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Transvaginal Mesh—Successful Revision Surgery

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Charlottesville, VAAfter interviewing dozens of transvaginal mesh victims over the last few years, this LawyersandSettlments reporter is relieved to finally talk to a woman who underwent a successful excision (or revision surgery) of vaginal mesh.

Like thousands of women have done, Suzanne took her doctor’s advice without question and saw a urologist who surgically implanted a TVT sling to treat her incontinence. After a simple bladder test in his office, the urologist said she was a “good candidate” for the transvaginal mesh and that there was “nothing to it”.

"...there is some light at the end of this transvaginal mesh tunnel"
She had the procedure in early 2011, before many doctors—and their patients--were aware of serious complications caused by defective vaginal mesh and subsequent TVM lawsuits, particularly with Bard’s Avaulta mesh and Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon and Gynecare TVM products.

Suzanne says that after she did a lot of research on revision surgery and finally found an “incredible” doctor, she is on the mend, but it took a long time. “I was even diagnosed with depression due to this transvag mesh,” she says.

After the initial TVM surgery, Suzanne had a lot of post-op pain, and she went home with a catheter. “I’m a nurse and I found out later that this was not the norm,” she says. “After living with pain and bladder infections and even more incontinence than I had before (I couldn’t even walk without wearing a garment for protection), I went back to the urologist.

"He didn’t even come into the examining room. Instead a nurse practitioner came in with a handful of pills. I think he knew that this transvaginal mesh was a defective device or perhaps he knew that something didn’t go right during the procedure. Anyway, I freaked out in the office and demanded to see him—to no avail. So I walked out and left all the meds on the counter.”

It’s no wonder that Suzanne was clinically depressed. She couldn’t walk anywhere because it was too painful. She couldn’t go to the gym anymore and gained 12 lbs. To top it off, Suzanne is a single parent with two jobs. “After I had this TVM, I felt like I was 89 years old,” she says. “I am very active and I couldn’t imagine living my life this way. I told my daughter that I was feeling suicidal.”

Fortunately, Suzanne went back to her GP, ostensibly to get treatment for depression. “I talked to my doctor about this botched surgery and she begged me to see a surgeon at the University of Virginia,” Suzanne explains. “This surgeon is a gynecologist but her specialty is women’s incontinence and bladder and pelvic surgery. She gave me tons of research about pelvic surgery and said she could do a procedure to fix it. “

After reading the research from Daniel Morgan, MD, including a paper he reviewed on Excision of Vaginal Mesh, the procedure to remove mesh from the vagina (author Laurie Crimando RNC,MSN, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Michigan), Suzanne decided to have the revision surgery. But not before she spent thousands of dollars—even with her insurance—on bladder tests and more.

“It took months before I could afford to have this surgery,” says Suzanne. “Finally, last December I had the procedure and to this day I still don’t know exactly what happened. I asked the surgeon what she found and nothing was there. I don’t know what the urologist did when he implanted this mesh: it either disintegrated or it was absorbed into the wall of my bladder. The gynecologist also said I had evidence of a weakened rectal wall. I cannot prove what caused it but I suspect that transvaginal mesh could be to blame," she said. "Not only was I feeling like hell, now I was furious.

"It was a difficult and painful recovery but after about three months I had no more incontinence, no more pain. This doctor saved my life. I want your readers to know that, although a second surgery is risky, there is some light at the end of this transvaginal mesh tunnel.

"I’m no longer depressed but I’m still angry. I am still paying medical bills and this urologist is still advertising on TV and as far as I know, he is still doing this TVM procedure to other women. I just started looking online for a transvaginal mesh attorney-- I would like to try and recover some of my medical expenses. That would make me feel much better."


Transvaginal Mesh Legal Help

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I had mesh surgery in 2012. I was told that since it was being put in abdominal it would not eroded or be like the others being recalled, it was safer. It's not!!! It has eroded and is poking through my bladder wall as well in the vaginal wall area. The pain is unbearable most days. I was sent to UVA to see the specialist there in revision surgery. I am now waiting to have it done, my surgery date is next month. It takes at least two doctors to do this surgery. I hope and pray this helps. I can't do everyday things that women my age can. I still have my youngest child in high school and try to care for my two grandchildren while my daughter works. I need the help of my eighteen or sixteen year old to help with them and do daily things while my husband is at work. I want my life back!

