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Business Settlements, Verdicts and Rulings

  • Unethical Business Zimmer Holdings Inc. pays $169.5 million settlement for its financial relationships with consulting orthopedic surgeons. (Jul-21-09)
  • Computer Associates $9 million settlement in business fraud lawsuit. (May-22-09)
  • NiSource Settles Natural Gas Royalties Case for $380 Million (Dec-10-08)
  • University of South Carolina $101,000 settlement awarded to a former athletic coordinator for breach of contract. (Aug-12-08)
  • DLP Ohio State to Receive $42 Million in Corporate Taxes Settlement (Jun-30-08)
  • Flint Energy Services Ltd. $12.2 million settlement reached in taxation dispute. (Jun-20-08)
  • Oxford Health Insurance $50 million refunds offered in overcharged insurance suit. (Jun-6-08)
  • Personal Business Jundts to pay $1.8 million settlement in debts lawsuit. (May-14-08)
  • Government Overbilling Defense contractor to pay $8.9 million settlement in fraud lawsuit. (May-14-08)
  • Supply Contracts Esmark Steel agrees to settlement in takeover lawsuit. (May-12-08)
  • Contracts Fraud $100,000 civil penalty settlement to be paid in breach lawsuit. (May-3-08)
  • Inspection Contracts Philippines Government to pay $147.6 million settlement in receivables lawsuit. (Apr-22-08)
  • Deceptive Business Tactics eWork to pay undisclosed settlement in class action lawsuit. (Apr-14-08)
  • Breach of Contract Pomeroy to pay ex-CEO undisclosed settlement in employment lawsuit. (Mar-18-08)
  • Illegal Brokering Former GM to pay $50,000 settlement to end contracts litigation. (Mar-13-08)
  • Country Singer City of Roanoke Rapids to pay $750,000 breach of contract settlement. (Mar-3-08)
  • Jail Contract City of Port Arthur agrees to pay Jefferson County a $250,000 settlement for housing inmates. (Feb-25-08)
  • Joint Venture Gallaher Group agrees to pay Reynolds American $387 million contract dispute settlement. (Feb-22-08)
  • Business Lawsuit Elbit Imaging Ltd. agrees to pay CP Holdings Ltd. a $5 million settlement. (Feb-21-08)
  • Consulting Contract Racine Unified School District agrees to pay Public Business Consulting Group a $750,000 settlement. (Feb-19-08)
  • Contract Extortion County Executive Robert Janiszewski ordered to pay Hudson County a $650,000 racketeering settlement. (Feb-19-08)
  • Contract Dispute Ness Technologies, Inc. agrees to pay $9 million breach of contract settlement. (Jan-30-08)
  • Canceled Contract Moon Area School District pays $98,500 construction dispute settlement. (Jan-29-08)
  • Breach of Contract EPCOR Power pays NAL Resources a $4.2 million settlement regarding a natural gas supply agreement. (Jan-29-08)
  • Light Rail Contract Metro pays Cross County Collaborative $6 million breach of contract settlement. (Jan-23-08)
  • Consulting Contracts Don Tyson and Tyson Limited Partnership agree to $4.5 million Tyson Foods shareholder settlement. (Jan-21-08)
  • Business Transaction Hillsborough Resources Limited pays $78,000 settlement. (Jan-18-08)
  • Celebrity Contract Steven Seagal pays $500,000 settlement in breach of contract lawsuit. (Jan-8-08)
  • Restaurant Lease Contract City of Prescott must pay Sand Trap golf course restaurant $225,000 breach of contract settlement. (Dec-27-07)
  • Contractor Fraud $750,000 payment resolves litigation alleging contractor overcharged millions of dollars. (Dec-7-07)
  • Technology Contract Herley Industries Inc. agrees to pay $6 million settlement for breaching a technology agreement. (Dec-7-07)
  • Fuel Efficient Contract Dana Corp. agrees to pay Permo-Drive Technologies $1.3 million breach of contract settlement. (Nov-16-07)
  • Business Ethics Host America Corp. agrees to pay $2.45 million class action settlement for acting in an unlawful manner. (Oct-22-07)
  • Miller Brewing Contract Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp. pays $70 million for breach of contract. (Oct-10-07)
  • Overseas Contracts York International pays $22 million in federal fines. (Oct-3-07)
  • Manchester, NH $7.5 million settlement in construction breach of contract suit. (Sep-5-07)
  • Henderson County, TX An estimated $800 million settlement in health care costs related lawsuit. (Sep-5-07)
  • Louisiana State University $190,000 payout in CEO contract dispute. (Sep-1-07)
  • Pitney Road Partners $5 million settlement in construction contract lawsuit. (Aug-27-07)
  • Oklahoma Management Enterprises Inc. et al. $10 million settlement in NIGC violations lawsuit. (Aug-23-07)
  • Results Group Over $435,000 payout in telemarketing fraud lawsuit. (Aug-22-07)
  • Clinton Township, MI $447,000 in employment breach of contract lawsuit. (Aug-22-07)
  • International Business Machines Corp. and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP $5.3 million settlement in illegal kickbacks lawsuit. (Aug-18-07)
  • Hilo Medical Center $774,542 settlement in federal laws violation lawsuit. (Aug-11-07)
  • Cambria Somerset Authority $55,000 payout in breach of contract lawsuit. (Aug-5-07)
  • Dana Corporation $89.9 million claim resolves supply contract dispute. (Jul-25-07)
  • Timothy Hudson $47,500 settlement subsidized housing breach of contract lawsuit. (Jul-23-07)
  • Green Bay Packers Close to $2.7 million settlement in contract termination case. (Jul-21-07)
  • Akal Security $18 million settlement in breach of contract lawsuit. (Jul-16-07)
  • Gerald Metals $5.5 million settlement ends breach of contract lawsuit. (Jul-9-07)
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