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Lawyer Interviews provide in-depth legal news and information based on professional interviews with a lawyer specializing in the lawsuit being discussed. These interviews are meant to provide potential claimants with information needed to determine if they should also pursue a legal claim for injuries or losses they may have sustained in a similar case.

Facebook Suit to Take Three to Five Years

Facebook Suit to Take Three to Five Years August 5, 2010. By Brenda Craig.
Regina, SK A thin, wiry man with piercing eyes who claims to eat and sleep very little, Canada's Tony Merchant is a somewhat misunderstood character but nevertheless a very good litigation lawyer. He's pursued hundreds of class action suits with excellent results in a country where people are historically less accustomed to settling grievances through civil action than in the US. Merchant's latest newsworthy suit is a class action against Facebook. In a country with only 33 million people, it is estimated that there are 15.7 million Facebook users. The putative class, as lawyers say, is phenomenally large.
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