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Settlements - Environment

  • Chester Realty Trust $500,000 environmental settlement awarded to the EPA. (Jun-26-06)
  • Occidental Chemical Corp. $12 million environmental settlement awarded to New York State. (Jun-26-06)
  • Marine Shale Processors Inc. $13.25 million environmental settlement with state and federal governments. (Jun-16-06)
  • Home Depot $425,000 fine paid to the State of Connecticut for accidental release of hazardous chemicals (Jun-14-06)
  • Costco $75,000 fine for cesspool violations. (May-31-06)
  • Green Atlas Shipping Co. $22 million settlement awarded for cleanup costs of a ship wreck. (May-24-06)
  • AR Mays Construction $75,000 dust violation settlement. (May-16-06)
  • City of Dallas, Texas $3.5 million to be spent on decreasing pollution from the city's stormwater system. (May-10-06)
  • Minnkota Power Cooperative $135 million to be spent on anti-pollution equipment to reduce sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide pollution. (Apr-25-06)
  • AK Steel Corp. $1.2 million in fines and $10 million worth of clean up projects to remove PCB contamination. (Apr-6-06)
  • Dravo Corporation, Desco Corporation and Marshalltown Instruments, Inc. $7.3 million to be paid to the federal Hazardous Substances Superfund to clean up contaminated groundwater. (Apr-4-06)
  • PPL Corp. $125 million to be spent on reducing thermal water pollution. (Mar-30-06)
  • Port of Oakland $2 million to be spent on cleaner trucks to reduce emissions. (Mar-22-06)
  • Jimmy Pflueger $7.5 million settlement for violating clean water laws after a massive mudslide killed coral reefs. (Mar-10-06)
  • Waste Management $1.75 million in civil penalties for environmental violations. (Mar-6-06)
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Co. $6 million to be spent on system reliability improvements after a facility fire left thousands of San Francisco customers without power. (Mar-2-06)
  • PG&E, Davey Tree Surgery Co. and Western Environmental Consultants Inc. $5.9 million settlement after a fire burned 47 homes on Yankee Hill. (Feb-22-06)
  • Unidynamics/Phoenix Inc. and Crane Co. $2 million settlement for hazardous waste cleanup awarded to the city of Goodyear. (Feb-16-06)
  • Schlumberger Technology Corp. $22 million settlement to help cleanup PCBs released into a local river and lake. (Feb-13-06)
  • CSX Transportation $2 million settlement awarded to the city of Baltimore for cleanup costs related to a freight train derailment. (Feb-13-06)
  • Operations Management International, Inc. $2 million fine and $8 million in upgrades after violating chlorine discharge permits. (Feb-9-06)
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Co. $295 million settlement awarded to California citizens exposed to contaminated water. (Feb-6-06)
  • United States $20.5 million settlement awarded to Tronox to aid the cost of cleaning up its historical perchlorate operations. (Jan-24-06)
  • CN Rail $18.6 million settlement for causing a wildfire that burned 116,000 hectares of forest. (Jan-17-06)
  • Pacific Steel Casting $2 million in environmental upgrades for violations of odorous emissions. (Jan-4-06)
  • DuPont Co. $16.5 million in fines and environmental projects for withholding information about the hazardous risks related to PFOA in Teflon. (Dec-14-05)
  • West Virginia University Medical monitoring program set up for current and former employees regarding asbestos related illness. (Nov-30-05)
  • Western Farm Service $775,000 settlement awarded to Arvin residents poisoned by a soil fumigant dispersed at Kirschenmann Farms. (Nov-23-05)
  • Giant Industries $850,000 environmental settlement for violations of the Clean Air Act. (Nov-22-05)
  • Kerr-McGee Chemical Worldwide, Western Nuclear Corporation, and Fremont Lumber $7.9 million to be spent on cleaning up two abandoned uranium mines within the Fremont National Forest in Southern Oregon. (Nov-6-05)
  • Lucite International, Inc. $19.1 million to be spent on installing new pollution controls to eliminate environmental hazards after violating several provisions of the Clean Air Act. (Oct-24-05)
  • Shell Oil Co. $10.75 million to be spent on installing new sensors and employee training improvements for environmental heath violations. (Oct-23-05)
  • Exxon Mobil Corp. $589.4 million to be spent on community environmental projects and installing pollution reduction equipment for violations of the Clean Air Act. (Oct-20-05)
  • Tri-State Environmental $25,000 environmental fine for violating asbestos removal control laws. (Oct-20-05)
  • Motiva Enterprises LLC $23 million settlement which involved environmental and civil penalties. (Sep-27-05)
  • Escondido City and JRMC Real Estate $450,000 environmental settlement for sediment runoff from the new Escondido Research and Technology Center. (Sep-20-05)
  • Squaw Valley Ski Corp. $900,000 environmental settlement for allegedly polluting Squaw Creek during construction at the ski resort. (Aug-30-05)
  • Atlantic Richfield Co. et al. $100 million settlement to remove the Milltown dam and reservoir. (Aug-11-05)
  • Sunoco Inc. and Sun Pipeline Co. $3.6 million settlement for a 192,000 gallon crude oil spill in the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum. (Aug-6-05)
  • Weyerhaeuser Co. $6.2 million environmental settlement for PCB water contamination as well as mill and landfill violations. (Aug-5-05)
  • Kuhlman Electrical Plant $39 million settlement for environmental contamination in Crystal Springs. (Aug-1-05)
  • Douglas County Public Utility District $13.5 million settlement awarded to the Colville Confederated Tribes as compensation for lands flooded by the utility's Wells Dam. (Jul-27-05)
  • Mosaic Fertilizer $270,000 fine for a phosphate spill that polluted water in Polk County. (Jul-19-05)
  • DuPont Co. $12.5 million charitable donation to resolve claims of lead poisoning in Rhode Island children. (Jul-19-05)
  • Formosa Plastics $450,000 fine for releasing vinyl chloride, a colorless gas known to cause cancer, liver damage and bone loss. (Jul-11-05)
  • Pacifica Enterprises $460,000 settlement for improper asbestos safety precautions in the renovation of the Padre Hotel. (Jul-5-05)
  • CM & Sons Trucking Inc. Undisclosed settlement for environmental violations. (Jun-24-05)
  • Surpass Chemical A $3.3 million chemical spill settlement. (Jun-21-05)
  • State of Florida A $4.95 million everglade land settlement. (Jun-13-05)
  • CamWest, Inc. et al. A $1.3 million environmental settlement. (Jun-7-05)
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