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  • Talk America $150,000 telecommunications settlement awarded, of which $50,000 will be distributed to the state and $100,000 in free phone cards, including $25,000 to the Women's Resource Center of Grand Rapids, MI. (Jun-26-06)
  • Poole and Kent $800,000 awarded to the City of Baltimore to settle violation of public work discrimination. (Jun-26-06)
  • City of Fayetteville, North Carolina and Golden Corral restaurant chain $100,000 settlement awarded to seven black men in a civil rights and slander lawsuit. (Jun-26-06)
  • Clark County, Nevada $5.1 million settlement awarded to subcontractors related to claims on a construction project. (Jun-26-06)
  • DeBeers $45 million trade-generated class action law suits awarded to consumers and the diamond trade. (Jun-22-06)
  • Delmon Young $10,000 settlement awarded to umpire Rick Cacciatore (Jun-20-06)
  • Cory Pelnar $180,000 paid back to the Omaha Catholic Archdiocese and five years probation can end early if the full amount of $300,000 is paid. (Jun-20-06)
  • DYNO Nobel Inc. and other Mining Companies settlement of almost $50,000 leftover monies in an antitrust lawsuit against explosives companies awarded to advocacy groups. (Jun-20-06)
  • Bell Canada $104 million labor settlement reached for almost 5,000 Bell Canada current and former employees. (Jun-20-06)
  • City of Dearborn a $6 million settlement awarded to the Owen family in a negligent homicide lawsuit. (Jun-20-06)
  • Washington State Department of Corrections The Bulus-Steed' family settled a homicide claim for $975,000 (Jun-16-06)
  • EMI Group A broadcast law settlement of $3.75 million reached to resolve accusations after investigation by the NY attorney general (Jun-16-06)
  • Keane Inc. $1.14 million sexual harassment settlement to Georgina Fisk. (Jun-16-06)
  • Marine Shale Processors Inc. $13.25 million environmental settlement with state and federal governments. (Jun-16-06)
  • Cytodyne Technologies, a.k.a. Nutraquest. $1 million fraud settlement awarded to 11 agencies in six Bay Area counties as well as Monterey and San Benito counties. (Jun-16-06)
  • Honeywell International Inc. Federal government awarded $2.65 million, of which $393,750 to Caltex Plastics to settle violation of False Claims Act (Jun-16-06)
  • Saint Barnabas Health Care System $265 million fraud settlement awarded to Medicare (Jun-15-06)
  • Boy Scouts of America An undisclosed amount awarded to parents of a boy scout killed by lightning in a wrongful death settlement (Jun-15-06)
  • Catholic Healthcare West $1.3 million will be received by plaintiffs as part of a settlement of one class action lawsuit. (Jun-15-06)
  • Hillenbrand Industries, Inc. $316 million agreement awarded to Spartanburg to settle allegations of antitrust. (Jun-15-06)
  • Dr. Joseph Rudolph Agreed to pay the federal government $565,000 to settle civil lawsuit (Jun-14-06)
  • Home Depot $425,000 fine paid to the State of Connecticut for accidental release of hazardous chemicals (Jun-14-06)
  • Huelo Point Flower Farm A $1 million settlement has been reached in a wrongful death lawsuit brought about by the widow of an Oahu man (Jun-14-06)
  • City of Detroit A tentative settlement will pay more than $32,000 in damages and attorney fees to students (Jun-14-06)
  • Dole Food Company Undisclosed settlement reached in E.coli outbreak (Jun-14-06)
  • CSX and Amtrak $3.6 million settlement awarded to the family of a man who was killed at a train crossing. (Jun-13-06)
  • Gemstar-TV Guide International Inc. $8.4 million settlement awarded to the former chief financial officer. (Jun-13-06)
  • Barr Pharmaceuticals Inc. $22.5 million settlement awarded to Sandoz for antitrust violations. (Jun-12-06)
  • Camden County, NJ $350,000 settlement for employment discrimination awarded to Camden County Sheriff's officer Michael Barr (Jun-12-06)
  • Baxter Healthcare $8.5 million settlement for falsely reporting wholesale prices to Medicaid (Jun-12-06)
  • Hoodiaforfree and Ultralife Fitness $100,000 awarded to thousands of customers overcharged for hidden sales. (Jun-9-06)
  • Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and RTG Furniture Corp. $590,000 employee harassment settlement. (Jun-9-06)
  • Harbor-UCLA Medical Center $200,000 settlement after a 9-year-old boy died after receiving excessive amounts of a leukemia drug. (Jun-8-06)
  • Province of Nova Scotia $7.5 million settlement awarded to jail workers for unproven allegations. (Jun-8-06)
  • Utilities Commissioners $250,000 whistleblower and wrongful termination settlement. (Jun-7-06)
  • Opus Communities Inc. Proposed $1 million settlement for defrauding investors. (Jun-7-06)
  • Pinnacle Realty Management Co. Settlement awarded after a man died of rabies. (Jun-7-06)
  • Federal Government $1.6 million settlement awarded to Wen Ho Lee for false publications and charges of espionage. (Jun-7-06)
  • United Technologies Corp. $283 million settlement for government contract accounting matters. (Jun-7-06)
  • Waste Services Inc. $100,000 settlement for breach of contract and a non-competition agreement. (Jun-7-06)
  • City of Tulsa, OK $12.25 million settlement awarded to a man who spent 14 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. (Jun-6-06)
  • Bradford Bleidt $6.3 million settlement for defrauding investors. (Jun-6-06)
  • H.B. Fuller Company $5 million product liability settlement. (Jun-6-06)
  • Cutera Inc. $22 million patent infringement settlement. (Jun-6-06)
  • Bawag $675 million settlement for helping Refco commit fraud. (Jun-5-06)
  • Verizon Communications Inc. $49 million settlement for pregnancy discrimination. (Jun-5-06)
  • Johnson & Johnson Confidential settlement awarded to Ortho Evra users. (Jun-5-06)
  • Raymond Weaver $56,400 settlement for animal abuse. (Jun-2-06)
  • Albertsons Inc. $2 million for overcharging customers by failing to subtract packaging weight. (Jun-1-06)
  • Southeastern Restoration, Inc. $609,000 settlement for price gouging after the 2004 hurricane season. (May-31-06)
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