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Settlements - Civil/Human Rights

  • La Habra, CA $5.2 million settlement in night club ordinance violation lawsuit. (Aug-23-07)
  • Arkansas Municipal League $25,000 settlement in illegal search lawsuit. (Aug-22-07)
  • University of Iowa $925,000 settlement in stuttering research lawsuit. (Aug-20-07)
  • Federal Government $80,000 settlement in First Amendment violation lawsuit. (Aug-17-07)
  • Fayette County, PA $75,000 settlement in civil rights violation lawsuit. (Aug-16-07)
  • Oakland Housing Authority Over $110,000 settlement in mass eviction lawsuit. (Aug-13-07)
  • Kent County school system and the Kent County Sheriff's Department $285,000 payout in illegal strip search lawsuit. (Aug-8-07)
  • Prison Health Services Over $1.25 million settlement in premature pregnancy wrongful death lawsuit. (Aug-7-07)
  • Department of Children and Families $1.3 million settlement in foster care teen sexual abuse lawsuit. (Aug-6-07)
  • Santa Fe, NM $106,500 settlement in illegal detaining lawsuit. (Aug-2-07)
  • Milton, WI Over $35,000 payout in state Open Meetings Law violation suit. (Jul-30-07)
  • Oregon, USA $210,000 settlement in inmate wrongful death lawsuit. (Jul-30-07)
  • Washoe County, NV $182,000 settlement in illegal strip search lawsuit. (Jul-30-07)
  • Tracy, CA $73 million settlement to ensure students graduate with diploma. (Jul-27-07)
  • Agua Caliente $200,000 payout resolves state campaign disclosure laws dispute. (Jul-16-07)
  • Detroit, MI $1 million settlement in wrongful detainment, constitutional rights violation lawsuit. (Jul-15-07)
  • Portland, OR $25,000 payout in state trooper-Iraq war protest, harassment lawsuit. (Jul-11-07)
  • Palazzolo and Lombardo LLC $50,000 penalty for violating the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Jul-11-07)
  • Orange County, CA $50,000 settlement in transgender inmate's civil suit. (Jul-11-07)
  • Jacksonville, FL $100,000 settlement in foster home child abuse lawsuit. (Jul-9-07)
  • Weston, CT $7,000 settlement in police misconduct and excessive force civil lawsuit. (Jul-5-07)
  • Oakland, CA $1.5 million settlement in a federal civil rights violation lawsuit. (Jul-2-07)
  • Lauderdale County School District Over $100,000 settlement in civil action lawsuit. (Jun-28-07)
  • Marlboro, MD $215,000 awarded in mistaken arrest civil lawsuit. (Jun-22-07)
  • Broward, FL $2.7 million settlement in wrongful arrests and imprisonment suit. (Jun-20-07)
  • Chesapeake, VA Racial discrimination suit over screening test ends in a $65,000 payout. (Jun-11-07)
  • Robert J. Matkovich $99,000 fine in FPPC violations lawsuit. (Jun-9-07)
  • Brooklyn, NY $54,250 paid out in First Amendment lawsuit over art show ban. (Jun-9-07)
  • Brick Investment Corporation and 7th Street Associates, Inc. $125,000 civil fine in lead poisoning federal disclosure rule violations. (Jun-4-07)
  • Bakersfield, CA $250,000 settlement in police misconduct lawsuit. (May-24-07)
  • Baltimore, MD $138,000 budgeted to update juvenile detention services. (May-23-07)
  • McKinney City, TX $25,000 settlement in mistaken identity civil lawsuit. (May-22-07)
  • Bend City, OR $200,000 funding to make bus system accessible to the disabled. (May-18-07)
  • James Tillman $5 million compensation in wrongful incarceration lawsuit. (May-18-07)
  • Shlomo Karpen $235,000 settlement in housing breach of contract and negligent construction lawsuit. (May-16-07)
  • Halquist Stone Co. $1 million settlement in water contamination lawsuit. (May-16-07)
  • Canberra, Australia A$1 million ($830,000) settlement in "school bully" abuse lawsuit. (May-15-07)
  • Manalapan, NJ $275,000 settlement in racial discrimination lawsuit. (May-7-07)
  • Fairfield, OH Couple gets $25,000 in racial profiling and discrimination lawsuit. (May-7-07)
  • Vivid Entertainment Close to $5 million paid in civil rights lawsuit over adult entertainment tape distribution. (May-3-07)
  • Lancaster, CA $20 million settlement in wrongful arrest, civil rights violation suit. (Apr-30-07)
  • Blarney Pub and Grill $20,000 civil fine for serving alcohol to underage varsity students. (Apr-27-07)
  • Klickitat County, WA $50,000 civil rights settlement for tampering with evidence. (Apr-27-07)
  • Palmer, MA Hearing impaired man receives $32,500 in civil rights violation lawsuit. (Apr-25-07)
  • Atlantic City, NJ Police officer gets $2.3 million compensation for being wrongly accused of homicide. (Apr-24-07)
  • Round Rock, TX and the Round Rock School District 70 students to get $91,750 in civil rights violation lawsuit. (Apr-19-07)
  • Columbus, OH $192,000 settlement awarded to gang member for wrongful conviction. (Apr-13-07)
  • Inova Fairfax Hospital $55,000 settlement for failing to provide a sign language interpreter for a patient. (Apr-13-07)
  • Chicago, IL $8 million settlement awarded to two men for wrongful conviction. (Apr-13-07)
  • Allentown, PA Protesters get undisclosed settlement in civil rights violation lawsuit. (Apr-12-07)
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