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Marine Law

If you have had an injury while at sea, you may need the services of a Marine Lawyer. A marine lawyer can help you get compensation for such personal injuries such as broken bones and fractures, exposure to ammonia, slip and fall, FELA death with negligence, traumatic asthma attacks, back injuries, vessel sinking, unseaworthy vessels, falling overboard, amputations, passenger ferry injuries, injuries sustained by tugboat crew, factory trawler workers, deckhands, engineers, cooks, tendermen, crabbers, processors, skippers, captains, recreational boaters, cruise ship staff and guests, longshoremen, and oil rig workers.

Maritime injuries should not be treated as a workers compensation claim, but should be investigated under Federal Law, including The Jones Act and general maritime law.

You should speak with a maritime attorney who can prepare your claim, negotiate to obtain the maximum benefits to which you are entitled and assist you in finding appropriate medical treatment.

If you and your lawyer are unable to reach an agreement with your employer and/or insurer/adjuster, you may have a right to take your case to a judge or jury. Cases such as wrongful denial of maintenance, unpaid wages due or failure to provide medical treatment, may be fast-tracked for court appearances.

A claim can be handled by 1) direct negotiations with your employer or insurance adjuster; 2) filing a lawsuit; or 3) legal proceedings before a state or federal agency. A court case can take from a few weeks, to well over 12 months to resolve. Waiting for a claim to resolve can be very frustrating. Having a lawyer who will actively pursue maintenance, disability payment, wages due under contract, or unpaid bonuses, can be a great benefit. It is important to find an attorney that will fight for your rights.

If you have been involved in a maritime accident, please [FILL IN THIS FORM] to have your complaint sent to a marine lawyer who will fight for your rights.