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Mystery Diagnosis 3: please notice the disentigrated mesh my organs are suspended in the mesh. Mystery Diagnosis2: This film is considerably longer but again you can see the disentigrated mesh. The problem bis my medical records say I never had it done, but I remember the consultation, my ovary was prolapsed becauze of previous permanent tubal procedure that caused the weakness. The tubal consisted of cutting 1in of tube out. If you cant help me do you know someone who can

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I had the surgery in November of 2013. I took work in the medical field. The doctor that I saw assured me that the lawyers are 1800 bad drug lawyers. He told me the reason there were going to be settlements was "because it was cheaper on the companies than paying the 10's of millions for the FDA trials". The mesh he used came from a company that he himself has invested in to have the trials done. "The failure rate was 10%." "The problem with the mesh that did not work was because everyone and their brother started making it" I choose to believe him and he is reputable in our community. Needless to say, I have already had another surgery to remove "part" of the mesh and I am still having issues.
I am not suing anyone although since I was still lied to I probably could.
You need to back off the nurse. When you work in the medical field you have a tendency to trust your colleagues.

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I had tvm. in 2011. After 3 weeks, the incontinence and prolapse returned. I returned to the MD who did the surgery and she said there was nothing that cold be done. She explained the mesh would be enveloped into my bladder and to remove or replace it would cause damage to my bladder. She said there was nothing to be done. I have prolapse and incontinence constantly. Is there really surgery that works? If so, I would like to know. I don't want to be incontinent the rest of my life. I do know they think women aren't important and if it happened to a man it would result in more attention. I want to lean all I can to treat my condition and if it is out there I want to know.

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Well it has been hell on me. My husband got laidoff around the beginning of 2011 and I had my surgery in Sept. 2011. My doctor wont see me because I owe him money. I live in Indiana and they treat me like crap and will not listen to me when I tell them what is wrong with me. I am tired of all this I cry all the time but to them I am not depressed either. I have no insurance because no one will help me. I need something done I am getting worse. If anyone can help me please email me. I do not no how much more I can take.

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You had to know the dangers of what the mesh was doing to other women. You chose to have the mesh implanted knowing what other women were suffering????? Many women were lied to before 2011, by doctors , you had to know, sorry my pity for you is 0.


You should not be allowed to have a case at all, those in medical fields after so many alerts went out and women treated so cruelly by your colleagues . If you had not had the implant, and a woman came to where you were a nurse would you be one that treated the woman suffering, like those and lie ands cover up and do nothing if you saw a woman or heard of a woman being treated lower than an animal by those of your profession that have lied in records , putting women through more hell. IT FEELS LIKE BEING KICKED BY MEDICAL PROFESSION, , WHEN THEY ARE ALREADY DOWN, thanks to medical research and using humans as aniimals.


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Can you tell me who determined that it was the mesh that was the culprit for your back pain. I am suffering with incredible back pain, and sitting for long any length of time is extremely uncomfortable. I am taking 800 mg of Advil every 6-8 hours. My GYN has done an ultrasound, biopsy, hyteroscopy, D&C and major amounts of antibiotics. He hasn't even considered it is the sling that I had put in for SUI in December 2009. I don't know where to turn.

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Nov 1st

I have had 2 surgery already to have the mesh removed...the second surgery on Sept 6th 2012, the Dr said she had gotten it all out.....I am worst now then before I even had the first surgery......I have nerve and muscle damage....I can only sit or stand for 20mins at a time the pain get so bad in my lower back and pelvic....walking is the same way maybe 15mins before the pain start....I'm on all kinds of meds to try and help me cope with the pain. I am so depressed just to think I have to live like this...getting ready to see a new team of Drs and pray they can help me in some way.

I'm so glad to hear that some women feel back to themselves after their revision. I just pry that one day I will feel the same way.


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Yes.....there are good Doctors out there who can help with revision surgery. Please take the time to inform yourself of the best medical care available for you. Another botched surgery is what you do not need.

I underwent surgery at Loyola Medical Center in Maywood, Il under the care of Dr Linda Brubaker and her team. I am two months out from the surgery and feel like I am on the right road to recovery. Time will tell if I have further complications. That is the scary part of this whole procedure.

Good luck with your health. I am looking forward to our day in court so the irresponsible parties can be held accountable.


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