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  • Turner Construction Company $6.6 million to settle allegations of false claims for bonds and federal contracts. (Jul-19-05)
  • Utah State Tax Commission $5.7 million settlement refunded to 120,000 Utah residents who were overcharged for floor coverings. (Jul-14-05)
  • Diocese of Sacramento and Diocese of Santa Rosa $42 million awarded to 41 people who claimed clergy abuse. (Jul-14-05)
  • T-Mobile USA $40,000 disability discrimination settlement awarded to a blind job applicant. (Jul-12-05)
  • American Express Financial Advisors Inc. $5 million fine for theft by deception in failing to supervise its financial advisers. (Jul-12-05)
  • Overnite Transportation $1.8 million personal injury settlement after a car accident. (Jul-12-05)
  • Baltimore Tank Lines $1.25 million personal injury settlement for a car accident. (Jul-12-05)
  • The Brix Group, Inc., Pana-Pacific, and Harry Brix $42.3 million settlement awarded to Satellite Mobile Systems for breach of the settlement agreement and promissory fraud. (Jul-12-05)
  • Formosa Plastics $450,000 fine for releasing vinyl chloride, a colorless gas known to cause cancer, liver damage and bone loss. (Jul-11-05)
  • Grant County Detention Center $70,000 personal injury settlement awarded to an inmate left with broken ribs. (Jul-11-05)
  • Shoreview Police Department $200,000 settlement awarded to Oak Hill teacher after a police dog attack. (Jul-11-05)
  • Loyola University Medical Center $10.5 million medical malpractice settlement for an undiagnosed spinal abscess that left a man permanently paraplegic. (Jul-11-05)
  • Georgetowne Place Retirement Apartments $650,000 racial discrimination settlement awarded to minorities who tried to apply for employment. (Jul-11-05)
  • Brown Water Towing $9 million settlement awarded for the death of eight motorists who died when the Queen Isabella Causeway collapsed. (Jul-8-05)
  • CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission Co. $270,000 civil penalty for violating certain record keeping and administrative requirement. (Jul-8-05)
  • DaimlerChrysler AG $2.8 million racial discrimination settlement for denying car loans based on race. (Jul-6-05)
  • Maryville Academy $650,000 settlement for failing to properly supervise a suicidal teenager. (Jul-6-05)
  • Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Andrx Corp. $24 million antitrust settlement for postponing the sale of generic versions of Cardizem. (Jul-6-05)
  • Allstate Insurance Co. $34 million proposed settlement for overcharging California auto and homeowner policies. (Jul-6-05)
  • Mutual of Omaha $55 million settlement to Kindred Healthcare for Medicare cost report issues. (Jul-5-05)
  • Illegal Firework Assemblers $1.1 million settlement for the wrongful death from an illegal firework explosion. (Jul-5-05)
  • Pacifica Enterprises $460,000 settlement for improper asbestos safety precautions in the renovation of the Padre Hotel. (Jul-5-05)
  • Microsoft $775 million antitrust settlement awarded to IBM. (Jul-5-05)
  • Citigroup Inc. $25 million settlement awarded to UK Financial Services Authorities for fraudulent European government bond trades. (Jul-5-05)
  • Rutherford County Schools $57,000 racial discrimination settlement awarded to two African American educators who were passed up for promotions. (Jul-5-05)
  • Vectren $170,000 settlement for natural gas emergency education after two people were killed in an explosion. (Jul-5-05)
  • Jerry Lee Lewis $480,000 divorce and child support settlement awarded to the singers sixth ex wife. (Jul-5-05)
  • Applied Card Systems $1.5 million settlement awarded to the State of West Virginia for violating consumer protection laws and abusive collection methods. (Jun-28-05)
  • Pembroke Pines Police $75,000 settlement for false arrest and excessive force. (Jun-28-05)
  • Fujitsu Ltd. $25 million settlement for breach of contract in paying for electronic chips provided by Cirrus. (Jun-28-05)
  • $400,000 settlement for overcharging customers on loans and operating without a license. (Jun-27-05)
  • Boston Scientific $74 million settlement for failing to disclose defective stents. (Jun-27-05)
  • Clifford B. Finkle Jr. Inc. $250,000 settlement for gender harassment awarded to a female truck driver. (Jun-27-05)
  • Union Pacific Railroad $11 million settlement awarded to a 19 year old left with brain damage after being struck by a train. (Jun-27-05)
  • Morgan Stanley $242 million awarded to Parmalat to settle claims that they knew the Italian dairy company was failing even as they helped it to raise funds. (Jun-27-05)
  • San Diego School District $1.03 million settlement for demoting educators without due process. (Jun-27-05)
  • Eschelon Telecom Inc. $5 million awarded to Global Crossing for carrier charges. (Jun-27-05)
  • Anthem Health Plans An undisclosed settlement for denying insurance coverage to a carpenter. (Jun-27-05)
  • Cecil and Chicago Title Insurance Co. $92,300 settlement for auctioning off government land for not paying taxes. (Jun-27-05)
  • Miami County $2,500 settlement for wrongful accusations regarding forgery. (Jun-27-05)
  • Microsoft Corp. $41million credit awarded to North Carolina schools. (Jun-24-05)
  • JK Harris & Co. A $43,000 settlement to Missouri residents who signed up for debt relief services. (Jun-24-05)
  • CM & Sons Trucking Inc. Undisclosed settlement for environmental violations. (Jun-24-05)
  • Microsoft Corp. A $28.6 million settlement for monopolizing the market in eight states. (Jun-24-05)
  • Tyson Chicken A $184,000 wrongful death settlement for the death of two workers. (Jun-24-05)
  • City of Laurel A $15,000 settlement for the wrongful discharge of a city attorney. (Jun-24-05)
  • Kaiser Permanente A $200,000 security breach fine. (Jun-21-05)
  • Volkswagen A $1.1 million fine for defective emissions. (Jun-21-05)
  • Kings County Hospital A $1.25 million medical malpractice and wrongful death settlement. (Jun-21-05)
  • City of Davis A $260,000 gender discrimination settlement. (Jun-21-05)
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