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Settlements - Civil/Human Rights

  • City of Sharonville, OH $1.5 million settlement for mishandling a murder case. (Oct-2-06)
  • Academy School District 20 $150,000 settlement paid to a teacher for violating her civil rights. (Oct-2-06)
  • City of Seattle, WA $75,000 settlement for two protesters whose free speech rights were violated. (Sep-21-06)
  • Marin County, CA $1 million paid to the family of a man who died after being arrested. (Sep-19-06)
  • City of Hammond, IN $9 million settlement awarded to a man who spent 19 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. (Sep-11-06)
  • Hunter College $65,000 settlement for expelling a student from residence after attempting suicide. (Sep-6-06)
  • City of San Jose $800,000 settlement awarded to the Hells Angels after a police raid left three dogs dead. (Aug-24-06)
  • Kootenai County $900,000 wrongful imprisonment settlement awarded to a former death row inmate. (Aug-18-06)
  • Warwick, RI $600,000 wrongful conviction settlement awarded to a former police detective. (Aug-16-06)
  • Salesian Order of Priests and the Rev. Stephen Whelan $600,000 sexual abuse settlement awarded to Joey Piscitelli. (Jul-25-06)
  • Family Dollar Inc. $100,000 civil penalty settlement awarded to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). (Jul-24-06)
  • Dede Harris a harassment and fraud lawsuit on behalf of Dede Harris dismissed. (Jul-18-06)
  • The State of Ohio $2.5 million wrongful imprisonment settlement awarded to Timothy Howard. (Jul-17-06)
  • University of California $630,000 tentative settlement awarded to the Coghill family. (Jul-17-06)
  • State of New Mexico $15 million civil rights settlement awarded to three mentally disabled women. (Jul-17-06)
  • Washington State a lawsuit on behalf of businesses in Washington State dismissed. (Jul-11-06)
  • Berkeley County School District and the Goose Creek Police Department $1.6 million class action settlement awarded to Stratford High School students. (Jul-11-06)
  • Stan Rebert and York County up to $200,000 civil settlement awarded to Becky Downing. (Jul-11-06)
  • California Recovery Team $200,200 settlement awarded to the Fair Political Practices Commission. (Jul-11-06)
  • C.C. Myers Inc. $90,000 civil settlement awarded plus $10,000 in trust to the Stevens family. (Jul-5-06)
  • News of the World settlement awarded to Ashley Cole in harassment and defamation lawsuit. (Jul-5-06)
  • City of Fayetteville, North Carolina and Golden Corral restaurant chain $100,000 settlement awarded to seven black men in a civil rights and slander lawsuit. (Jun-26-06)
  • Keane Inc. $1.14 million sexual harassment settlement to Georgina Fisk. (Jun-16-06)
  • City of Detroit A tentative settlement will pay more than $32,000 in damages and attorney fees to students (Jun-14-06)
  • Province of Nova Scotia $7.5 million settlement awarded to jail workers for unproven allegations. (Jun-8-06)
  • Federal Government $1.6 million settlement awarded to Wen Ho Lee for false publications and charges of espionage. (Jun-7-06)
  • City of Tulsa, OK $12.25 million settlement awarded to a man who spent 14 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. (Jun-6-06)
  • Town of Milton, MA $50,000 settlement awarded to a reverend for false arrest and racial profiling. (May-29-06)
  • Washington State Patrol $2 million settlement awarded to nine women who were fondled by a highway trooper. (May-19-06)
  • City of Portsmouth, VA $1.2 million settlement awarded to Friendship Temple for freedom of religion violations. (May-16-06)
  • State of Hawaii $625,000 settlement for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender inmate abuse. (May-11-06)
  • City of Glendale, CA $1.8 million settlement for a police raid. (May-2-06)
  • Hazle Township Owners of quarry business, wrongfully shut down, receive settlement. (May-1-06)
  • New Haven Correctional Center $2.5 million settlement for illegal strip searches. (Apr-24-06)
  • City of Venice, CA $370,000 awarded in a wrongful prison death suit. (Apr-23-06)
  • Melrose Place Apartments Former tenants of the apartment complex receive $3 million settlement. (Apr-23-06)
  • City of Espanola, NM $221,000 settlement awarded to the family of a third grade boy who was handcuffed and taken to jail by police for misbehaving at school. (Apr-18-06)
  • Wayne County $225,000 settlement awarded to a man who spent 17 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. (Mar-29-06)
  • Maricopa County $9 million settlement awarded following a young man's death after being forced into a restraint chair by detention officers. (Mar-27-06)
  • US Government $300,000 settlement awarded to a man wrongfully detained after the 9-11 attacks. (Mar-20-06)
  • City of Boston $3.2 million settlement for wrongful imprisonment awarded to a man who spent more than 10 years in jail. (Mar-10-06)
  • Manitowoc County $400,000 to dismiss a wrongful conviction case. (Feb-16-06)
  • State of Hawaii $3.15 million trust set up for a boy left comatose by his abusive mother. (Feb-15-06)
  • Washington State $250,000 police misconduct awarded to an African American women who was pulled over without probable cause. (Feb-10-06)
  • Santa Clara County $990,000 settlement awarded to Hells Angels members after an unreasonable police raid. (Feb-7-06)
  • Albertsons and S & J Security $310,000 settlement awarded to four teenagers who were held for hours by security guards and forced to drink vodka. (Jan-31-06)
  • City of Chicago Proposed $9 million settlement to be awarded to an innocent man who spent 11 1/2 years in prison. (Jan-27-06)
  • D.C. Government $12 million settlement for holding inmates in jail past their release date and subjecting inmates to unreasonable strip searches. (Jan-26-06)
  • City of Los Angeles $1.1 million settlement awarded to the family of Notorious B.I.G. for intentionally withholding evidence. (Jan-23-06)
  • State of California $756,000 wrongful conviction settlement awarded a man who spent 20 years in prison for a murder he did not commit. (Dec-12-05)
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