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Hyundai Blames Failure of "Deformed" Tiburon Clutch on Drivers: Class Action Filed

San Francisco, CA March 23, 2006 Hyundais claim that it offers Americas Best Warranty is going to be tested in an Orange County California Superior Court. On March 22, 2006, Green Welling LLP, a San Francisco class action law firm, filed suit against Hyundai for refusing to cover repairs under its warranty to correct defective clutch parts in 2003 Hyundai Tiburon GTs with six-speed manual transmissions. The action is filed under Case no. 06CC00052.

According to class action lawyer Robert Green, We noticed an unusual amount of 2003 Tiburon drivers complaining about their clutches failing within the first 30,000 miles they drove the car. Not only was the clutch failing prematurely, but owners were complaining that Hyundai refused warranty coverage for the repairs needed to fix the problem. Upon further investigation, Green Welling LLP discovered that Hyundai found the clutch problem unusual as well and issued a Technical Service Bulletin to its dealers in March 2004 referring to the 2003 Tiburons clutch components as deformed, and advised that the clutch could be repaired by replacing certain parts with new, non-deformed parts. Surprisingly, when Tiburon owners came to dealerships to repair the defect, Hyundai blamed the premature failure on the owners driving habits and refused to cover any costs for replacement parts or for labor to repair the defect.

Hyundai specifically lists two of the clutch parts it claims are deformed as parts covered under its warranty. This clutch failure is not a problem with individual drivers, this is a problem with Hyundais manufacturing, said attorney Jenelle Welling. We have complaints of people going out-of-pocket for nearly $2,000 just so they could drive their car again, added Green. We feel that owners of the 2003 Tiburon are entitled to full coverage of the clutch repairs under the warranty. Simply stated, Hyundai is not upholding its end of the bargain.

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