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  • Cowboy Hat Lincoln County pays citizen $10,500 settlement for Constitutional Rights violations. (Mar-1-08)
  • Wrong Bus Greenbrier County Board of Education agrees to $15,000 negligence settlement after dropping a 5-year-old off at the wrong spot. (Feb-28-08)
  • False Arrest City of Greer pays $50,000 settlement after imprisoning a woman whose charges had been dismissed years earlier. (Feb-19-08)
  • Music Teacher Town of Brookline agrees to $150,000 settlement after the former employee exploited a freshman student. (Feb-17-08)
  • National Guard Sangamon County agrees to $20,000 wrongful arrest settlement. (Feb-13-08)
  • Prisoner Abuse Somerset County pays undisclosed settlement for failing to provide adequate securities for inmate assaults. (Feb-7-08)
  • Right-of-Way City of Hastings pays preacher $1 settlement and $10,000 in legal fees for constitutional right violations. (Feb-6-08)
  • Foster Care Chile Molestation Department of Children & Families pays $175,000 negligence settlement. (Feb-4-08)
  • Impounded Vehicles City of Miami may have to refund $12 million in collected fees in class action settlement. (Feb-1-08)
  • US Army Corps of Engineers Class action dismissed for allegedly failing to protect New Orleans from the levee breach. (Feb-1-08)
  • Rally Rights Gettysburg Borough awards arrested protester $22,500 civil rights settlement. (Jan-31-08)
  • Immigrant Sedation US Government awards two detainees $55,000 settlement after drugging them while in custody. (Jan-31-08)
  • Immigrant Policy Luzerne County Register of Wills Dorothy Stankovic pays $10,000 ACLU settlement after denying illegal immigrants a marriage license. (Jan-30-08)
  • Smoke Free Four Phoenix bars pay $10,000 fine for violating the Smoke Free Arizona Act. (Jan-29-08)
  • Averted Hit and Run David Kyle Smith ordered to pay $450,000 after driving by a police car accident. (Jan-28-08)
  • Proper Counsel Tentative $600,000 settlement in wrongful imprisonment lawsuit. (Jan-19-08)
  • Foster Care Abuse State of Alaska pays two foster boys $2.4 million negligence settlement. (Jan-15-08)
  • Wrongful Imprisonment and Conviction Man awarded $3.5 million after spending 15 years in jail for a crime he did not commit. (Jan-14-08)
  • Wrongful Imprisonment Man awarded multi million dollar settlement after spending 23 years in prison. (Jan-13-08)
  • Foster Parent Neglect Debi Canella ordered to pay $70,000 settlement after her foster daughter choked on a car seat while left alone for 30 minutes. (Jan-11-08)
  • Foster Care Abuse Adopted foster boy awarded $300,000 settlement after being abused by another foster boy. (Jan-11-08)
  • Activist Protest New York City pays two activist groups $50,000 settlement for free speech violations. (Jan-10-08)
  • Wrongful Conviction Family of mentally challenged man awarded $700,000 settlement after his death. (Jan-9-08)
  • Paralympic Civil Rights US Olympic Committee agrees to confidential settlement for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Jan-9-08)
  • Campaign Contributions $260,000 settlement reached in election fraud lawsuit. (Jan-7-08)
  • Inmate Abuse State of Wyoming awards inmate an undisclosed settlement after being assaulted by his cell mate. (Jan-6-08)
  • Abortion Rights Legislator Vaughn Flora agrees to confidential settlement after physically harming protester. (Jan-6-08)
  • Railroad Safety CSX Corp. pays $349,265 civil penalty in federal safety regulations violation lawsuit. (Jan-5-08)
  • Coach Defamation City of San Marino agrees to pay high school basketball coach $2.1 million settlement for false arrest and misleading statements. (Dec-31-07)
  • False Allegations City of Wenatchee agrees to pay former pastor $700,000 settlement after falsely arresting him in association with child molestation. (Dec-27-07)
  • Secret Videotapes Possible class action settlement after landlord videotaped tenants in their private apartments. (Dec-17-07)
  • Child Abuse Settlement The mother of 6-year-old Brandon Ford has accepted a $1.5 million settlement in a lawsuit that claimed the boy was severely brain damaged while in foster care. (Dec-14-07)
  • Flute Player Arrested Felix Wilkins will accept $27,500 to settle a lawsuit that claims the city of Philadelphia wrongfully arrested him for playing his flute on a corner. (Dec-13-07)
  • Excessive Force Corpus Christi, TX has agreed to pay Ruben Galvan $50,000 to settle a lawsuit that accused the police of using excessive force and violating his constitutional rights during his arrest outside a downtown nightclub. (Dec-12-07)
  • Sexual Harassment Settlement A claim that Knicks coach Isaiah Thomas sexually harassed and wrongfully terminated Anuch Sanders, has been settled for $11.5 million in punitive damages. (Dec-12-07)
  • Woods' Wife Wins Tiger Woods' wife Elin has won a lawsuit that claimed The Dubliner, an Irish magazine, published an abusive article and a fake nude photo of her, settling for $183,250. (Dec-11-07)
  • Boy Scouts claim Molestation Two former Boy Scouts have received a confidential settlement after charging they were molested by a camp director while staffers at Camp Little Lehmi. (Dec-11-07)
  • Torture Charges Settled Chicago city and police department have agreed to pay $19.8 million to settle a lawsuit that claimed the police tortured and coerced false confessions to murder from four suspects. (Dec-11-07)
  • School Board Feud Union Township School District pays member $100,000 settlement for an ethics violation. (Dec-7-07)
  • Released Inmates Corrections Corporation of America pays $140,000 fine after mistakenly releasing ten inmates. (Nov-22-07)
  • Critic Free Speech Massachusetts Department of Education pays MCAS critic $187,000 civil rights settlement. (Nov-20-07)
  • Developmental Disabilities Orange County agrees to undisclosed class action settlement for providing inadequate service. (Nov-20-07)
  • Inmate Treatment Brown County pays former inmate $210,000 settlement for abuse and harm while in jail. (Nov-5-07)
  • Funeral Privacy Family awarded $11 million settlement after church protesters set up a demonstration at a Marine's funeral. (Nov-1-07)
  • House Raid Kauai pays couple $325,000 settlement after raiding their house by mistake. (Oct-26-07)
  • Immigration Officer Department of Homeland Security pays excessive force settlement. (Oct-25-07)
  • Police Impersonation Kensington Police Department awards institutional police sergeant $47,000 settlement. (Oct-23-07)
  • Foster Care Concealed Abuse Florida Department of Children & Families pays family $10 million for failing to provide adequate information on the background of their three adopted boys. (Oct-23-07)
  • Murdered Infant City pays $800,000 settlement after 4-month-old was killed by his family. (Oct-18-07)
  • Excessive Force Man awarded $80,000 after his finger had to be amputated during his arrest. (Oct-17-07)
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