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Settlements - Accidents

  • Plane Crash Lawsuit Results in $7 Million Award (Dec-9-09)
  • Plane Crash Lawsuit Results in $7 Million Award (Dec-9-09)
  • 18-Wheeler Accident Case Settled for $600,000 (Nov-18-09)
  • $470,000 Awarded to Austin Car Accident Victim (Nov-18-09)
  • Personal Injury Victim Awarded $49 Million (Oct-2-09)
  • Drunk Driver To Pay $33 Million to Injured Friend (Sep-21-09)
  • Auto Fatality Insurance company offers $400,000 settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (May-20-08)
  • Deadly Auto Accident Newark tentatively agrees to settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (May-14-08)
  • Wreck Claims Passenger's Life Driver to pay $100,000 proposed settlement in wrongful death lawsuit. (Apr-1-08)
  • Auto Accident Fatalities Craft to pay $1.85 million settlement in car crash lawsuit. (Mar-22-08)
  • Wrongful Death West Virginia to pay $2.6 million in multiple settlements. (Mar-5-08)
  • Car Accident Family awarded $50,000 wrongful death settlement after teenage daughter was hit by a car while walking along a road. (Mar-3-08)
  • School Bus Accident Murray County agrees to $300,000 settlement in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits. (Feb-27-08)
  • Celebrity Car Crash Lindsay Lohan agrees to undisclosed settlement with accident victim. (Feb-25-08)
  • GMC Yukon General Motors Corporation agrees to confidential personal injury settlement with man who was blinded in car accident. (Feb-21-08)
  • City Truck Family awarded $7.5 million settlement after accident left son brain damaged. (Feb-6-08)
  • Explorer Accident Jury awards man $6.5 million personal injury settlement after his Ford SUV rolled over and left him brain damaged. (Feb-5-08)
  • Fatal Wedding Los Remolinos restaurant agrees to $1.025 million wrongful death and personal injury settlement after a drunk driver kills the bride and maid of honor in a car crash. (Feb-4-08)
  • Car Accident Nassau County agrees to pay $13 million personal injury settlement. (Jan-30-08)
  • Motorcycle Accident Matthew Miller pays $300,000 wrongful death settlement after fatal crash. (Jan-24-08)
  • Chemical Anti-Icing Family awarded $550,000 wrongful death settlement after woman died in car crash. (Jan-6-08)
  • Bus Brakes Rodriguez Transportes ordered to pay $2.8 million wrongful death settlement. (Dec-27-07)
  • Traffic Signal State awards family $10 million settlement after son was severely injured in an auto accident. (Dec-17-07)
  • Tractor Collision Raleigh pays injured woman $575,000 settlement after a vehicle accident. (Oct-29-07)
  • Fatal Car Accident San Joaquin County pays $70,000 settlement to family of a car crash victim. (Oct-13-07)
  • Car Crash Spinal Injuries Man awarded $257,000 after accident. (Sep-23-07)
  • Lubbock, TX Possible $200,000 payout in personal injury lawsuit. (Aug-24-07)
  • Paul Crawford's Estate Wife sues for wrongful death of husband, dies, leaving son sole recipient of the $675,000 settlement. (Mar-8-07)
  • Bayonne, NJ $405,000 disability settlement awarded after car crash. (Feb-27-07)
  • Davie County, NC $975,000 settlement after deputy crashes into a car causing death and injuries. (Feb-25-07)
  • Mary Muncie Man loses leg in accident, gets over $2 million in compensation. (Feb-25-07)
  • Scenic Chevron and Evanston Insurance Co. Signs at gas station cause death of woman, surviving daughter gets $1.6 million as compensation. (Feb-22-07)
  • Landair Transport, Great West Casualty Co. and Axis Surplus Insurance Co. Woman sues for wrongful death of her husband, gets $3.5 million as compensation. (Feb-22-07)
  • Power House Construction Inc. $975,000 personal injury settlement in hit and run case. (Feb-9-07)
  • Washington State Department of Transportation and Juliann Odom $9 million wrongful death settlement reached in fiery crash. (Dec-14-06)
  • Jacksonville, FL $11 million awarded to a car accident victim 11 years after the crash. (Dec-6-06)
  • C.M. Love Hardware $1.2 million settlement awarded to a car accident victim. (Nov-19-06)
  • Royal GM Inc. $350,000 awarded to a car accident victim. (Oct-10-06)
  • City of Pittsburgh, PA $250,000 paid after a woman died when her car hit a patch of ice. (Oct-4-06)
  • City of San Francisco and the California Department of Transportation $1.8 million settlement after a tow truck driver and a family of three were killed in an auto accident. (Oct-3-06)
  • Wayne County, MI $675,000 settlement after three family members died in a minivan accident. (Sep-18-06)
  • Minnesota State University $5.25 million settlement after a van crash killed three students. (Sep-18-06)
  • Marianna Cavitolo $100,000 settlement paid to a passenger in a car accident. (Sep-14-06)
  • New York $14.5 million settlement awarded to a police officer injured while on duty. (Sep-8-06)
  • Dixie Egg Company $1.5 million settlement awarded after a tractor trailer killed a college student. (Sep-8-06)
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