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Transvaginal Mesh: Doctors’ Appointments and Disappointments

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Niagara Falls, ONMore than a decade ago Sandie was suffering from urinary incontinence, and her doctor said that transvaginal mesh is the best thing since sliced bread. Sandie, age 53, speaks candidly about her transvaginal mesh complications; she is hopeful that women will read her “nightmare” story and seek alternative treatment for urinary stress incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Sandie says the transvaginal mesh sling was great for several years up until a few years ago. She complained to her GP but the mesh connection was never made. “I had a urinary infection and pain in my lymph node area so it was treated as an infection and nothing to do with the mesh,” she says. “I saw several doctors and specialists and wound up in ER on a number of occasions with intense pain. So many treatments failed.”

One specialist told Sandie that the problem was likely a cancerous lymph node. There was a visible bulge in that area. But as he was removing it, he saw the mesh and realized that was the problem - there was nothing wrong with her lymph node.

“He sewed me back up and told me that I had to come back for another surgery to remove the mesh,” Sandie explains. “But the incision never healed and a hole opened in the left side of my groin area - where the mesh is trying to get out.

“The specialist set me up for a procedure to remove the transvaginal mesh a few weeks later but he canceled. I was in the hospital, already hooked up to the IV and ready to go. He came into my room, said he couldn’t do it and that I had to see a specialist.

“From that day on I have had numerous specialist appointments and no one will touch me. I even went to a wound care specialist and she said it is a foreign object that has to come out. She won’t touch it either because it is close to an organ. One doctor said he wouldn’t operate because I smoke, but I think it is a complicated procedure.

“This is so embarrassing and disgusting: I can actually see the hole and it drains pus out. It has to stay open and the nurses at Red Cross come to my house and help. They give me silver and charcoal pads to put on the bandages to take away the smell. The bandage is full of infection within a few hours. And every time I urinate, it is excruciating.

“I have never been a pill popper but now I am on painkillers. When it drains I might be sleeping and it goes into the vaginal area (this sounds so gross), and I get another infection. I am single now and the mesh was a major factor in our breakup: When I had sex, I would urinate and it was also very painful. Given these horrific side effects - and I’m not alone - I can’t believe this mesh is still on the market.

“I am so sick of appointments and disappointments - I have yet another specialist to see next week in another city. My family doctor told me about transvaginal mesh lawsuits in Canada; I filed a claim but I would really like to get this mesh removed sooner than later.”


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I was told you want to see whats called a urogynecologist.
Don't let any specialist do this surgery.
I have not got mine removed yet and am not worse than yours symptoms as of yet. But Im like you, I feel like I have a ticking time bomb inside me.
I have had to many to count UTI's with bad infections this last one messing with my heart!, been diagnosed with Interstitual Cystitis, Auto Immune and now heart issues.
There is a specialist in South Florida by the name of Dr. Christopher Walker, he specializes in removal of transvaginal mesh removal or at least the part that is bad. He says sometimes he can not remove it all because of where it has attached itself. Im really looking close at seeing him, but you can look him up and his article comes right up. Im so sorry,
I wish I could take your pain away as I know what you are going through for some of the part anyway. You know whats sad as we were told this would help us so much and it done nothing but make matters worse! Good luck to you and God Bless.

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I recommend you try either Dr. Sunny Singh or Dr. Hisham Khalil in Ottawa. They are both urogynecologists.A friend of mine went for just a consult with Dr. Singh and he admitted her to the hospital and did emergency surgery 2 days later to remove mesh. She was in a bad way after seeing a few of the Toronto specialists who were not helping her at all. I have seen Dr Khalil for a consult. He is so very caring and does do full removals. Good luck..hope you get help soon.


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