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Lawyer Interviews provide in-depth legal news and information based on professional interviews with a lawyer specializing in the lawsuit being discussed. These interviews are meant to provide potential claimants with information needed to determine if they should also pursue a legal claim for injuries or losses they may have sustained in a similar case.

Attorney Gives Levaquin Lawsuit Advice

Attorney Gives Levaquin Lawsuit Advice July 10, 2009. By Jane Mundy.
Kansas City, KS: Attorney Michael Hodges anticipates many Levaquin lawsuits now that the word is out regarding Levaquin and its association with adverse side effects, namely tendon tears and ruptures. "I think the vast majority of users have no idea that their injuries were caused by an antibiotic," says Hodges," but the fact that there is a black box warning indicates the drug manufacturer knew of these problems and did nothing about it."
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