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$325M Neurontin Consumer Fraud Class Action Settlement Reached

This is a settlement for the Neurontin lawsuit.

Los Angeles, CA: A $325 million preliminary settlement has been reached by Pfizer Inc and Warner-Lambert Co. LLC and plaintiffs who filed a consumer fraud class action lawsuit over the marketing of the pharmaceutical companies' drug Neurontin (gabapentin).

Brought by a class of third-party payers, the lawsuit alleges Pfizer and Warner-Lambert fraudently marketed Neurontin according to documents filed in Massachusetts federal court on Friday.

The deal comes after more than 10 years of "hard-fought litigation,"and will resolve all claims brought against the defendants. Among the class plaintiffs are Harden Manufacturing Corp., and Louisiana Blue Cross/Blue Shield and other third-party payers such as union health and welfare plans.

The plaintiffs alleged in several lawsuits that were consolidated into a multi-district litigation (MDL) before the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts, that Pfizer and Warner Lambert fraudulently marketing the drug and causing the plaintiffs economic damage.

Specifically, the allegations states that Neurontin was marketed off-label for a variety of uses not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration, in a variety of ways.

The case is In re: Neurontin Marketing and Sales Practices Litigation, case number 1:04-cv-10981, MDL docket number 1629, in the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

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Published on Jun-2-14

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Posted by
Dawn Woodworth
I have been taking 900mgs of gabapentin three times a day. I have been experiencing short term memory loss, confusion, forgetting the names of everyday objects, disorganization and I can't learn anything new. I'm an avid reader and I find I am always clicking on the same words an author uses in his/her books to look the up in the dictionary. I simply can't learn new words. I have to set alarms for my meds and still sometimes forget to take them. I set alarms for doctor appointments, family function, etc. I did have leukemia and I thought I had chemo brain. My oncologist said that couldn't be true after nearly 5 years after my chemo. I'm only 50 years young. I even forget my grandchildren's names. It's so frustrating and embarrassing. What should I do from here?

Posted by
Stephen P Hinchey
I have been taking Gabapentin for about a year and a half and I am quadreplegic it was prescribed for nerve pain and it works only a liitle bit but I have had increasingly worse stomach issues since starting this drug I sometimes go up to a week or more without a bowel movement and have severe stomach and kidney pain I have long painful nights without sleep my cramping is so bad I am in tears for several days at a time I need help or advice as what I can do? to get help resolving this I really am miserable.

Posted by
Maureen Dorsey
I've been taking Gabapentin - 800 mg 3x daily. I've had no problems. In the beginning I did have some dizzy spells, and a little sleepy, but the side affects are gone. I started out at 200 mg and slowly increased to the 800 mg. My pain is much better and so is my sleep. I don't know if taking Neurontin would have the same affects on me though. I wouldn't dream of stopping Gabapentin.

Posted by
I took Neurotin about 15-16 years ago, that's how long this medicine has been around and it's causing the same side effects it did back then to this date....
My neurologist gave it to me for migraine headaches. I felt horrible taking it, I would loose my balance, My depth perception was off and I was dizzy all of the time. I told my doctor at that time how it was affecting me, he said side effects will go away your body has to get use too.. He was full of crap!!! It never goes away, I finally just stopped myself, and thank God little by little I started to feel better.. They really need to look into this drug because no one in there right might mind can function through out the day their normal work day. I was told that I looked like I had been drinking alcohol.. And I knew I hadn't but that's how this drug effects you. You can't walk straight, think straight, delayed reaction in thinking and walking. Stumble over curbs, stay dizzy all of the time. I have this drug listed on my allergic reaction list. I never want this drug ever again.!!!!

Posted by
Kristy Smith
I took Neurontin for a while and found that it made me dizzy and sleepy and had to stop taking it I almost fell asleep driving I'm afraid to tell my doctor because I'm afraid he'll take my other medicines away from me so I just keep getting them filled and stop taking it they gave it to me for the nerves in my legs and back

Posted by
Sam Chastain
Hi Donald Sorrells I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I must say though I'm confused about the wording of Neurontin then in parenthesis Gabapentin. Because yes it may be a generic version it's definition if looked up is quite different. I'd prefer Neurontin if affordable. But I'm here to warn you especially if you already have dizzy spells! That Neurontin if you take more than recommended dose will cause you problems. And I'm not talking about a lot more. I accidently took Mg's equalling out to be dbl I guess I was supposed to break it in half but didn't know at that time. Well I was in my bathroom in front of the mirror and my top half started leaning forward! My face was on the mirror. I had to laugh at myself, I was well aware of what was happening thank goodness. And for the life of me can't figure out why it was only my top half that wanted to lean! Alittle later I had to go to the store and my husband had to hold me up as I walked! I admit it was quite a funny site and experience! Later that day over the phone I got the reason explained which was I took too many Mg's! Be careful!

Posted by
Donald Worrell
I never knew anything about a suit about the drug,neurontin,Ive taken it since 2013 dr.gave it to me for pain,i have dizzy spells,at times I can lose my balance,@have fell 2times in my bathroom,i can't seem to remember slot of stuff,I was an over,the road truck driver for 18 I forget where I on disability@ medicare,that helps,wife says I'm crazy as hell,i don't know.DW.

Posted by
Benjamin Blood
I took neurontin for a number of years and has caused issues. They gave It to me for sleep and I ended up with serious stomach issues


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