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Requip: "Will My Family Ever Forgive Me?"

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Bensalem, PA"When I found out Requip is to blame for my gambling I was relieved that I wasn't a bad person but I don't think my family will ever forgive me," says Cass, crying. It is very difficult for her to talk but she wants to get her story told. Cass's gambling—a Requip side effect-- was so out of control that she stole her boyfriend's credit cards and more.

Requip GamblingCass says she had never had a gambling problem until her doctor prescribed Requip for Restless Leg Syndrome. " My doctor gave me the Requip multi-pack to determine the right dosage and I was taking 1mg, 3 times a day," says Cass. "It definitely helped stop my legs from twitching but I started going to Bingo a lot (I used to go twice a week and now I was going 6 days a week). I was buying lottery tickets as well and then I started going to the casino. All I could think about was gambling, every hour, every minute…

In March 2008 my doctor upped the dosage to 2 mg and that is when it got worse.

I opened credit cards in my boyfriend's name and he found out. He asked me why $300 was taken out of our bank account and I would just lie, saying I had to lend it to someone or just pay a bill. Instead I had spent it at the casino.

I went to Gamblers Anonymous but that only lasted a few weeks-gambling was always on my mind. Then my boyfriend's daughter moved in. I maxed out her credit card and her checking account and now she wants to press charges against me; I don't blame her because she had to file bankruptcy. I ruined their credit—and there is nothing I can do.

My last day of gambling was March 14th; that is when everything hit the fan. My sister caught me red-handed and my family also found out about my boyfriend's daughter's credit cards.

I have lied to everyone and that is just not me. They don't understand that it was because of Requip; they wonder how I could have done this to them. (At this point Cass can't talk—she is crying and distraught)…

I kept seeing a commercial on TV about the Requip side effects but it still didn't register. Just a few weeks ago I went back to Gamblers Anonymous—I promised my family that I would go 3 times a week. I met a pharmacy technician (another gambler) at one of the meetings; we started talking and I asked if she knew about any side effects of Requip.

'Ohmigod don't tell me you take that,' she said. 'Yes, I am taking it now,' I replied.

Then I began to wonder, is it me or is it the meds that is causing my compulsive gambling? She advised me to do some research and that is when I came across LawyersandSettlements . I had no idea Requip was to blame. I had never read about any side effects and nobody, including my doctor, ever told me.

I would rather go through the agony of the pain in my legs than go through the pain of hurting my family like I did. I am scheduled to call my doctor tomorrow and I hope that I can get an alternative drug or come off Requip quickly. I am hopeful that once I come off Requip I will pull myself together and try to make amends with my family. I'm not sure if I can ever get their trust back; my boyfriend told me that I am dead to him right now because I hurt him and his daughter so much."



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I am not sure what to do? My mother-in-law who I have known for 30 years has turned into a monster! She has always enjoyed gambling maybe a bit too much but in the last years she has gotten way out of control. She has pawned everything and anything she can get her hands on to the point her and my father-in-law have nothing left. They live with my sister-in-law who is loosing her mind with her mother. She has recently stole some money from a purse and she is not happy unless she gambles. If she can not get to the casino she goes to this restaurant by there house to play machines and also buys scratch offs. She has been very nasty to my children(her grandchildren) to the point they now call her by her 1st name. She was diagnosed with liver cancer 5 years ago but with treatments it is in remition she try's to use the cancer to get her way with people to have them feel sorry for she will say im dieing so let me enjoy myself..she does nothing with any family member anymore and she just don't care. I know she is taking 60mg a day of this pill would this cuse her to be like this?? The family wants to blame something that it just cant be her being such a monster to everyone..Could it be??

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I have been taking Ropinerole for nearly 10 years to control restless leg syndrome. I have turned into a gambler of nightmare proportions, and am only limited to online play due to the fact that my very fed up and hurt husband has blocked me from the internet with a security called K9. I have lost literally thousands and thousands of pounds and put my marriage in great peril. I did not realise until today that this drug, which is great at controlling my legs at night has turned me into a monster...........

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I am so glad this story was shared. My story is so simliar but instead of stealing from my family, I was taking from my patients. I am so relieved that their are other people that has the same issues. I recently lost everything I work so hard to get. I lost my home, my job and almost my family. I would like to tell everyone hang in there. Good luck!!


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