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Toning Shoes Lawsuits Filed

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Boston, MAToning shoes lawsuits have been filed against the makers of various toning shoes, alleging wearers suffered toning shoes injuries as a result of wearing the shoes. Although many of the toning shoes, including Reebok EasyTone and Skechers Shape-ups shoes, were allegedly advertised as helping people get into shape, some critics argue that those claims are baseless, and the shoes do not provide any health benefits.

Toning shoes are athletic shoes that have a so-called "rocker bottom," which is marketed as forcing the wearer's leg muscles to work harder during normal activities, thereby improving muscle tone. The shoes are designed to be somewhat unstable, changing how the wearer walks. Marketing for the shoes advertised that they would tone up the wearer's legs, promote weight loss, improve the wearer's posture and reduce the stress on the wearer's joints.

Critics of the shoes argue that there is no proven benefit to wearing the shoes over wearing regular athletic shoes while exercising. A study commissioned by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) reportedly showed that wearers of the shoes showed no significant benefits in muscle activation when wearers wore the shoes while exercising.

The Federal Trade Commission even got involved, filing a lawsuit against Reebok over its claims that its toning shoes would strengthen calf and hamstring muscles by 11 percent. Reebok settled the lawsuit for $25 million without admitting wrongdoing. Money from the settlement will go to refunding customers.

Perhaps more troubling, however, are concerns that the shoes are reportedly linked to serious injuries. At least one lawsuit has been filed alleging a woman who wore Skechers Shape-ups for five months while working and exercising developed stress fractures in both her hips, despite having normal bone density. Some critics say that because the shoes force the wearer to change her gait, the stresses on the bones and connective tissue also changes, increasing the risk of chronic injuries including stress fractures, ruptured Achilles tendons and soft tissue damage.

Furthermore, because the shoes are inherently unstable, the wearer runs the risk of suffering injury from a fall. Injuries sustained as a result of falls from the toning shoes, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, include broken bones.


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I’ve only just heard about these problems, I’ve had to have both hips replaced last year with severe osteoarthritis, at the age of 41, the pain only started to become apparent 2 years ago, I’ve had Skechers shape ups for over 6 years, and I work on my feet 3 days a week, part time as I’ve had 2 kids, but before that full time, I have put the wear and tear down to having had to wear a brace as a baby for the 1st 3 months as my hips weren’t in the correct position, but now I’m beginning to think that these shoes are a contributing factor, we had to go private as I was in so much pain, and my knees are really bad now as well, won’t be wearing them to work anymore, why hasn’t this been advertised as being a potential problem more?

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I swore by MBT's for years because I worked on cement floors. They eased the jarring on my back...until I began falling. I now have constant pain in my knees and my hips. Sad. I really, truly thought they were a good product.

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The shape ups I was wearing caused me to fall because
of the thick soul and hurt my knee. They would catch
on everything when walking and I don't wear them
anymore. I thought they would be comfortable because
of the cushion of the thick souls but if you don't make
sure to pick your feet higher when walking they grab
and throw you...anyone else had this problem?

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Wow I just found out about the damage these shoes cause tonight. I suspected something was up when I bought these shoes 8 months ago after about a week walking in them I started developed severe knee pain in both my knees. I m 50 years old and I never had knee pain ever before and I always been able to walk many miles and go up and down stairs like a feather. Now I can barely make up and down any stairs without having to crawl up and down, I can no longer walk far without severe pain. I can't even ride my bike as I can't push the pedals anymore. Because of this my excising as decreased considerably and I m now badly out of shape because have too rest my knees so much, I m developing other health related illness because I can barely exercise. I m so mad at this bloody shoes they wreak my knees I want compensation.

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Yes I bought 2 pairs reeboc shape up shoes it didn't
take me long to fine out just how bad it would be for me.
I started to walk with them the more I walked the harder
my legs felt terrible them on my way back from my walk
I tripped and on my cencre I brosed my elbow and my
knee was cut up pretty bad I elbow had a huge rock
in it was a nighmare my husband told to get rid of those
shoes. I though I was the only one who had probless
with them.


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i have the reeboks and the skeckers my knees have not been the same since

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Check this out!

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i bought reebok toning sneekers to try to get in shaped. lose some weight , i came home with very sore legs and backache, i have current back problems from motorcycle accident and have had a non stop back ache for the last few months.


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