagoon. (Feb-7-08)
  • Fluorescent Light Disposal US General Services Administration pays $23,000 EPA penalty for recycling waste violations. (Feb-7-08)
  • Landfill Washout Weston & Sampson Engineers and Welch Corp. agree to pay town $2.7 million settlement. (Feb-6-08)
  • Power Plant Pollution Mirant Bowline Inc. agrees to $300,000 air and water violations settlement. (Feb-5-08)
  • Atmospheric Blow Down Tesoro's Golden Eagle Refinery agrees to $48,000 environmental penalty for air quality violations. (Feb-3-08)
  • Scrap Metal Ocanna Inc. pays $86,000 EPA waste violations settlement. (Jan-31-08)
  • Discharge Pollution Electric Boat agrees to pay $75,000 settlement for Clean Water Act violations. (Jan-31-08)
  • Ozone Pollution Holcim Inc. pays $2.25 million settlement for air quality violations. (Jan-31-08)
  • Water Pumping Fee Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency pays $13.5 million settlement for illegal augmentation fees. (Jan-30-08)
  • Irrigation Water Higley Unified School District pays $19,500 settlement to the Coronado Ranch Homeowners Association after using its well without paying. (Jan-30-08)
  • Coolant Oil City of Seneca pays $40,000 EPA fine to help clean up contamination. (Jan-29-08)
  • Heavy Metal Contamination Asarco Mining Company agrees to $20.7 million environmental and personal injury settlement. (Jan-29-08)
  • Resort Construction Tamarack Resort pays $185,000 penalty for Clean Water Act violations. (Jan-27-08)
  • Union Workers Amtrak to pay $62 million employee wage dispute settlement. (Jan-23-08)
  • Chlorine Release Pioneer Americas pays $75,000 fine for environmental violations. (Jan-23-08)
  • Sewage Overflow Fort Wayne agrees to put $250 million towards septic system improvements. (Jan-22-08)
  • Buried Waste Roth Steel Corp. pays $150,000 environmental violations settlement. (Jan-21-08)
  • Police Union Leader City of Chandler pays former employee $532,000 wrongful termination settlement. (Jan-21-08)
  • Hazardous Waste Companies ordered to pay $1.6 million contamination cleanup settlement. (Jan-20-08)
  • Coal Waste Massey Energy pays $20 million in civil penalties and invests $10 million in pollution control improvements. (Jan-18-08)
  • Shipyard Waste Thames Shipyard and Repair Co. pays $787,000 environmental settlement for hazardous waste violations. (Jan-17-08)
  • Refinery Pollution Sinclair Oil Corp. pays $2.45 million environmental settlement. (Jan-17-08)
  • Coolant Contamination City of Lumberton pays $90,000 EPA settlement for incorrectly disposing polychlorinated biphenyls. (Jan-16-08)
  • Water Features Albert D. Seeno Construction Co. pays $2.9 million civil settlement in environmental lawsuit. (Jan-15-08)
  • Hexavalent Chromium Honeywell Inc. pays $25 million settlement for groundwater contamination. (Jan-14-08)
  • Hazardous Waste Contamination American International Specialty Lines Insurance Co. Inc. agrees to pay $42.5 million settlement to clean up Fruit of the Loom site contamination. (Jan-10-08)
  • Generator NOx eBay fined $79,200 for air quality permit violations. (Jan-8-08)
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