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Overworked IT and computer software employees may be wrongly denied overtime pay

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Los Angeles, California Changes in Federal and State Labor Laws have left many employees confused and many employers slow to make changes. While Federal laws have general requirements for overtime pay, some states have specific laws for certain industries. Specifically, California State's newly enforced labor law is designed to protect computer professionals.

Since employees in the computer industry are in high demand, computer programmers often work long hours and may be overlooked for overtime pay. In California, computer programmers, systems analysts, software engineers and other related positions may be entitled to overtime pay if they meet specific guidelines, such as earning less than $47.81 per hour or the annual salary equivalent of approximately $99,445.

In addition to State laws, Federal overtime pay laws outline that employees meeting certain duties and pay rate requirements are eligible for overtime pay when working more 40 hours per week. This can even include employees who are paid on a salary basis. Overtime pay usually equals one and a half times the regular pay rate.

Computer employees in California or other states who have been denied overtime pay may be eligible for compensation. Learn more about State and Federal overtime pay laws at:

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