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Testosterone Lawsuits: Shots Versus Gel?

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Houston, TXDerrick was first getting testosterone injections for low-t count but he didn’t like them so his doctor prescribed AndroGel. Now Derrick and likely thousands of other men are concerned about the latest testosterone litigation development: Pfizer, the maker of Depo-Testosterone injection, is seeking to have the proposed testosterone multidistrict litigation regarding cardiovascular injuries limited to claims involving testosterone drugs sold in gel form only.

Last year Derrick was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation, which is cause for concern - he is only 46 years old. And when he recently discovered the association with testosterone therapy and heart issues, Derrick filed a testosterone claim.

“My doctor told me about three years ago that I had low t-cells so he started giving me depo-testosterone shots but I didn’t like how they made me feel so I switched to AndroGel,” Derrick says.
“My usual symptoms were anger and rage immediately after getting the injections but I soon found out that my biggest problem was my heart.

“I wound up in ER and it was pretty scary. Even though I was told this kind of heart problem is common, I am worried about any further damage caused by testosterone.” (Atrial fibrillation is the most common type of arrhythmia - it is a problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat. During an arrhythmia, the heart can beat too fast, too slow or with an irregular rhythm.)

Derrick says he didn’t have any heart issues before getting the injections or the testosterone gel, but his dad died of a heart attack at the age of 59. And Derrick used to drink - a lot. “When the doctor diagnosed me with A-fib, he just wrote it off to alcoholism, and that is when I quit drinking,” says Derrick. “But he didn’t tell me to stop taking AndroGel; I don’t think doctors knew about testosterone heart problems back then.

“I stopped using AndroGel after I saw the TV commercials and then I went online and read more information about it. There are probably thousands of men here in Houston alone taking testosterone drugs. Stores in mini-malls have signs outside reading ‘Low t-cells? We can test you today and inject you.’ I never went into one of those stores because my doctor prescribed it, but maybe I would have…

“I realize that the testosterone manufacturers are marketing their drug to just about anyone regardless whether they need it or not. I am pissed off knowing they put my health at risk for their profit. And now I am worried about this litigation issue: if you can’t file a testosterone injection claim, can you file a claim if you used both injection and gel?”

Derrick is seeing his doctor next week to discuss whether testosterone therapy risk outweighs the benefits, especially because he is so young. And he is hopeful that an attorney can answer his testosterone lawsuit question.

Meanwhile, a testosterone lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania court of Common Pleas (May 8, 2014) alleging that a testosterone gel led to heart attack. Plaintiffs Demetric Taylor and his wife contend that Fortesta gel is an unnecessary drug pushed commercially to treat a disease that does not exist. Taylor said in the complaint that he and his physician had relied on the drugmaker’s claims that low testosterone was a disease that needed to be treated when opting to take the drug.

Testosterone lawsuits involving both gel such as AndroGel and injections such as Depo-Testosterone have been mounting since the beginning of the year. In March, AndroGel plaintiffs filed a brief to have cases consolidated in a multidistrict litigation (MDL) and transferred to the U.S. District Court, Northern District of Illinois, for coordinated pretrial proceedings.

AndroGel, Axiron and Foresta plaintiffs then filed responses calling for the consolidation of all testosterone treatment lawsuits in that proposed MDL, regardless of the drug used.

Pfizer is asking (March 28, 2014) that the proposed MDL be limited to claims involving testosterone gels, such as AndroGel, Testim, Axiron and Foresta. Pfizer pointed out that it has only been named in four out of 85 testosterone lawsuits currently pending in federal courts, and argued that there are important differences between those claims and cases involving the other medications. (In Re: AndroGel Product Liability Litigation No. 2545, JPML).

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What a stupid, ordinary american..always blaming others for their stupidity. YOU ALONE REPSONSIBLE FOR YOUR HEALTH, NOT DOCTORS OR OTHERS - YOU!

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I am 52 yrs old and do cardio and weight train 4 days a week and have for yrs. I had a heart attack 10 months ago with no prior symptoms. I had been taking test injections from my Dr for 7 months prior to my attack. The cardiologist made the statement to me that the test more than likely contributed to my heart attack.

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Im also experiencing some symptoms which icn tell the testosterone plays a big role on them,I was born with a very low T level and iwas treated at first with Testogel,it works even my body showed some changes and my private parts and voice started sounding horsey,so at times I used to forget the dose afterwards my doc jus noticed I was skipping the dose due to my day to day schedule . He then put me on Testosterone injection but after 3 to 5 months I've noticed my skin especially from legs started to dry like and it was too much,my hairy was not even shining and I was getting lighter as well my gums changed the colour like from purple to pink like,sometimes I feel chest pains and dry mouth and this happen in a space of 4 months after shifted from Gel to Injection . so my question is..The Gel is it better than the Injection or what?

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Derrick said his own father died at 59 of a major hart attack yet he's shocked he now has AFib? Derrick possibly could have gotten AFib even if he didn't start Testosterone replacement. So many different meds can bring out unknown issues or exacerbate issues, and yes: cause issues. But they also fix issues.

I'm just turned 4o yr old man w/4 young kids. I was diagnosed with hypogonadism at 35 I've been using TesT for 5 yrs I also have AFib for 1year (just like my father- and my grandfather-on mothers side- so heart problems on each side- grandfather died major heart attack at 7o in 1976 after chain smoking 2-3 pks a/day 3 pots coffee a/day all his life) and include congenital bicuspid aortic and mitral valves. I also have hyperthyroidism issues and chronic back pain in cervical ,thoracic, lumbar. Testosterone saved my life. I had TesT levels of 32 - lower than a 9o yr old man apparently, the reference range is 175-9oo and I was incontinent and sleeping 22 hrs a day at age 35, I was weeks or months away from dieing one way or another....TesT saved my life. My levels are now 5oo after it took yrs to get this right.

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my name is David Hector- I have had four injections of testosterone -Cypionate 2,000 mg/10ml. every 3 weeks, after the third injection, I began to have shortness of breath and chest pains. I discontinued the shots, and improved a bit (I believe some damage was done). It is difficult to walk more than 10 feet without sitting down,

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Testosterone is testosterone in no matter which way it is administered. So why the controversy over the gel form?

I cannot believe that there is a cardiovascular risk until the exact mechanism by which the gel form and the gel form only is associated with these risks.

In addition, a portion of testosterone administered to the body aromatizes into estrogen which is known to produce a reduction in heart disease.

There appears to be something about this controversy that just doesn't add up. Since I'm presently taking the Androgel form of testosterone I would love to read a detailed study which reaches conclusive proof that it has bad effects on the heart.


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