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Unpaid Wages Lawyer Interviews

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Lawyer Interviews provide in-depth legal news and information based on professional interviews with a lawyer specializing in the lawsuit being discussed. These interviews are meant to provide potential claimants with information needed to determine if they should also pursue a legal claim for injuries or losses they may have sustained in a similar case.

Attorney: Unpaid Wages Violations "Pervasive"

Attorney: Unpaid Wages Violations "Pervasive" December 26, 2016. By Heidi Turner.
New York, NY: The phrase donning and doffing is used to describe situations where employees put on or take off special gear or clothing for their work, but donning and doffing lawsuits are part of a larger area of litigation known as unpaid wages litigation, where employees are not properly paid for all their time involved in work-related activities. Employees may have employers who demand they complete work-related activities before or after their shifts but refuse to pay employees for that time. Unpaid wages litigation is increasing as workers become more aware of their rights, and of what activities employers must pay them for.
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California Employment Attorney: “Everyone’s Time Is Valuable”

California Employment Attorney: “Everyone’s Time Is Valuable” April 21, 2015. By Heidi Turner.
Lancaster, CA A growing area of unpaid wages litigation includes off-the-clock work such as donning and doffing safety gear. Employees in California who are required to put on and take off protective gear for their shift and are not paid for their time may be eligible to file an unpaid wages lawsuit against their employer. Kitty Szeto, attorney at R. Rex Parris Law Firm, says employee time is valuable time that should be properly compensated by employers.
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Airlines Scoop Tips from Skycaps

Airlines Scoop Tips from Skycaps February 15, 2010. By Brenda Craig.
Boston, MA Late on a Friday afternoon, Shannon Liss-Riordan is between appointments and looking forward to the weekend. If we talk fast, she has a few minutes to answer questions about a recent certification of an important Massachusetts employment class action case that could ultimately improve the lives of hundreds of Skycaps that work the at airports across the US.
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