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Truck Accidents: "Still Very Angry"

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Ontario, CanadaIf you think the only danger of truck accidents involves an actual collision, think again. There are a variety of incidents involving tractor trailers that cause serious injury to the victims. Nadia D. knows this all too well—she was struck by a piece of debris from a truck and, six years after her accident, still suffers pain and other problems as a result.

Semi Truck"The accident happened September 11, 2002," Nadia says. "I was traveling on QE Way (Queen Elizabeth Way, a freeway in Ontario that links Buffalo, New York, with Toronto). When the accident happened I was in the south lane and I noticed something was happening under the truck traveling in the middle lane and ahead of me. Something came off from under the truck near the second set of wheels. I don't want to say that it was definitely an explosion, but it was like an explosion under the truck.

"I didn't realize what happened right away. I think I was in shock. What happened, I found out later, was a piece of the brake drum came off the truck and came through my windshield. It hit me on the right side of my head and almost completely cut my ear off. Later on, the police discovered the piece of the brake drum that hit me was in the back of my car.

"I was really in shock, but I managed to stop the car and pull to the left side of the road. My windshield was completely shattered and I don't know how I got over. I don't recollect getting out of the car or how I got it to stop, but I did. I was covered in blood and I knew something was wrong with my ear, but I didn't know how bad it was.

"I was able to stop a police officer who found out that an ambulance was on the way [likely called by a witness to the accident]. At that point I started fainting and I went to the hospital in the ambulance."

Nadia endured long waits at a hospital, being transferred to a second hospital and plastic surgery to reattach her ear before the day was over. She was sent home that day, without any tests being done, but went back to the hospital three days later because she was repeatedly fainting.

"They found out I had a fractured skull and some bleeding on the right side of my brain. Even though it was six years ago, I still have severe pain on the right side of my head. My ear still hurts, too. I had some hearing tests done and they told me I didn't lose any hearing, but I disagree because people get annoyed with me when they have to repeat things a few times because I cannot hear them. I didn't have that problem before.

"I still feel uncomfortable and upset driving. I have had nightmares for years and trouble sleeping. The accident affected my personal life and my career. I didn't work for over two years and then I went back against my doctor's advice because I thought going to work would help me. I had post traumatic stress."

Nadia says she knows which company operates the transport truck involved in her accident, but they have denied the incident ever took place and no charges were brought against either the company or the truck driver—who did not stop after his 25 lbs. brake drum hit Nadia's car. A witness has since confirmed that the truck involved in the accident was hauling metal or steel and confirmed the color of the truck involved.

An experienced lawyer can help sort through the evidence after a truck accident, but it is vital to contact the lawyer as soon as possible. In Nadia's case, even though the dislodged brake drum was evidence, it was disposed of before the end of the investigation. Nadia also says that the man who witnessed the accident had not been contacted by police six months after the incident occurred, leaving her to wonder why no one asked him what he saw.

"My intention in going after the company is not about the money," Nadia says. "This is an accident that could have been prevented. There have been a few people involved in accidents similar to mine after my accident occurred and some have died. One happened on the 401 [a highway in Ontario] and a man in his forties died. These companies are not doing the proper thing.

"I'm still very angry."

If you or someone you love was injured in a truck accident, contact a lawyer as soon as possible to start an investigation.



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