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Settlements - Drugs/Medical

  • Medical Malpractice Suits Brings $37M Award (Jun-17-10)
  • Settlement Reached in Neurontin Suicide Suit (May-18-10)
  • Nearly 700 Avandia Victims Settle with GSK (May-11-10)
  • Couple Awarded $500 million in Hepatitis C Case (May-7-10)
  • Seroquel Illegal Marketing Case Settled for $520 Million (Apr-27-10)
  • Accutane IBD Case Two Defendants Settle (Mar-30-10)
  • Accutane Lawsuit Results in $26 Million Jury Award (Feb-17-10)
  • HRT Lawsuits Pharma Faces Multi Million Dollar Settlements (Nov-24-09)
  • Eli Lilly To Pay State $25.1 Million To Settle Zyprexa Lawsuit (Sep-30-09)
  • Lilly Settles Zyprexa Lawsuits with 8 of 12 States (Sep-23-09)
  • 82 Year Old Awarded $6 Million in SJS Lawsuit (Aug-6-09)
  • Merck, Schering Settle Vytorin Zetia Class Action (Aug-5-09)
  • Insurers Reach $80 Million Settlement with Merck over Vioxx (Aug-3-09)
  • Schering Plough, Merck Settle Multi-State Investigation for $5.4 Million (Jul-15-09)
  • J&J Fined $4.5 Million for Duragesic and Risperdal Promotion (May-11-09)
  • $89 Million Settlement Proposed in Bextra, Celebrex Marketing Class Action (Apr-29-09)
  • Quest Diagnostics Settles Federal Investigation for $302 Million (Apr-16-09)
  • GSK Paxil Proposed $28 Million Settlement Reached (Mar-27-09)
  • Wyeth to Pay Amputee $6.7 Million in Landmark Case (Mar-4-09)
  • Pfizer, Pharmacia Found Guilty of Medicaid Fraud (Feb-18-09)
  • Zyprexa Settlement Costs Lilly $1.4 Billion (Jan-15-09)
  • Bayer Reaches $97.5 Million Settlement with Department of Justice (Dec-1-08)
  • McKesson Settles Price Inflation Suit for $350 Million (Nov-21-08)
  • Accutane Hoffman-La Roche to Pay 3 Teens Awarded $12.9 Million (Nov-20-08)
  • Duragesic Case Family of Dead Woman Awarded $16.6 Million (Nov-19-08)
  • Pfizer Tentative Bextra and Celebrex Settlements Reached of $894 Million (Oct-17-08)
  • Eli Lilly Settles Zyprexa Investigations for $62 Million (Oct-7-08)
  • Drug Pricing Class Action Proposed $21.8 Million Settlement (Sep-11-08)
  • Amerigroup Settles with Medicaid for $225 Million (Aug-15-08)
  • Mirapex (Aug-4-08)
  • Advanced Bionics Settles with FDA (Jul-21-08)
  • Kentucky lawyers fraud case ends in mistrial. (Jul-3-08)
  • McKesson Corp. $13.25 million settlement in lifestyle drug abuse lawsuit. (May-29-08)
  • Vioxx Advertising Merck agrees to pay $58 million settlement in multistate lawsuit. (May-23-08)
  • Drug Pusher Biovail agrees to pay $24.6 million settlement in criminal lawsuit. (May-21-08)
  • Bankruptcy, Mail Fraud Leiner to pay $10 million settlement in trade practices lawsuit. (May-13-08)
  • Hospital Gives Overdose San Francisco General to pay $5.1 million settlement in negligence lawsuit. (May-1-08)
  • Doctor Gets Probation Rheumatologist pays $50,000 settlement in narcotics lawsuit. (Apr-8-08)
  • Illegal Kickbacks Surgeon to pay $1.5 million settlement in fraud lawsuit. (Apr-6-08)
  • Drug Warnings Omitted Eli Lilly to pay $15 million settlement in Zyprexa lawsuit. (Mar-27-08)
  • Hospital Management Quorum to pay $2.8 million settlement in health care lawsuit. (Mar-21-08)
  • Predatory Billing Hospital pays undisclosed settlement in health care class action lawsuit. (Mar-19-08)
  • Cancer Cause Wyeth, Upjohn to pay $27 million settlement in menopause drug lawsuit. (Mar-11-08)
  • Drug Makers Pay Pharmaceutical companies pay $125 million settlement for inflating prices. (Mar-10-08)
  • Health Plan Boycott Connecticut chiropractic groups to pay $87,000 fine in civil suit. (Mar-6-08)
  • Unsuitable Blood FDA fines Red Cross $4.6 million for distributing tainted blood products. (Feb-7-08)
  • Adult Care Friendship Care Assisted Living ordered to pay $20,000 fine for facility violations and negligence. (Jan-27-08)
  • Warren Midicare Fraud Warren Hospital has agreed to pay $265 million to settle allegations that the hospital bilked the government by inflating costs on Medicare claims. (Dec-12-07)
  • Medicaid Fraud Harris Methodist Hospital has agreed to pay $1.9 million to settle allegations that the hospital submitted improper Medicaid and Medicare claims. (Dec-12-07)
  • Off-Label Drug Marketing Cephalon agrees to $425 million settlement for promoting the use of drugs for unapproved uses. (Nov-15-07)
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