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New Findings show that Vioxx users may have Suffered Heart Attacks after as little as Two Weeks Use

Patients using Vioxx, whose claims were rejected because they had not been taking the drug long enough, should re-file their claims with an attorney.

Los Angeles, CA - (PR Web) Jun-09-06 - A recently released study from Queen's University, shows that patients using Vioxx could have suffered a heart attack after as little as two week's use. More than 25 percent of 239 patients in the study had heart attacks in less than 13 days after being on Vioxx.

This study is contrary to Merck's claim that risks associated with the drug occurred only after long-term use. However, the company has now acknowledged that it erred in a crucial statistical test that showed Vioxx caused problems only after 18 months of continual use.

According to a [New York Times] report dated May 31, 2006, Merck has lost three out of five court cases so far, two of which the heart attack victim had taken the drug for less than 18 months.

Many people who contacted lawyers claiming to have had a heart attack while on Vioxx found their pleas were rejected, as it was previously thought you must have taken Vioxx for six or eight months before you were at risk.

These patients, as well as people who have experienced other side effects such as stroke, kidney damage and arrhythmia, should also bring their cases to the attention of a lawyer.

It is estimated that 20 million Americans have taken Vioxx and, according to an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the drug is responsible for about 160,000 cases of heart attacks and strokes. Send your [Vioxx] claims to lawyers for a free case evaluation.

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