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The Hundred-Billion Dollar Health Insurance Industry Leaves Many Consumers Short Changed

Consumers visit seeking help against insurance companies which deliver high premiums with low returns

Los Angeles, California With health insurance premiums on the rise - over 9% in 2005 consumers are complaining about denied insurance claims and limited benefits. For guidance, consumers turn to for information on fraud allegations, lawsuits and settlements against their insurance companies. They also submit their complaints for free legal case evaluations - and these complaints can pay off with large settlements and increased consumer awareness. is currently running several informational campaigns to increase awareness of potential insurance fraud and bad faith practices. While the average family pays about $10,000 in annual insurance costs, insurance companies raise premiums, shift benefits and continue to achieve yearly billion dollar profits. For instance, BlueCross BlueShield, one of the largest health insurance providers, receives over $200 billion in annual revenues while providing coverage to 92 million people nationwide.

Consumers with specific medical needs are typically those most affected by the rise in insurance costs and reduced coverage. These patients need to purchase supplemental insurance policies to cover necessities such as chemotherapy or nursing home care and trust that the higher premiums will provide the promised life-saving benefits; but these patients do not always get what they need. It is alleged that some insurance companies deny acceptable claims, issue unexpected changes to insurance plans and contracts, drop patients receiving critical treatments, or fail to reimburse for promised benefits.

Currently consumers with Medicare or Medigap insurance policies from major providers are complaining about denied benefits or denied compensation for nursing home/ hospice care. Cancer patients are also complaining, alleging that major insurance providers, American Family and American Public Life, have breached contracts by changing policy guidelines without informing patients. These actions often result in major medical bills and delays in critical medical care.

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