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Settlements - Civil/Human Rights

  • Washington State Reaches Settlement in Child Care Workers Class Action (Aug-22-08)
  • Kansas Catholic Diocese Settles Abuse Cases for $10 Million> (Aug-20-08)
  • Catholic Archdiocese Will Pay $12.6 Million in Sexual Abuse Settlements (Aug-12-08)
  • City of Fresno Will Pay $2.3 Million in Homeless Persons' Class Action Settlement> (Jul-28-08)
  • Roman Catholic Archdiocese of St. Louis Settlement Reached in Six Sexual Abuse Suits (Jul-8-08)
  • Michigan State Settles Class Action Over Child Welfare (Jul-7-08)
  • Archdiocese of Denver Settles 5.5 million in claims (Jul-2-08)
  • Wal-Mart Must Pay $6.5 Million to Employees to settle overtime class action (Jul-2-08)
  • The Ministry of Defense $500,000 in damages in transgender humiliation suit. (Jun-20-08)
  • Owasso, OK $300,000 settlement reached in civil rights violations lawsuit. (Jun-20-08)
  • Ministry of Defense $500,000 in damages in transgender humiliation suit. (May-27-08)
  • Free Speech Canterbury agrees to pay $60,000 settlement in civil rights lawsuit. (May-23-08)
  • Excessive Force Tallmadge Police reaches undisclosed settlement in civil lawsuit. (May-23-08)
  • Wrongful Arrest FBI to pay undisclosed settlement in Waddling Bandit lawsuit. (May-14-08)
  • Wrongful Conviction Miami agrees to $2.2 million settlement in injustice lawsuit. (May-12-08)
  • Police Brutality Brattleboro to pay undisclosed settlement in civil rights lawsuit. (May-10-08)
  • 24 Innocent Years Tallahassee to pay $1.25 million settlement wrongful conviction lawsuit. (May-8-08)
  • Public Nudity Daytona Beach to approve $15,000 settlement in protester lawsuit. (May-7-08)
  • Wrongful Seizure Jim Wells County to pay $110,000 settlement in lawsuit. (May-7-08)
  • Innocent Man Serves 16 Years Baton Rouge to pay $1 million settlement in wrongful conviction lawsuit. (May-6-08)
  • Right of Free Speech Littlestown to pay $16,000 settlement in banner lawsuit.. (Apr-28-08)
  • 10 Months Lost Innocent man to get $581,700 settlement in wrongful conviction lawsuits. (Apr-25-08)
  • Mis-Accused of Murder County to pay $400,000 settlement in civil lawsuit. (Apr-24-08)
  • Street Painter Ordinance City pays artist $250,000 settlement in First Amendment lawsuit. (Apr-24-08)
  • Police Brutality Denver, CO to pay $75,000 settlement in wrongful arrest lawsuit. (Apr-23-08)
  • Prison Pregnancy Settlement reached in $10 million abused inmates lawsuit. (Apr-22-08)
  • Restored Food Stamp Program New York to pay $7.2 million settlement in social services lawsuit. (Apr-10-08)
  • Foul Mouthed Defendant Fined Judge orders $29,323 in fines for courtroom misconduct during lawsuit. (Apr-7-08)
  • Congressman's Illegal Recording Democrat ordered to pay $1 million settlement to Republican in phone call lawsuit. (Apr-7-08)
  • Youth Prisons Require Improvement Columbus to pay up to $30 million settlement in correctional facilities lawsuit. (Apr-7-08)
  • Inmate Anti-Semitism Vermont Correction Dept. to pay $25,000 settlement in religion lawsuit. (Apr-3-08)
  • Innocent Man Detained Denver pays $30,000 settlement in wrongful arrest lawsuit. (Apr-3-08)
  • Speeder Stunned Utah pays Tasered driver $40,000 settlement. (Mar-11-08)
  • Bareback Artist School board pays $65,000 settlement to fired art teacher. (Mar-10-08)
  • Rights Violation Union Vale to pay $237,500 to union forming employee. (Mar-9-08)
  • Unarmed Suspect Shot Riverside, CA to pay $800,000 settlement in wrongful death shooting. (Mar-7-08)
  • School Racism School District pays $250,000 in racial harassment settlement. (Mar-5-08)
  • Catheterized Arrest State of Washington pays $15,000 settlement after forcing a man to screen for intoxicants. (Mar-5-08)
  • Video Taping Arrest Harris County pays wrongfully arrested brothers $1.7 million civil rights settlement. (Mar-4-08)
  • Cowboy Hat Lincoln County pays citizen $10,500 settlement for Constitutional Rights violations. (Mar-1-08)
  • Wrong Bus Greenbrier County Board of Education agrees to $15,000 negligence settlement after dropping a 5-year-old off at the wrong spot. (Feb-28-08)
  • False Arrest City of Greer pays $50,000 settlement after imprisoning a woman whose charges had been dismissed years earlier. (Feb-19-08)
  • Music Teacher Town of Brookline agrees to $150,000 settlement after the former employee exploited a freshman student. (Feb-17-08)
  • National Guard Sangamon County agrees to $20,000 wrongful arrest settlement. (Feb-13-08)
  • Prisoner Abuse Somerset County pays undisclosed settlement for failing to provide adequate securities for inmate assaults. (Feb-7-08)
  • Right-of-Way City of Hastings pays preacher $1 settlement and $10,000 in legal fees for constitutional right violations. (Feb-6-08)
  • Foster Care Chile Molestation Department of Children & Families pays $175,000 negligence settlement. (Feb-4-08)
  • Rally Rights Gettysburg Borough awards arrested protester $22,500 civil rights settlement. (Jan-31-08)
  • Immigrant Sedation US Government awards two detainees $55,000 settlement after drugging them while in custody. (Jan-31-08)
  • Immigrant Policy Luzerne County Register of Wills Dorothy Stankovic pays $10,000 ACLU settlement after denying illegal immigrants a marriage license. (Jan-30-08)
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