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Lords of Discipline

Newark, NJ: (Oct-01-07) Justin Hopson, a former state trooper, brought a lawsuit against the state of New Jersey alleging that he was beaten and harassed by members of a secret group of rogue officers within the state police. Hopson said that he was attacked by members of a loose-knit group within the state police known as the Lords of Discipline. For years, minority and female troopers have complained that they have been harassed by members of the group. In 2005, the state attorney general's office issued a report that found seven troopers guilty of harassing their colleagues. The troopers received punishments ranging from reprimands to 45-day suspensions, but the attorney general's office said it found no evidence that the Lords of Discipline existed within the police department.

Hopson, 33, filed suit after the March 2002 arrest of a woman for drunken driving, which he said was improper because the woman had not been behind the wheel. At the time of the arrest, Hopson had been on the job just 11 days. When Hopson refused to endorse fellow troopers' versions of events surrounding the arrest, court papers said, a campaign to silence him began. First, there were threatening notes left around his station house in the Troop A region, which covers much of South Jersey. Then, Hopson said, his car was vandalized. By the time he sued the state in December 2003, Hopson said that he had been the victim of a series of beatings at the hands of another trooper. In a settlement reached, the New Jersey attorney general's office agreed to pay Hopson $400,000 to resolve allegations. [NEW YORK TIMES: TROOPER HARASSMENT]

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Published on Oct-2-07

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Posted by
This is an overall summary.. its made for a movie a tip of the ice berg. if you interested in dirty cops about 10 . write back. Im 100 percent innocent

Its a shame I have to expose this on facebook this is not my style however i have no choice... I already pulled logs from facebook. I tracked NYPD using mobile phones etc to get in my account
(FB). Thanks to the level of technical experience this is the only median they can access . DISCLAIMER THIS ENTIRE SUMMARY below is ALLEGED EVERY WORD UNTIL THE final sentence!! ITS SPECULATION AT THIS POINT They cant hack my other gear phones emails texts etc. I suggest the NYPD stop harassing me / the 123 Precent . Internal Affairs? That report was garbage as Mr officer that works with you at the 123 failed to follow IA guidelines :) question me,? tape me or video me to present evidence .? NOPE More broken rules. Hey how is it your Buddie handles that? He works with you ?? Bias??
Destroying evidence. Fabricating new evidence..Right MIKE? I have it all the dirt on NYPD,, Locked in..Lets not forget who worked for me a NYPD detective, I have a statement from him.. loose lips sink ships you shouldn't have told him about the games the team is playing to intentionally hurt me. I hear a word the CYber Team hates me, im a gentlemen .., CYber wants to put me in my place became they dont like my attitude? Really? Or is it i ran circles around them ?. Its unfortunate I have to air my stuff out on FB however all 30,000 NYPD officers cant get in any of my system now as i told all of you when I want you out you will be, phones etc .I I still get a lught I left my system wide open 13 months for you'll to incriminate yourselves and you did.. HA HA no brains why would i leave it wide open? 13 months .:)
Im sure they are extreme bothered and are trying to pervert justice more as the entire NYPD cant access my gear
What now im sure NYPD is on fire. Whats the setup Sean?
Think twice i will lock you all up.. I let you off the hook with additional evidence i had thanks to a sick lawyer. kiss the floor your jobs would be gone or may end up in prison.
This is the only common ground and platform your on
They will start with a forensic accountant to see where the $600k--$700K or more went and how i only got a ticket, or how the lead detective represented his girlfriend.. How about we pull the tapes from the 120 that shows you forging your partners name and fabricated additional evidence "Justice will be server" you you lied and added "when this case is over "then used your partners name to sign in its all on camera. A. If harassment doesnt stop this is what coming ABC News, The New York Times,[2] The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Star-Ledger, 20/20, and other media outlets have interviewed and featured Justin Hopson concerning police corruption... I started a civil suit so I can get your pals vpn real ip address. NO BIG DEAL? WE ARE FINDING OUT IF HE PAID WITH BITCOIN.. THEN YOUR ALL SCREWED . USING AN UNDERGROUND NON CURRENCY MOSTLY USED FOR CHILD PORN BUY GUNS ETC ON THE DARK WEB.THAT MAKES A GREAT STORY. YOU ALL ARE WARNED STOP THE HARASSMENT OR WE START TO EXPOSE THE LIES TO THE PRESS AND PUBLIC..

Posted by
John Driggers
it's really wonderful to finally see officers that are willing to stand up and do the job they are being paid for, instead of fearing the police brutality and MisJustice of our systemthat these officers abuse.....just one of these officers are worth 100 of those who abused are laws, I would love to meet this person just to shake his hand


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