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Sony LCD Projection TVs: big news, big headache

Rear-projection TVs may be the popular new product on the block but has Sony worked out all the bugs?

New York City, New York - Rear-projection screens have received rave reviews recently as a less-expensive alternative to flat screen TVs or plasma TVs. These rear-projection TVs still have a large sticker price, up to $3000, but many consumers complain that the screen quality and technology is not as advanced.

Consumers that have been convinced to buy the new product on the block are complaining that their Sony-brand rear projection TVs do not have stellar performance. Consumers have complained that their Sony LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) TVs have screen malfunctions and buzzing noises. Allegedly, some say the large (41 inch plus) screen becomes pixelated or bleeds, some have problems with buzzing sounds, other have problems with the lamp/bulb or the TV turning on.

A law firm is investigating a potential class action lawsuit against Sony on behalf of consumers who purchased certain rear projection LCD television sets (RPTV). If you own a Sony LCD TV and have encountered any of these problems, find out more information and submit your complaint at: Sony Rear Projection TVs

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